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29 November 2023

Maria Zakharova: "What do not do, there will be a reason for criticism"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recalled Russia's position on the climate topic. She commented on the upcoming meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with a colleague from Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Answering a question from a journalist for The Moscow Post at today's briefing, Maria Zakharova spoke about criticism of Russia by American partners in the field of climate issues.

"You recently commented on Biden and Obama's remarks. They criticized Russia for insufficient efforts to combat emissions. Can you expect that following the conference will appear... Russian Glasgow Outcome Assessment? Would it be interesting to know how we evaluate the US position and the EU position in this context? - asked the journalist of The Moscow Post.

The diplomat replied that for many years, American partners criticized the Russian side for allegedly stuffing by hackers, and now, "when, apparently, the agenda has already exhausted itself," they began to criticize for emissions.

- That is: what you don't do, there will be a reason for criticism, - added Maria Zakharova, answering the question of the journalist of The Moscow Post at the briefing today.

In addition to the above, Maria Zakharova also recalled that Russia's position on the international climate agenda has been and remains consistent. She further explained how it developed.

- It is very important just to understand this and to be aware when illuminating our approaches that when we talk about consistency, it does not mean that our position is once developed and fixed, and we do not change it, because it is reinforced concrete, and all this is based on some such not so much principle as stubbornness. But this is not so, "Zakharova said. - Our position is really consistent, which implies the basis not on some ideological sharpening or charging, but on facts, including those legal approaches on which the state's position in international affairs should be built, on the appearance of new factual materials, new information, new data.

Maria Zakharova believes that just the climate agenda is one of the vivid examples of how Russia's position is consistent, "on the one hand, it is clear what it consists of, on the other hand, it takes into account new emerging factual information, the achievements of scientists, new statistics, a new alignment in this context in international relations."

In the context of this topic, the diplomat recalled the comment, which was published on the website of the ministry on November 22. And she added that the position is not subject to changes in the political structure.

- Unfortunately, this is the approach we see in our American partners. I hope you see him, too. As with the advent of new political figures, even new economic operators or economic players, the position of the United States in international affairs on climate issues changes to the opposite 180 degrees, "said Maria Zakharova.

She also drew the attention of the participants in the briefing to the "declarativeness, populism, contradictory approaches" through almost all the comments of Western politicians.

- They sound on one side alarmist, everywhere declaring the need to increase, as they say, the ambition of the efforts made... But what does that mean in practice? It also needs to be understood. What is hiding behind these loud words? - asks Maria Zakharova.

She recalled the international approach to the topic. Maria Zakharova recalled that the international community reached comprehensive agreements on the outcome of the climate conference in Paris.

Zakharova believes that in no case should their significance be downplayed.

"You can't do this for the sake of just some narrow-minded goals or even the climate ambitions of all the United States, some European countries," the diplomat said.

"For our part, we did everything possible to make the decisions of the conference in Glasgow just a logical continuation of the Paris Agreement," the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added. According to her, "our experts have made a significant contribution to the adoption of important decisions." Zakharova explained that these decisions relate to forests, land use, and improving the effectiveness of global carbon exchange. Maria Zakharova believes that this work should be continued, developed and continue to go.

- It should continue to be conducted together, without a far-fetched search for certain "weak moments." This is a negotiation process. Specialists should be in interaction constantly. If there are questions, problems, or points of disagreement, you need to look for common ground, "Zakharova added.

And the Russian side believes that it is unacceptable that non-competitive, protectionist actions of Western countries be taken against suppliers of raw materials and high carbon products, "which are, in fact, just such a" green screen "to advance their economic interests."

"Climate issues should not be politicized," she added.

The second question of the MR journalist concerned the upcoming trilateral meeting of the President of Russia, the leader of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia. They will discuss the topic of Nagorno-Karabakh.

- The last briefing was commented in detail, so to speak, here is the current work in the relevant tripartite, well, maybe even not in the format, but.. general tripartite efforts, as they are implemented in practice, "Maria Zakharova recalled.

She explained that this is the prerogative of the presidential administration to comment on summits.

- I can say that we are doing everything to take steps to strengthen stability, establish peaceful life in the mentioned region. And, of course, special attention is now focused on restoring the development of trade, economic and transport ties, "Zakharova summed up.

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