From the authority of Pavel Tyo blew "crime"

Pavel Tyo, the owner of the largest Moscow developer Capital Group, who was put on the wanted list in Kyrgyzstan, associated with Sergei Sobyanin, may be involved in the affairs of drug lord Kachma Kolbaev.


Pavel Tyo, the owner of the largest Moscow developer Capital Group, who was put on the wanted list in Kyrgyzstan, associated with Sergei Sobyanin, may be involved in the affairs of drug lord Kachma Kolbaev.

The Kyrgyz authorities have put on the wanted list a Russian businessman, the owner of the Capital Group construction company Pavel Tyo, on suspicion of financing the organized criminal group Kamcha Kolbaev. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

Kolbaev was a member of the Bratsk Circle international criminal group, engaged in bribery and human trafficking, in 2012 he was included in the list of the largest drug lords on a global scale. After his death last year, more than 850 real estate and expensive cars were seized into state property. Some of this property was illegally taken away, some of it was withdrawn from state property.

Pavel Tyo is known as a good acquaintance of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who implements a lot of construction projects in the tidbits of the capital, and Capital Group, which has repeatedly said goodbye to such things as the demolition of historical real estate, the development of green zones and other construction scandals related to, among other things, Tyo's suspicions of a desire to master budget money.

Now the company Tyo is often called a "speculator" in real estate, since it gives part of its projects to other developers with a very "cloud" reputation, including Mangazey, the former son-in-law of the mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky, Aquilon, Arkhangelsk deputy Alexander Frolov, which is being built on lands suddenly and "accidentally" burned out residential buildings, and other "outbid."

At the same time, Tyo himself often gets plots at a price that is much lower than real - this was, for example, with the territory of the former Mig plant, which the mayor's office sold to a company from the Capital Group division 35 times cheaper than it bought. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this.

Pavel Tyo. Photo: Andrey Gordeev/Vedomosti

Not just rumors

Mr. Cho in the 90s was credited with getting to know the criminal world. But now the rumors seem to have been confirmed. It was rumored that allegedly "Pavel Te was convicted in his native Uzbekistan. On August 10, 1988, he was arrested and later sentenced to four years on charges of committing a crime under Article 147 of the Soviet Criminal Code. "

Pavel Tyo was credited with friendship with Aslan Usoyan (criminal nickname Grandfather Hassan) and close acquaintance with him, even called him "right hand." Usoyan was a "thief in law," the holder of the "common fund" of several organized criminal groups at once.

Aslan Usoyan. Photo: Prime Kreim

But it is known that in 1998, during the next arrest of Usoyan, forbidden substances were found with him, which "dabbled" in the same Kachma Kolbaev, for whose "friendship" Cho is now looking for. And it was the representatives of the clan of Aslan Usoyan who "crowned" Kolbaev to the "thief in law." So the interweaving of destinies is seen quite well here.

If you dig deeper, you can see other indirect ties between the developer and the criminal world. For example, Oleg Sheikhametov was clearly noted in Tyo's partners in construction projects, in whose biography there is an episode with a bribe to a high-ranking employee of the TFR for the release from arrest of an associate of thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro) Andrei Kochuikov (Italian).

Oleg Sheikhametov. Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna/Kommersant

In addition, Tyo has a partnership project with Goda Nisanov, a developer, a native of Krasnaya Sloboda and a former partner of the owner of the Cherkizovsky market, Telman Ismailov, who was arrested in absentia in 2017 on charges of organizing murders. Too many matches to be just matches.

Who will you behave with...

But what is Cho for after Usoyan's death to finance Mr. Kolbaev?

Here you need to understand that the latter was an extremely influential person, whom even Kyrgyz law enforcement officers were afraid of. The local media write that Tyo Kolbaev was needed to "receive support and patronage on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and conduct joint business." Whether it is exclusively construction - one can only guess. It also mentions the name of Azim Roy, another wanted representative of the criminal community, who had previously presented to the public for a long time as a "businessman and philanthropist" and was even photographed with the president.

Photo with the president, housing with Kolbaev. Who is the Azeem Roy the GKNB is looking for? Video: YouTube

In 2015, in Kyrgyzstan, Cho, a big hunter, could kill a snow leopard - a Red Book animal that is forbidden to exterminate. Then a photo leaked to the Web, which depicts a man who looks like an entrepreneur next to the carcass of a dead animal. A scandal erupted, the Ministry of Natural Resources demanded an international investigation. Of course, Cho and his press services denied everything, said that this was Photoshop, created in order to defame a businessman. But unofficial sources posted information according to which another person could not be in the photo. They wrote that Cho hired lawyers who built the line of defense in the same way as if they were sure of Cho's guilt, and also made calculations indicating that the photo was sent by a businessman.

As a result, Cho never answered for the leopard. It seems that possible connections with Kolbaev could play not the last violin here.

After the death of the latter, the Kyrgyz authorities began a large-scale investigation into the activities of, among other things, his partners, and, apparently, therefore, Cho overnight changed his usual hunting "color" to the role of a snow leopard for local special services, which he could previously cope with with the help of the same Kolbaev. I wonder what Sergei Sobyanin, who so often appears in photographs next to the now-disgraced largest Moscow developer, will say?

But in Moscow, as we have already mentioned, Cho has full carte blanche. Rumor has it that he has a very close relationship with Vice Mayor Natalya Sergunina. The office of the latter suspiciously moved to the Oko tower in Moscow City, a significant part of which belongs to Pavel Te, after which it underwent an expensive repair, which was carried out by Investprofi, which is also related to the interests of Cho.

In addition, only parking space for the municipal enterprise REM subordinate to Sergunina, formerly known as the State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Property," cost the budget 1.052 billion rubles. I.e. more expensive than half a million rubles per square meter! And everyone was fine.

Could the money be withdrawn to numerous offshore companies with which Cho companies are associated and leaked to Kyrgyzstan?

We will wait for the results of the investigations of law enforcement officers. It seems that according to the results, questions may arise not only to the head of Capital Groups, but also to Sergei Sobyanin and his team of officials.