Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

After the arrest of Timur Ivanov, questions from security officials may arise for VTB Senior Vice President Alexander Ter-Avanesov and Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.


After the arrest of Timur Ivanov, questions from security officials may arise for VTB Senior Vice President Alexander Ter-Avanesov and Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Timur Ivanov, the closest associate of the head of the department, Sergei Shoigu, was detained in Moscow. He was imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center until July 23. Together with him, several more people came under investigation, their names have not yet been announced. Details in the material of the correspondent UtroNews.

Earlier in the day, Ivanov and Shoigu participated in the collegium of the Ministry of Defense, so the minister was most likely not aware of the criminal case against the deputy. If Shoigu was aware, he would not "glow" with Ivanov in one frame on the day the latter was detained.

Ivanov is suspected of receiving a bribe on an especially large scale. The essence of the case is not disclosed, but it is known that the bribe could have amounted to more than 1 million rubles - it is from this amount that a particularly large amount begins. For a high-ranking Russian official, a bribe of this size looks ridiculous, implausibly small. Perhaps the background is different - right up to the "struggle of the Kremlin towers."

Timur Ivanov was in development for about five years. There may be several episodes in the case. According to Lenta.ru, one of them concerns the receipt of bribes during the construction of the National Defense Control Center (NTSUO), which is essentially a "think tank" of the Russian Armed Forces. The center took up combat duty on December 1, 2014 and around the clock manages all areas of activity of the Armed Forces.

Surprisingly, in just a few years, the NTSUO required modernization for 8 billion rubles. It was on the verge of collapse due to the threat of bankruptcy of the contractor - the scientific and industrial company High Technologies and Strategic Systems (NPK VTiSS), which is part of the structure of AFK Sistema of the oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

NPK VTiSS is a member of the research and production concern RTI Sistema. RTI developed the digital infrastructure of the NTSUO, where VTiSS was a contractor. As a result, the contract with this structure was terminated. According to Kommersant, the NTSUO, officially launched in 2014, was not fully ready. Maybe Vladimir Yevtushenkov should also be worried?

Today NPK VTiSS is still in bankruptcy proceedings, the company's losses exceeded half a billion rubles. And this is with government contracts in the amount of 1.3 billion rubles. Where's the money?

Business close to Timur Ivanov

In the morning it became known that businessman Sergei Borodin was detained together with Ivanov. He may be a close friend of the official. Borodin acted as general director in at least 10 companies, in another 14 he acted as a founder or co-owner. These firms are engaged in everything they can - from research in the field of natural sciences to the sale of residential real estate.

Most of his legal entities look like outright "dummies," many have been liquidated. Firms do not have visible government contracts. At the same time, according to the Web, the Federal Tax Service allegedly blocked the accounts of Borodin's company MF Group LLC, which is engaged in clothing trade. This may be related to Ivanov's criminal case. Only there is nothing special to block - the amount of the company's assets is minus 16 million, the company has no profit or revenue.

Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

Sergei Borodin. Photo: Press service of courts of law of Moscow

The attention is drawn by other structure which Sergei Borodin owned till 2016 - i.e. till the moment when Ivanov was appointed the Deputy Minister of Defence. This LLC MKK Credit Line which is engaged in delivery of consumer loans. The firm belongs to Vitaly Fedorenko and Ksenia Ivanova. The last can be the relative of the arrested official. But interestingly another - earlier among co-owners there was also Svetlana Maniovich. This is the former second spouse of mister Ivanov, they divorced in 2022. The divorce could be fictitious.

Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

In open access there is a mass of accounts and checks for rent of villas (120 thousand euros a month), yachts (90 thousand euros a month), the elite real estate, the organization of parties on the occasion of a birthday (11 thousand euros in an evening), mass buying up by Svetlana of antiques, branded podiumny things (at the cost as BTR-80). At the same time the woman spends a considerable part of time abroad - including, allegedly it was even after the beginning of SVO.

Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

Photo: https://tsargrad.tv/news/roskoshnaja-zhizn-suprugi-timura-ivanova-ne-otkazyvala-sebe-ni-v-chem-jelitnye-villy-rols-rojsy-i-antikvariat_991614

There was she abroad and together with the spouse Timur Ivanov where it was photographed against the background of smart mansions, expensive cars. It is some new, ultraboundary level of impudence, feeling of "the owner of life"?

According to in Network, allegedly Svetlana has a citizenship of Israel, children were born also Israel, and to Timur she as if lived with the leader Izmaylovska OPG Anton Malevsky and "cashier" of group Mikhail Maniovich (from where and a surname). Besides, rumors go, allegedly some days before the beginning of partial mobilization Ivanov's son departed to study to England.

In a case with Ivanov's detention it is important to understand also a context. According to in Network, allegedly in August, 2023 large-scale searches in Spetsstroy - Ministry of Defence military construction company which is supervised by Timur Ivanov were conducted. Alleged failure of the government contract on construction of an important object of rocket troops could become the reason.

But searches in Spetsstroy were conducted earlier - just in 2016 when Ivanov became a deputy minister. Then on suspicion of large plunders at construction of military facilities arrested the deputy director of structure Alexander Buryakov. Perhaps, FSB began to fill up "daddy" on Ivanov then.

The investigation conducts to Mariupol?

However, right now, during SVO for embezzlers of public funds from the Ministry of Defence really enormous opportunities for enrichment opened. Mister Ivanov supervises construction and restoration of new territories in the Ministry of Defence. Here his work closely intersects with the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, and for the last it is serious news.

The special attention to Mariupol, task to build up which were put personally by the President Vladimir Putin. In Mariupol the Russian Defense Ministry Military construction company (PPK "VSK") is engaged in construction of housing. However control of building and coaching over all process at Marat Shakirzyanovich.

PPK "VSK" is created already at him, in 2020. At revenue of 52 billion rubles the company in 2022 received a loss of 4.6 billion rubles. For the sum more than 50 billion rubles the company doesn't reveal the suppliers.

One of the largest contractors of military buildings is the structure Spetsmontazh. The firm belongs to Maxim Ostapchuk, but, according to in Network, ex-senator Alexander Ter-Avanesov and the businessman Yury Kogay were real owners allegedly. The legal service was headed by Roman Safronov who was connected with Ter-Avanesov's companies earlier.

Nowadays Ter-Avanesov is a deputy chairman of VTB. Through VTB there is a financing of the lion's share of military buildings and also projects on restoration of new territories in recent years. It turns out, the shadow can fall both to Ter-Avanesov, and to his chief Andrei Kostin.

According to in Network, allegedly former employee of this Spetsmontazh Sergei Hrabrykh densely communicated with Ivanov, and told that that as if introduced the system of "homeworks" for all builders. Such tasks allegedly were understood as "kickbacks".

Where possible feeding troughs of Ivanov are hidden? According to in Network, he can be fed from two structures, large contractors of the Ministry of Defence - Olimpsitistroy and Zapsibgazprom.

The first belongs to Alexander Fomin and Dmitry Havronin, almost unknown businessmen. The sum of state orders - 10 billion rubles, the most part from JSC Head Department of Arrangement of Troops. I.e. that GUOV which is in the procedure of a bankrosttv now and her former head Eugeny Gorbachev is under examination on a charge of plunder more than 360 million rubles on buildings of the Ministry of Defence.

Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

The beneficiaries of Zapsibgazprom are hidden, but the general director there is Yuri Vodopyanov, who could previously be associated with Alexander Ter-Avanesov. The amount of government contracts is almost 13 billion rubles, mainly with the structures of Gazprom.

Deeds of days gone by

Thus, according to the Web, allegedly during the investigation of the Timur Ivanov case, claims may appear just to Alexander Ter-Avanesov, senior vice president of VTB, through whom all the financial flows of the construction complex of the Ministry of Defense went. First Deputy Minister Ruslan Tsalikov, who may be Ivanov's patron, as well as his neighbor in the country, Minister Anton Siluanov, are also under serious attack. There are rumors that allegedly the house of the head of the Ministry of Finance could be built by the structures of the Ministry of Defense. Perhaps Oboronstroy.

Recall that Timur Ivanov was appointed head of Oboronstroy JSC, a subsidiary of Oboronservis, just a few months after a high-profile criminal scandal with ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and his associate Evgenia Vasilyeva.

It was this structure that was in charge of most of the construction projects of the Ministry of Defense, was the parent company of dozens of organizations. Interestingly, soon Oboronstroy's revenue tripled, to 250 million rubles, and then to 1.5 billion rubles. However, incredibly, management costs immediately increased by a billion.

Connections with Siluanov would be unsurprising. Timur Ivanov is not just a military man and an official. He is a powerful hardware player. Few people remember that he is the nephew of Sergei Ivanov, the former executive director of Rosenergoatom. The official worked for many years in the structures of Rosatom, where he oversaw the company's facilities in Bulgaria and Turkey - just when the state corporation was headed by Sergei Kiriyenko. He could have lobbied Ivanov for Shoigu's team - the then governor of the Moscow region invited him as deputy chairman of the regional government, and then took him with him to the Ministry of Defense.

Before joining the post of Deputy Minister (2016), he was the curator of all the main construction projects of the RF Ministry of Defense, including Patriot Park, the Main Temple of the RF Armed Forces, etc. Repeatedly, he headed the rating of generals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with the highest official income for the year.

Timur and his team: what did the Deputy Minister of Defense burn on?

Timur Ivanov in the courtroom. Photo: Press Service of the Courts of General Jurisdiction of Moscow

On the "Patriot" could "saw" billions of rubles. Recall that during the construction, the park was headed by retired General Anatoly Grebenyuk, who in 2007 was fired miserably from the Ministry of Defense. This happened after he was unable to timely hand over the hospital in Vilyuchinsk, for which the country's military leadership sharply criticized Vladimir Putin. It is noteworthy that after that Grebenyuk became deputy chairman of Olympstroy, as a result of which several criminal cases were initiated on the construction of Olympic facilities.

It turns out that Ivanov's arrest can destroy a whole network of possible corruption ties, the strings from which can stretch to extremely influential businessmen, officials, and heads of state corporations. For us, the moral aspect is no less important - stealing from the army and the state during the period of hostilities is unacceptable from any point of view, not only from the point of view of the Law. Therefore, if Ivanov's guilt is proven, both he and all his possible accomplices must answer to the fullest extent.