Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

The Kvant plant will be squeezed out of its site at Art. m. "Alekseevskaya" in the interests of structures close to Sergei Kiriyenko and Viktor Vekselberg?


The Kvant plant will be squeezed out of its site at Art. m. "Alekseevskaya" in the interests of structures close to Sergei Kiriyenko and Viktor Vekselberg?

Dom.RF will hold tenders for the sale of a property complex included in the state-owned company Roscosmos of the research and production enterprise (NPP) Kvant near the station m. Alekseevskaya in the north of Moscow. According to the UtroNews correspondent, the winner may already be known - most likely, it will be one of the development structures of the oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.

The property belongs to Roskosmos, but the situation may take into account the interests of another state corporation - Rosatom, where the influence of the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko is still strong. It seems that "Quantum" is going to "move" closer to the Moscow enterprise "Rosatom," where the production of modern batteries has been launched. As a result, will Veksel receive not a part, but the entire site at Alekseevskaya?

In April 2023, the general director changed at NPP Kvant - Andrei Karabanov became him. It seems that after that the site began to be prepared for sale.

Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

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From 2015 to 2018, Karabanov was the founder of Helios-Resource LLC. Other co-founders were Helio-Basis LLC and PJSC Elektrovypryamitel. The latter has been owned by the government of Mordovia since 2020. But Helio-Basis previously owned Ecoinnovation LLC and Ream Management LLC, which are part of Mikhail Sivoldaev's business.

Sivoldaev is the former deputy chairman of the board of Renova Group of Companies Viktor Vekselberg. It is believed that he may represent the interests of the oligarch. He, Sivoldaev, heads Ream Management, where he is a co-owner. The main shares of the company are owned by IER LLC, which is 99% owned by Sivoldaev.

Something strange is happening in the company's finances. The structure is engaged in the provision of services for businesses not included in other groups of activities. I.e. the most vague wording - they can do anything. At the same time, the structure was registered only in 2022, and in 2023 it suffered a net loss of 1.1 billion rubles. I.e. created a company, drove funds through it, and where they went is not clear.

Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

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At the same time, Sivoldaev can be used by Viktor Vekselberg to diversify his business and evade sanctions. In 2019, the owner of the Baikalsea Company water producer, Baikal Holding, replaced one of the co-owners. Almost half of this structure of Vekselberg went to the same "Ream Management."

Prior to that, Vekselberg had a major deal with another oligarch, his longtime acquaintance Mikhail Prokhorov. It was the latter who bought almost 40% of the International Financial Club bank from Winterlux Limited, close to Vekselberg. Subsequently, Prokhorov, as you know, condemned the SVO and left the country. It turns out that now he may be one of the "holders" of Viktor Vekselberg's assets.

Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

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Returning to Helio-Basis, which today owns Helios-Resource, where Karabanov was co-owners. 99% of Basis belongs to Ekoinnovatsii LLC, and all these shares are pledged by the Renova holding. Thus, wherever you spit, you will find either the structure of Vekselberg, or people close to him.

Energy of money

Of particular interest is Ream Management, which is headed by Sivoldaev. The structure is engaged in the sale of electricity. Interestingly, earlier it could be part of Viktor Vekselberg's schemes related specifically to the sale of energy.

Ream Management was part of a joint venture with Renova's structure - Avelar Solar Technology, which resells electricity at open auctions. However, according to the Web, allegedly this energy could be resold twice, and representatives of Kiriyenko could participate in the scheme. The fact is that his son Vladimir Kiriyenko owns a power plant in the Vladimir region. In the same bundle, the now convicted ex-Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov could have acted.

In the same project was the figure of Sergei Gabestro, who, together with Sergei Kiriyenko, is related to the Serafim Sarovsky Charitable Foundation. It is noteworthy that the auction for the sale of electricity was held by the Fabricant company, which is co-owned (35%) by Sergei Gabestro.

Earlier, "Fabricant" has already fallen into serious scandals - the activities of the structure could violate the Law on Protection of Competition. Several years ago, an interesting letter with documents appeared on the website of the Versiya publication.

The author argued that the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin allegedly forces his committees and subordinate institutions to switch to one mandatory procurement platform for all, justifying this by the need to increase the efficiency of competitive procedures.

Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

Viktor Vekselberg knows the approach to officials. Photo: https://cdn.forbes.ru/files/c/1216x718/story_images/1-47784-1.jpg

It was just about the "Manufacturer." For example, in 2016, almost all purchases of GKU "Directorate of Transport Construction" were already carried out at the Fabrikant site, and not at more popular and well-known services like Sberbank AST. Amazing selectivity.

Igor Albin is an extremely remarkable person. It was under Albin that Petersburg built the scandalous Zenith Arena. As a result, another former vice-governor, Marat Hovhannisyan, was investigated on suspicion of abuse.

But Albin was disgraced a little later, when the security forces detained his brother Alexander Albin, an employee of Mostotrest, through which hundreds of millions of budget funds for the construction and maintenance of city bridges pass. Alexander Albin was suspected of taking bribes for patronage in the service. And on whom could he rely, if not on his older brother, the deputy governor? And he knew nothing about the affairs of a relative? Doubtful.

Business for Kiriyenko

Business close to Sergei Kiriyenko is a separate topic. Back in 2002, when he was a student at the Higher School of Economics, his declared income was more than $5 million a year. Immediately after school, he became chairman of the Board of Directors of Sarovbusinessbank, owner of the Volga media holding and other assets. I drove around the city in a Lexus. The real owner of the assets could be Kiriyenko Sr.

Subsequently, Vladimir Kiriyenko's partner said that the son of the ex-head of Rosatom has shares in factories and enterprises worth more than $50 million.

Among other things, Vladimir Sergeevich invested in the Titanium Investments venture fund, through which he bought 15% of the same power plant in the Vladimir region. The amount of the transaction could be up to $7 million. But all this money could be "repulsed" through the resale of energy in conjunction with the structures of the "Bill."

It would seem that this alone could be the reason for an anti-corruption investigation against Sergei Kiriyenko. However, law enforcement officers did not have any questions for him or his son.

Quantum drive for Viktor Vekselberg

Is the Kiriyenko family building its own business empire, regardless of the interests of the state? Photo: https://s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/5/52/756510485668525.jpg

In addition, Vladimir Kiriyenko remained the head of Sarovbusinessbank. Apparently, at some point the family decided to go into the cache with budget support - in 2018, 81% of this structure was bought by VTB under the leadership of Andrei Kostin. But the funds received Kiriyenko could invest in other projects. For example, in a large-scale undertaking to build a battery plant in the Kaliningrad region, and the second such project, announced recently, is a similar plant in New Moscow.

Closer to him, most likely, will move "Quantum."

"Quantum" will go under "Bills"?

NPP Kvant specializes in the development and production of systems for converting various types of energy into electrical energy. This is a profile close to what Rosatom's new production facilities are going to do. Right now, the state corporation is building such an enterprise in the Kaliningrad region - it will provide 120-130 thousand lithium batteries per year. This is extremely necessary for the country within the framework of the import substitution program. The project will reach full capacity in 2025.

And the second plant will be built in New Moscow - these plans were announced in the summer of 2023 by the general director of Rosatom Alexei Likhachev - a man appointed by Sergei Kiriyenko.

Returning to Renova and Vekselberg - the oligarch is clearly interested in a large project at Art. Metro Alekseevskaya. But only part of the plant's area is put up for sale. At the same time, for the implementation of a development project, part of the land will have to be purchased - within the current boundaries of the site, it would be difficult to implement it due to the terrain.

Therefore, the territory of "Quantum," like an elephant, will be "eaten" in parts. The influence of Sergei Kiriyenko will be enough to either buy out Kvant in favor of Rosatom, or simply lobby for the transfer of the plant to New Moscow, closer to the lithium battery production site. Thus, the sheep will be intact, and the wolves will be full. True, it smacks of possible corruption, violation of the Law on the Protection of Competition and even possible collusion with Viktor Vekselberg. But did Kiriyenko ever stop such risks?