Zaytsev "under the polygraph"

Whether the high-ranking official from Roskomnadzor Evgeny Zaytsev could be related to creation of "black" business on collapse of the websites?


Whether the high-ranking official from Roskomnadzor Evgeny Zaytsev could be related to creation of "black" business on collapse of the websites?

The rest from that "heap"

As they say, nothing portended a trouble …

And, nevertheless, on March 19 of this year at the website of federal journalistic investigations The Moscow Post problems began.

Our reader threshed both in windows, and at doors: what happened?

And why Roskomnadzor fools us, journalists, since March 19? At the same time Edition obtained insider information. According to our sources in problems one person is guilty. Also Evgeny Yuryevich Zaytsev, the head of department of control and supervision in the sphere of electronic communications of Roskomnadzor call him. Well, "cone" … leaves.

Also this "cone" in the velvet chair sits nearly 12 years, having endured scandalous leaving of "The Five" - Alexander Zharov, Vadim Ampelonsky and Mikhail Ksenzov.

But why they left, and Zaytsev from same "small group" remained? And now itself decides destinies of media? For what reason did Mr. Zaytsev disconnect The Moscow Post from life support systems?

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood a muddy situation.

Meeting without polygraph

The journalistic The Moscow Post group didn't sit all these uneasy days, idly.

Messengers with papers went also to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, both to the Investigative Committee of Russia, and to Vladimir Putin's Administration.

Both prosecutors, and investigators asked many questions, without hiding the surprise: the reason of "freezing" of the website is still not established.

Moreover, Roskomnadzor continues to keep silence, involuntarily confirming insider information which came to The Moscow Post: Evgeny Zaytsev pressed "brake" at the request of certain N.

And this action from Mr. Zaytsev was not charitable, especially, if to consider heroes of The Moscow Post from among oligarchs, politicians, businessmen, deputies, governors, "code-bound criminals", etc.

Most likely, something ABOVE after all worked, and to representatives of editorial The Moscow Post group allowed to arrive to Kitaigorodsky Drive, to "catacombs" of Roskomnadzor.

The meeting was promised with the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Vadim Subbotin …

Zaytsev "under the polygraph"

Vadim Subbotin. Photo:

But there I waited for a surprise!

In a spacious office on the first floor of department we were met by three representative men.

Mr. Subbotin among them wasn't observed, but we saw living Evgeny Zaytsev who at once a little nervously warned us that the meeting will take place at the switched-on video cameras.

But why such support group was necessary for Mr. Zaytsev?

Mr. Zaytsev tried was quiet, but a certain easy nervous trembling was noticeable though we arrived to a meeting without polygraph.

So it happened?

As Mr. Zaytsev explained, this requirement of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation "for numerous violations" …

But here only the Prosecutor General's Office all this as it became clear, doesn't know.

But why The Moscow Post appeared in the "black" list?

Fakes and SVO

We will remind some facts: Roskomnadzor, since 2022, blocked about 236

About it Evgeny Zaytsev rasskazyvyat I said at one of forums.

"Restriction of access to various foreign media platforms which acted as the main translators of the anti-Russian agenda makes a notable positive contribution to fight against dissemination of fake information in the Russian Internet space", - Evgeny Zaytsev added.

Further, in addition, for systematic placement of information distributed with violation of requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, Roskomnadzor completely I blocked more than 3 thousand websites.

It is necessary to add to this information: The Moscow Post didn't pass and doesn't pass on one of these violations, moreover, Edition constantly had joint actions with the People's Front.

We will remind Mr. Zaytsev that the People's Front was created at the initiative of Vladimir Putin on May 6, 2011 as the wide public coalition for fight against corruption, squandering and inefficient expenditure of public funds.

And journalists of The Moscow Post constantly worked and work in such format.

Involuntarily the actions Evgeny Zaytsev helps the enemy. The Moscow Post is officially entered in lists forbidden by so-called "National Security council of Ukraine".

The Moscow Post is officially entered in lists forbidden by so-called "National Security council of Ukraine", having bypassed on importance at this NTV and Vestie.

Zaytsev "under the polygraph"

The Moscow Post is officially included in the lists prohibited by the so-called "National Security Council of Ukraine," bypassing NTV and Vesti in importance

Moreover, the journalists of The Moscow Post volunteer for the SVO. And today, editorial officer Vladimir Tyukin with severe leg wounds is in one of the military hospitals.

As it turns out, we are not the only victims of Mr. Zaitsev's "scissors" and "ax." The other day it became known that Roskomnadzor blocked the online publication "Полит.ру" (the site has been operating since February 1998).

What is the reason?

Explanation for the "" it is as follows: "For repeated placement of unreliable socially significant information aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in the Russian Federation, access to this resource is limited on an ongoing basis in the manner prescribed by Art. 15.3-2 of the Law N149-FZ" On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection. "

By the way, "" was one of the first socio-political network publications in Russia registered as a media outlet. It turns out that he worked for almost 26 years. And suddenly stumbled... out of the blue?

Man "without a face"

Insider information about Mr. Zaitsev's deeds made him look a little differently at the odious figure of Yevgeny Yuryevich Zaitsev, about whom - as it turned out - biographers know almost nothing at all!

There is no information about the place of birth, nor about education and diplomas, only scanty information that Mr. Zaitsev has been working in Roskomnadzor since 2012, that is, since the founding of this service. And he came to the department as a senior specialist from the department of state policy in the field of mass media in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

In that department, Mr. Zaitsev worked since 2008. And what happened before 2008? Information - ZERO.

It is only known that until 2019, Mr. Zaitsev did not even have his own square meters. This follows from the declaration of Yevgeny Zaitsev.

In the media, Zaitsev began to actively shine, starting in 2014.

For some time he worked under the supervision of the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Maxim Ksenzov, but Ksenzov left Roskomnadzor back in 2015.

Zaytsev "under the polygraph"

Maxim Ksenzov. Photo:

After Ksenzov left, something curious began.

And law enforcement agencies are very interested in this curious person.

Business on "black" lists

This thunder struck in October 2017, when Roskomnadzor was still headed by Alexander Zharov.

It was under Mr. Zharov - as it turned out - that the officials of the supervisory authority did business on the "black" lists of sites.

As a result, three subordinates of Mr. Zharov - the head of the legal department Boris Edidin, the adviser to the general director of the FSUE controlled by Alexander Veselchakov and the press secretary of the department Vadim Ampelonsky - were under house arrest in a fraud case.

Zaytsev "under the polygraph"


Vadim Ampelonsky. Photo:

The case was classified as misappropriation and embezzlement on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The amount of damage was announced - 58 million rubles.

But the court refused to arrest the press secretary Vadim Ampelonsky and the head of the legal department Boris Edidin.

And they were released on recognizance not to leave.

The head of the apparatus, Alexander Veselchakov, was then ordered by the court to be placed under house arrest.

According to one version, the cause of criminal cases could be "dead souls," on which the department's expenses were written off.

However, not only these three have done a lot of interesting things.

According to our informant, Evgeny Zaitsev was also not aside.

And then he still dreamed of "sitting" Mr. Zharov.

But who is now behind Yevgeny Zaitsev, who successfully survived the turbulent October 2017? And stayed to work in Roskomnadzor?

And with which of our negative heroes Zaitsev is closely friends: with the governor of the Sakhalin region Valery Limarenko? With the head of the ВЭБ.РФ Igor Shuvalov? With the former manager of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kozhin? Or with the owner of Yuzhuralzolot Konstantin Strukov?

To whom did The Moscow Post step on the sick corn so hard that Yevgeny Zaitsev personally decided to cut off oxygen to the federal publication of journalistic investigations?

The question is different. Does Mr. Zaitsev really not understand that by his actions he is harming the dissemination of information about the struggle between Russia and the Ukrainian Nazi regime? Whether he does it consciously or not is difficult to say.

We promise you one Mr. Zaitsev, from now on your every action will be under the watchful eye of the public. And certainly, you will be asked a lot of questions by representatives of the competent authorities.

To be continued