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29 November 2023

Volin trick: did the debt question reveal the schematosis?

How to lend to your own company, and then take a loan from a bank on behalf of the company to pay off this debt? Ask Wolin.

Businessman Oleg Volin, who is sensitive to his reputation, mentioned together with Vasily Boyko-Veliky in the investigation of The Moscow Post "Non-market relations of the Volin family," is also sensitive, apparently, loves... money. During the ongoing series of investigations, the editors discovered a number of interesting facts, including a very interesting financial scheme on lending to their company UniversalResource with beneficiaries, followed by a credit line with Sberbank to pay off this debt. In this case, no tax will peak that there is a withdrawal of funds, because legally everything is in the openwork. And, if it seemed to you that somewhere smelled of fraud, then it seemed to you.

Moreover, the director and at that time the co-owner of UniversalResource Volin raised his salary to a very decent amount (not every official has so much), but all these tricks turned into long corporate showdowns in court, since not all owners agreed with this. For those who disagree, the case ended sadly - they lost their share.

Recall that the editors released an investigation, after which Mr. Volin was very offended and went to court, to the tax office (and what did he suffer there?), Except that he did not reach Sportloto. This Mr. did not like the fact that, among other things, he was associated with Mr. Boyko-Veliky, who was involved in the case of embezzlement and legalization of about 200 million rubles from Credit Express Bank, and had previously been involved in the case of land fraud.

At the same time, in court, our hero played with words very amusingly, thinking of what was not in the article and how to distance himself from Boyko the Great. Although some connection to the close circle of the latter is visible to Ms. Volina. For example, the Russian Heir Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Education, established by her, was created with the participation of Alexei Anatolyevich Averyanov, and Anastasia Averyanova, a former top manager, heads it.

"Houses of Russian clothes Valentina Averyanova" and the daughter of the head of this house. Moreover, Averyanova was, together with Volina, the owner of Golden Kremlin Mile Real Estate LLC and Slavyansky Dvor Agency LLC (until 2019).

Earlier, the Kommersant newspaper called Averyanov relatives of the lawyer and partner Boyko-Veliky Alexei Averyanov.

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"Lena Mackintosh" in the case?

That is, Mr. Volin's connections with Boyko-Veliky are embarrassing, and the fact that he was going to take money for the construction of a shopping center from Leonid Bilunov, the full namesake of Lena Mackintosh, known in certain circles, who has been living in France for some time, is not?

Business relations with a certain Bilunov confirm the materials of the court case. It follows from them that in September 2011 Oleg Volin, Andrey Oskolkov and Leonid Bilunov signed a tripartite agreement, according to which the latter was supposed to contribute 33.3% of his investments in the construction of a shopping center carried out by UniversalResources LLC. At the same time, Mr. Bilunov was promised a profit from the activities of the shopping center in the amount of 15% of the total income. Volin and Oskolkov argued in court that "L.F. Bilunov did not fulfill his obligations under the Agreement, did not make investments in the construction of the shopping center, and ignored the demands sent to him to pay for the cost of investments in the construction of the shopping center." 13.02.2019 But there was an attempt to get money from Bilunov!

The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote in detail about the full namesake of Volin's business partner Lena Makintosh, and, in short, "a man with a rich criminal past spent about 15 years behind bars," stood at the origins of Russian banking, knew many oligarchs closely, became one of the first millionaires of the era of "initial capital accumulation," but left for France.

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In the history of Mr. Volin's business development, in particular, in the very UniversalResource LLC, which owns Petrovsky Market with revenue of 0.5 billion rubles, such a lady as Galia Serazhetdinova flashed. The last Volin and Oskolkov in the materials of the above lawsuit, who deprived the lady of a share in the LLC for allegedly not participating in financing the construction of a shopping center (and should? she did not sign any agreements with you), called a member of the Bilunov family. By the way, then the court case indirectly confirmed that Bilunov, associated with Volin, is the same Bilunov as in the article about "Lena Makintosh." Both live in France.

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At the same time all evidential base in court was under construction on a certain affiliation with Bilunov and allegedly the fact that new owner of a share had to fulfill obligations of that under the agreement of 2011. But, I'm sorry, in the agreement on investments there is no Serazhetdinova's signature and she as the certain natural person I didn't undertake such obligations. Moreover, directly in the judgment it is registered that "the date of performance of obligations for implementation of investments by L.F. Bilunov into construction wasn't established". All basis was constructed that Serazhetdinova is allegedly common-law wife and mother of children of Bilunov therefore supposedly he is a beneficiary. That is, how the certain person the wife can't do business with those with whom business relations at the spouse?

Similar conclusions, in our opinion, дурновато smell. But as a result shares deprived Serazhetdinova through court. Though the question not that financial injections weren't, and that Serazhetdinova in court protested at the time against some financial manipulations of Volin can?

For example, she initiated the claim in which I demanded to cancel the decision on salary increase to Volin as the director and to return the paid millions (but only for 2017 are 28.9 million rubles), having considered that everything received as labor payments actually masked distribution of net profit. During the period from 2012 to 2017 Volin's salary was raised twice, having reached a salary in 2.6 million rubles and an award - 5% of net profit in a year. At the same time at general meetings, having a big share, than Serazhetdinov, Volin-uchreditel (66.7%) by itself voted for salary increase of Volinu-directoru. The first instance satisfied Serazhetdinova's claim, but the subsequent rejected.

In general a story with Bilunov - Serazhetdinova is an interesting stroke to a portrait of business of Mr. Volin. We, for example, had a question and why it Bilunov's share suddenly was made out on Serazhetdinova? Not to shine communication with the same Bilunov? That is we to take these money not against, and we will modestly hold back their origin, so leaves?

Not to the liyena will be to add some strokes to a portrait and Mr. Oskolkov. He was the deputy of the State Council of Udmurtia of three convocations earlier. In addition, he appeared in The Moscow Post as the hero of the publication about the land question of team of the Izhevsk oligarchs (together with Shutov and Kotov) whose structures connected with family of the former head of Udmurtia Volkov. Oskolkov with group of partners also became buyers of a part of restaurant network KFC.

Credit scheme of an entertaining format

Very entertaining story about the scheme of crediting of the company of Volin and Oskolkov was also mentioned in materials of vessels. We will also dwell upon her.

Watch closely hands. You are an owner of the company and you lend to the legal person the large sum of money, then, being also the director of this legal person, you make out a credit line that the legal person repaid the debt to you in bank. There is a nuance: under the law it is impossible just to take and bring the large sum of money in the pocket out of Ltd company, the same tax won't approve, and here if you issued a loan to the firm, and then at the expense of the proceeds of credit taken on the legal person and which to give from the profit of the legal person, this debt was repaid, then all in openwork. Nobody will carp and will tell that banal withdrawal of funds from the company takes place. Under the law of violations kind of is also not present.

As it appears from lawsuit materials, besides in the claim of Serazhetdinova who, then still was among participants Volin and Oskolkov and then still LLC Universal (later joined UniversalResurs) concluded the whole pack of contracts of an interest-free loan. At the same time before a certain date the loans were interest-free, and then the firm owed a debt + percent. In general according to these schemes from 2008 for 2013 335 million rubles were carried out.

In 2016 the Ltd company opens in Sberbank a credit line for repayment of multimillion debts of the legal person to Volin and Oskolkov. Five land plots and 37 real estate objects in Moscow area estimated at 1.125 billion rubles are pledged. As a result the legal person received money and paid to these misters: 200 million rubles - to Volin and 30 million rubles - to Oskolkov. How to you such somersault? Dashingly turned! We have only one question into what account those loans which how persons involved claimed, they allocated to the legal person are actually enlisted? Whether someone could make sure of their real, so to speak, existence?

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Serazhetdinova considered such a scheme to violate her rights, but alas, she lost the court and could not challenge the loan taken to repay the loans of Volin and Oskolkov.

Tax issues

Today Volin is the only owner of UniversalResource, that is, he can raise his salary as he wants, without attempts by co-owners to challenge it, and he can now safely issue loans to himself. Who will bring to account?

Judging by the data of Rusprofile, Oskolkov left the list of owners in 2020, but there is a curious nuance - in 2021, UniversalResource showed a net loss of 21.4 million rubles. The report claimed that due to the cost of redemption, the excess of the actual value of the share over the nominal. Oskolkov was paid 200 million rubles for his share. Interestingly, income tax is paid based on profit, that is, the difference between income and expenses. How to cut tax? You can, for example, increase expenses, for the same salary to your beloved, or pay a share to a former business partner. Then the money goes not to the budget in the form of tax, but to the above needs.

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By the way, the tax office was already interested in the work of UniversalResource, after checking the property tax. True, Volin fought off arrears in court, the IFTS could not defend its position, although it tried very hard.

Plus, again, there is, in our opinion, strangeness: the company's report for 2020 indicates that the calculation with Oskolkov was carried out in full (all 200 million rubles) - due to the offset of the counter-obligation and the transfer of funds. So, where did the losses of 2021 come from, allegedly related to the payment of a share? There is something, in our opinion, to think about, tax.

And here's what else interested us: as soon as Volin became the sole owner of the asset, the cost of servicing the market or cost dropped sharply - from about 200 million per year in 2020 to 115 million rubles in 2022. Management expenses also decreased - from 135 to 109 million rubles. What, Oleg Bulatovich, when there are only dividends for his beloved at the exit, then I want them to be larger? For reference: dividends in 2021 - 175.9 million rubles.

Another nuance that we drew attention to was that in five years the payment of the following taxes decreased: on the property of organizations by 4.6 times, from 16 million rubles in 2017 to 3.5 million rubles in 2021, land tax - from 5.1 to 3.3 million rubles, respectively. At the same time, the transport tax increased - from 152 to 483 thousand rubles. Mr. Wolin got an SUV?

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In general, it is not forbidden to love money, but only at the same time you need to do it exclusively with an eye on the law and not forget about the moral norms adopted in society.

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