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30 November 2023

We are not your property: the security forces had questions for Vadim Yakovenko

The day before, there was information about possibly carried out operational measures held in the Federal Property Management Agency, headed by Vadim Yakovenko. A source in the department confirmed the arrival of representatives of law enforcement agencies in this institution.

Meanwhile, this information began to appear on various Telegram channels.

What could have caused the interest of the competent authorities in the activities of this organization and possibly its head Vadim Yakovenko was understood by the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Corrupt bacchanalia

Recall that in the first two years (2018-2020) of Yakovenko's work at the head of the department, on suspicion of various crimes, the heads of territorial bodies in St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Dagestan and the Kuban were detained.

At the same time, bribes from the Federal Property Management Agency were detained in Crimea. But the corrupt bacchanalia seems to have just begun.

The very next year, 2021, the heads of the interregional territorial board of the Federal Property Management Agency in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the republics of Khakassia and Tuva were arrested. According to the investigation, in 2020-2021, the head of the department Vladimir Abramov, his deputy Igor Kornienko and the head of the department Artem Chuguev received bribes from entrepreneurs in the amount of 1.6 million rubles. for concluding state contracts for the right to sell the confiscation and promising not to terminate them in the future.

The sale of confiscated "left" to fill your own pockets is a real classic of the genre, not only in the Federal Property Management Agency. But it was there that under Yakovenko she blossomed in a violent color.

The so-called "resolves" from the department also blossomed in a violent color. And not only in regional departments, but also in the central office. In 2022, the former head of one of the departments of the Central Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency Pavel Grib and his friend Alexei Pustovoy were convicted in Sochi. They offered for 50 million rubles to resolve the issue with the land for the construction of a house. But the security forces found out about this, they were detained.

The investigation was conducted by Yakovenko

By the way, Yakovenko himself comes from the Investigative Committee, Lieutenant General of Justice. In 2011-2015, he headed the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for Moscow. True, he left there against the background of an unpleasant scandal.

His own subordinates from the Moscow administration complained about him. They complained that under the leadership of Yakovenko, a policy is being pursued, as a result of which investigators are deprived of procedural independence, and, as a result, confidence that they will be able to defend their legal point of view in criminal cases.

Yakovenko himself ignored the appeals of his subordinates, so he had to go through his head directly to the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin. And if your own team fails, is it where else?

Photo: The Moscow Post

There was also another story. In 2016 Denis Nikandrov, the deputy chief of the IC RF, the colleague Yakovenko was arrested for a bribe. Together with Nikandrov took also Mikhail Maksimenko, the ex-head of own safety of the IC RF. According to authors of the website Compromising evidence.ru, allegedly Vadim Yakovenko's messmate, the businessman Dmitry Smychkovsky acted as one of bribers. And it suggests a bad idea.

Apparently, it also tore off career of Yakovenko-sledovatelya. The same year he left (out of harm's way?). However it wasn't lost, and, having worked in plenipotentiary representation of the President in the CFD, in 2018 I held a position of the head of Rosimushchestvo - one of most in the certain circles called "grain" in the country.

The property doesn't love the account

If to speak about today, then questions to Yakovenko collected so many that during a time it is time for him to explain something responsible to the country leaders.

In 2020 the Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation found serious violations in work of service. Extremely low level of execution of programs for privatization underwent criticism, violations when maintaining the Register of Federal Property (RFP), violation of cost data were revealed.

On the last point of a divergence of the budgetary account and RFI on state objects made, attention, 6.7 trillion rubles! It as should be considered? Or everything "is already counted" and stored on pockets not others by Yakovenko of people?

It would seem, after such "roasting" it is necessary or to go to resignation, or to improve no matter what. And what we see? Already in it, 2023, the Audit Chamber picked work of Rosimushchestvo in Moscow to pieces. Check showed that long-term problems aren't solved: the state has no reliable data about the assets belonging to it because of what the budget receives less income.

"All criteria of efficiency of activity of management or are negative in connection with the revealed violations and shortcomings, or can't be defined due to the lack of the relevant data", - auditors noted.

If it is not a reason for immediate dismissal and check concerning Yakovenko, what then? Want to catch red-handed on a bribe? So on it caught already so many subordinates of Yakovenko that it is time to look also in his party.

Mass depriving of lands

Today neither businessmen, nor ordinary residents of our country are dissatisfied with department and Yakovenko's activity. In March, 2023 the enterprise community of Sverdlovsk region urged to fire mister Yakovenko and also to punish "organizers of mass withdrawal of lands" in regions of Russia.

"MK" wrote that, contrary to an appeal of the President Vladimir Putin to protect economy during military special operation the state departments ruin businessmen. And the speech it is concrete about Rosimushchestvo here.

Quote: "Yakovenko's department and his branches as if live in other country: their policy lifts a wave of discontent of citizens and the organizations from which take away the earth across Russia".

Specifically on Central Ural Mountains the facts of suspicious actions of bodies of Rosimushchestvo with the rented or redeemed sites were recorded after appointment at the end of 2021 to a position of the head of the Sverdlovsk specification of Rosimushchestvo Sergei Zubenko.

Residents of Sverdlovsk expressed discontent that the new management of regional branch of department doesn't give already bought grounds, unreasonably doesn't prolong lease agreements. So Yakovenko's team realizes policy of the Head of state?

Also in the region there passed a series of vessels on withdrawal of sites in which the specification of Rosimushchestvo formally was a defendant, but upon promoted the satisfaction of claims of prosecutor's office. And it is characteristic not only of Sverdlovsk region. Similar occurs also in Stavropol Krai, and in Krasnodar and in many other subjects.

At the end of 2022, the Krasnodar land users who lost the right of rent of sites created "the Union of Farmers of Sochi". Also reached the State Duma of the Russian Federation where in November there passed the round table with the disturbing name "Protection of the rights of businessmen during the special military operation. Problems of illegal withdrawal of property".

Video: YouTube channel "Right for earth" 

And literally a few hours ago before this publication the representatives of the organization wrote down the next video message on this problem to the President, the Prosecutor General and the governor of Krasnodar Krai.

The camel "barks" a dog goes

And what Yakovenko? It seems, to him all - like water off a duck's back. Though attributed him a lot of things - for example, possible protection of the founder of PIK Group Yury Zhukov in a situation with alienation of 10% of stocks of the Pavlovskgranit company. However, there was it still when Yakovenko was an investigator.

Vadim Yakovenko will be "attached" to the Ministry of Justice? Photo: council.gov.ru

They also tried to attribute to him the possible patronage of influential colleagues who were involved in the case of appropriation of state funds. We are talking about his protege, former deputy Yakovenko in the Federal Property Management Agency, and before that - the head of the Tatarstan Administration Elena Patkina.

It was assumed that she could cash more than 154 million rubles from the accounts of the Federal Property Management Agency through one-day firms of entrepreneur Andrei Yuzhakov.

Under the leadership of Patkina, the regional Federal Property Management Agency, under the guise of privatization, seized and sold several land plots and premises of the KAPO named after Gorbunov. But the case was suspended in connection with an unidentified defendant.

Meanwhile, as the local media wrote Patkina acted not alone, she had patrons at the very top. It was not Mr. Yakovenko who was the very patron who knew everything and did nothing. And if he knew and did not, then the assumption of his participation suggests itself?

By the way, only after two years of investigation in the Yuzhakov case, when Patkina was already charged, Mr. Yakovenko finally was able to dismiss her. Why, I ask, was so slow?

Yes, he suspended her from work. But he did not fire. But we are not talking about a couple of thousand rubles. At the same time, another person involved in the case, ex-accountant of the Federal Property Management Agency for Moscow Natalya Nugaeva, was already serving time. Is it possible to consider such loyalty to Patkina - patronage, or is the word "protection" more suitable? Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story.

But the "who" with Yakovenko is still there. Rumor has it that his resignation may soon await him, and the position of the head of the Ministry of Justice is called as a further place of work. Well, if a person like Yakovenko becomes Minister of Justice, then in general - put out the light...

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