The case of the theft of 120 objects in Moscow responded to Roman Abramovich

Former employee of the division of Roman Abramovich - Oleg Zhiznenko and his business partner Alexander Moskalenko, who once bought a number of registrars - holders of shareholder registers, appear in the story of the illegal seizure of state assets.


Former employee of the division of Roman Abramovich - Oleg Zhiznenko and his business partner Alexander Moskalenko, who once bought a number of registrars - holders of shareholder registers, appear in the story of the illegal seizure of state assets.

State property - real estate and plots in Moscow turned out to be in the hands of a company associated with former officials Alexander Moskalenko and Oleg Zhiznenko, who bought the registrar of R.O.S.T. from Millhouse Roman Abramovich several years ago. The Federal Property Management Agency is trying to return assets to the state balance sheet on the street. Smolenskaya-Sennaya, believing that they passed to the current owners illegally. The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation also participates in the case. In the story, where the ex-banker, the former Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili, who may be connected with a long-standing criminal case on an attempt to steal 120 real estate in Moscow, also managed to inherit, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Judicial battle at ten years old

On October 17, the Moscow Arbitration Court plans to hear a lawsuit by the Federal Property Management Agency against its territorial board in Moscow demanding to invalidate the transfer to the authorized capital of the state OJSC Directorate of International Photo Exhibitions (formerly the State Unitary Enterprise of the same name) of a building located on Smolenskaya-Sennaya, 30 a total area of ​ ​ 3,020,5 square meters and a land plot of 0,395 hectares at the same address. The transaction was executed by order of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency for Moscow on December 6, 2011. In fact, they are trying to return the building to the state, since the department did not, according to the plaintiff, have the authority to make such decisions. Whether to wait for a criminal case against the signatories of this order is not yet clear.


This case is long-playing, started ten years ago, but then the state department lost the dispute. In May 2023, they decided to revise it due to newly discovered circumstances.


In parallel with this case, the court is hearing a fresh claim of the same department against Business Life LLC and Directorate of International Photo Exhibitions JSC to claim real estate and return it to the state balance sheet. Hearings on it have been suspended until the first dispute is considered. The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation is also involved in this case, therefore, perhaps, a criminal case is ahead. Moreover, JSC "Directorate of International Photo Exhibitions" was included in the privatization plan as a state asset and until 2025 they plan to sell, but in the meantime they are putting things in order.


The story also involves the later "burst" Bank Russian Credit, which since 1995 rented a building from the state.

This bank lost its license in 2015. At the time of the beginning of the story, his beneficiary for the building was the ex-Prime Minister of Georgia, billionaire Boris (Bidzina) Ivanishvili, about whom The Moscow Post previously talked.

The bank itself, which is under the wing of the Deposit Insurance Agency after bankruptcy, is the third party in the case of returning the disputed building to the state balance sheet. Security has been imposed on the facilities so that they do not change owners again while hearings are underway.

In the case of Zhiznenko and Moskalenko?

But it is much more interesting that in the same year when the building was transferred to the Directorate of International Photo Exhibitions, it was divided into two objects and on December 27, 2011 it was sold to a certain Alfa Torg CJSC, otherwise two days later it was sold to Business Life CJSC, which was created in January 2011, founders - Farid Valeev and Gennady Grishagin. The land was already leased to Business Life in 2014. A long resale chain to confuse footprints?


Interesting fact: Inessa Faridovna Valeeva (presumably the daughter of Farid Valeeva) had at least one common asset - FBM-Group Rus LLC (liquidated in 2019) - with co-owners of Financibusinessbank Alexander Dunaev and Alexei Bolotin. And with Farid Valeev himself, the Dunaev family and Bolotin crossed through the Lux Land DNP.

As the Kommersant newspaper reported, the mentioned defendants, including Valeev, were detained in 2014 as defendants in a criminal case on an attempt to steal 120 real estate in Moscow, including 28 historical mansions. The case also involved the ex-head of the Moscow department of the Federal Property Management Agency Anatoly Shestyuk and the ex-head of the board of Moscow Capital Bank Viktor Krestin. Perhaps the building on Smolenskaya-Sennaya 30 is just part of this story, which for 2022 was still investigated.

To date, Business Life CJSC has been liquidated, and Business Life LLC has become its successor since 2013. The latter, judging by the reporting, was established by the closed private equity investment fund Strategic Investments, which for 2019 was managed by NRK Stock Market LLC, which was transformed into the same name JSC in September 2022. At the same time, Oleg Zhiznenko and Alexander Moskalenko have been the owners of NRK Stock Market LLC since 2015.


Zhiznenko and Moskalenko in 2016, being the owners of the Independent Registrar Company (NRC), acquired from Millhouse Roman Abramovich the registrar of R.O.S.T. It was in the division of the latter that Zhiznenko worked and, as they say, the oligarch significantly helped Mr. Zhiznenko at the start of his business career. In addition, Zhiznenko in the 90s was an employee of the property fund of the Moscow region and the head of the Moscow Regional Stock Center. Moskalenko also had in his biography the experience of working as an official, but in Chukotka.

Whether these gentlemen are now related to Business Life LLC and, accordingly, to the building on Smolenskaya-Sennaya, the plaintiffs have to find out during the proceedings, but the director of the LLC is Denis Anatolyevich Kirichenko, who previously appeared in open sources as deputy general director of the NRC - R.O.S.T. on legal issues (related to Zhiznenko and Moskalenko), before that he worked in the Central Moscow Depository. Before him, Andrei Kadykov was the director, which in 2015-2016 was noted as the director of the eponymous CJSC, to whose hands the former state assets "stuck."

Meanwhile, given the fact that these very state assets sailed into private hands through a muddy, in our opinion, deal, it would not be bad to check this whole chain. After all, there is a violation of the law.