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30 November 2023

Kravchuk and Ko in the Tikhonov case: who covers the embezzlement in the Ministry of Energy

A statement about a false denunciation was written on Philip Gens, the owner of Lanit.

A statement under the article for deliberately false denunciation was received in relation to persons related to the case of former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov, in respect of whom the case of embezzlement of more than 600 million rubles allocated for the creation of GIS TEK is being investigated. The document also includes a request to conduct an audit under five articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, relating to giving and receiving a bribe, creating a criminal community, and illegal actions in bankruptcy.

The Moscow Post correspondent learned about this from a letter from a reader received by the Editorial Office.

It follows from the document provided that a number of judges, Tikhonov himself, the owner of the Lanit company Philip Gens and a number of others, could have been involved in the crime. But about everything in order. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

A fragment listing the names of those involved in the crime. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

Recall that Tikhonov's case has been going on for almost three years - in September 2020 he was detained in the embezzlement case. During the investigation, it turned out that he took bribes for concluding contracts with certain suppliers. His adviser Roman Ryzhkov, as well as vice-presidents of Lanit JSC Vladimir Makarov and Viktor Serebryakov, were taken into custody with him. JSC was supposed to create GIS TEK, but it all ended with the complete failure and disappearance of hundreds of millions.

Evil tongues are surprised that the owners of Lanit were not in the dock - including the son of the late Grigory Gens - Philip Gens, who inherited the company after the death of his father. Rumor has it that the case on the brakes is trying to lower, among other things, the former chief of Tikhonov, Alexander Novak, who even fired the ex-deputy minister only six months after his arrest.

Make extreme

Returning to the letter, we note that in the proceedings of the investigator of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia M. Bakun there was a criminal case No. 12001007754000055,  12002007703000238 against officials of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "REA" of the Ministry of Energy of Russia Tikhonov and a number of other persons. It, as our reader, who turned to Prosecutor General Krasnov, the head of the Investigative Committee Bastrykin and even President Putin, writes, was not fully investigated.

As The Moscow Post previously said in one of its investigations on this topic, Bakun previously could refuse to consider an application for Anatoly Tikhonov filed by ISSB LLC. And, I think, not for free.

This company was originally elected a contractor for the creation of GIS TEK, but then everything was outplayed, and ISSB was made extreme, actually bringing it to bankruptcy.

How it went

According to the source, in order to collapse the criminal case and retrain the crime, A.V. Tikhonov and A.V. Shevlyakov hired A.V. Karabanov's lawyer, who allegedly had an illegal relationship with A.I. Kramarenko (former head of the Investigative Directorate for the Central Administrative District of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow). The latter allegedly gave instructions to the investigator Yu.V. Kozlov and A.I. Puzhaeva for forgery of the materials of the criminal case. So at least our reader writes in his letter.

Let's make a little retreat. Kramarenko, according to the BBC, was detained in a bribery case with the aim of releasing an associate of the crime boss Shakro Molodoy Andrei Kochuikov, nicknamed "Italian." Karabanov also represented the ex-head of the Moscow head of the TFR, Alexander Drymanov, who was arrested in the same case. So Kramarenko really could be a acquaintance of Karabanov.

As follows from the letter, the crime with the help of Kozlov and Puzhaeva was reclassified from the article "Taking a bribe" to "Fraud." Further, Shevlyakov and Tikhonov turned to YurCity LLC, which was controlled by Kurin Yu.G., previously familiar to them.

According to Rusprofile, YurCity is controlled by Victoria Shakina, who previously worked at MKA Kurin and Colleagues. And this legal entity already belongs to the interests of Kurin. It is possible that Shakina represents his interests.

Kurin's partner Yu.G., according to the informant, is Judge AKhM Kravchuk L.A., who allegedly receives deliberately illegal judicial acts for monetary remuneration by bribing judges of the AKhM.

As a retreat: through business, Kurin is associated with the owner of a large ice cream factory in the Irkutsk region - Eduard Zelinsky. Together they were engaged in real estate at Quelli-Baikal LLC. Who knows, maybe Zelinsky's money also plays a role in Kurin's activities.

The source writes that it is precisely with the support of the judicial and lawyer lobby that Tikhonov terminates the state contract, and does not return the goods to ISSB. Here another judge is connected to the case - Yu.A. Skachkova (since Kravchuk does not conduct such processes). Skachkova refuses the examination, accepts as if fictitious documents prepared by acquaintances of Tikhonov and Ko from the YurCity law office Shakin and V.B. and lawyer of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Afanasyev A.I. The latter, as the informant writes, cohabits with the brother of Tikhonov's wife.

By the way, YurCity is like a box - there is no data that the company pays taxes, and its revenue has been kept at zero for years, while profits vary sharply up and down by several million.

Photo: Rusprofile

And about Judge Skachkova and her "professionalism" are composed of reviews that do not fit in the length of the web page.

Photo: https://xn----gtbmba8anefap3i.xn--p1ai/sudii/view/id/33664/from/4

Checks and balances

The result of all these perturbations is that the FSBI receives the right to claim ISSB in the amount of 47 million rubles, although in fact it must pay the company for the delivered goods or at least return it. But the court, represented by Ms. Skachkova, decided that ISSB owes money to the state customer who unilaterally terminated the agreement due to losses allegedly incurred by the Federal State Budgetary Institution. Only why did the ISSB do it to blame?

The company continues to fight to this day, and in 2020, a bailiff's order was issued to return the goods to the company. In January 2021, the FSBI appealed to the ASgM for the bankruptcy of ISSB, because the situation risked getting out of control and then all the above could be confirmed.

The statement fell to the same Kravchuk (here is a coincidence!), And, as we see "ISSB" - goes bankrupt.

It will be interesting to mention here that it became known from open sources and telephone books - the mobile number tied to the car Kravchuk (Toyota Rav4) also belongs to Barysheva Lada Vyacheslavovna, who, according to the telephone book, is listed as a lawyer for YurCity LLC. Another number, also tied to the judge's car, belongs to Roman Blinov, also a lawyer at the office.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

In total, we have an interesting union of judges and officials. The current owner of ISSB, Veronika Samoilova, has repeatedly tried to reach the supreme court because of the current situation, the source wrote to the FSB. In the first case, the woman, in fact, was sent where far away, writing in response to one of the appeals that they would stop correspondence with her altogether. The FSB said that "the information has been taken into account."

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

The ISSB owners challenged Kravchuk, providing all the above information, but their petition, of course, was not satisfied, citing a lack of argument.

There is a feeling that Tikhonov and Co managed to bribe literally the entire apparatus of the system of "checks and balances" so as not to give the stolen millions in their entirety. Hypothetically, Lanit Philip Gens can help with money, who, despite the criminal case and the arrest of his managers, continues to receive multimillion-dollar government contracts.

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