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30 November 2023

Capricious "greens" with sad eyes and their investors

There are no limits to cynicism in how Westerners cover their interests. If it were only about endless, systemic falsehood. Lies mask insidiousness, like a dagger behind a belt under the cloak of a duelist of the genus "exceptional."

They have a lot of anger and no picture of the future. Anything aimed at development causes rejection. The task of the current leading generation of elites of the "golden billion" is to maintain power and not waste the remnants of influence, financial dominance and industrial power, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

And development is competition. The "old" American elite is clearly nervous, the "new" euro-elite has trusted the United States. Both decided to become "investors."

Investor bribe-takers-visionaries

US President Joe Biden recently said military aid to Ukraine would be a "sensible investment" that would pay dividends for American security for generations.

Many are already accustomed to the idea that Biden is a deft bribe-taker, and he, it turns out, is also an "investor." Moreover, he receives not only political young ladies at the expense of Ukraine, which he made believe in the delusional idea of ​ ​ inflicting a "strategic defeat" on Russia. It is not harmful to dream, but the task has been set, the White House has requested another $106 billion from Congress for these purposes. True, including military assistance to Israel. There is no solution yet.

Meanwhile, the accumulated debt of the United States is such that only interest payments on it can be equal to military spending. But it's not just the adequacy of "sleepy Joe" and his inner circle. The White House, under the last three terms of the Democrats in power, practically burned the bridges of dialogue with Moscow, or prevented Donald Trump from establishing this dialogue.

Relationships can be satisfying, bad, or unpredictable. Democrats appear to have taken a third, "orange" path for themselves. Otherwise, how to explain that Biden during his speech compared Putin with Hamas. After such statements, even a person far from psychiatry becomes clear that at least a person who is not very healthy on his head rules in the United States.

Although, if you remember, there is nothing new in this. Biden began the presidency with personal attacks, but he has so far been pitied. What will happen next? It can be assumed that nothing will help to "thaw" the relationship. If not a civil war in the United States itself, the likelihood of which today is actively discussed by the Americans themselves.

Zealous Europeans

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, also decided to stand out against this background and made a statement that he was also an "investor" and also in Ukraine. He promised to accept Kyiv into the European Union by 2030. What is not an investment in the future of Europe? At the beginning of the year, he promised to send funds from the frozen assets of the Bank of Russia to support the Kyiv authorities. Like his senior counterpart in Washington, Michel considers Brussels' policy in Ukraine an "investment in the future."

What Russia can expect from Europe is not clear. If we consider that even Finland became embittered, then nothing good. The new generation of euro leaders lacks their own strength to pose another "liberation" challenge to Moscow. And Kyiv swallows both promises and fulfills the "historical mission" of the fight against its eastern neighbor, continuing to push militants to the front line. And all this is relatively inexpensive!

According to von der Leyen, since February 2022, Brussels has allocated $90 billion in assistance to Kyiv, including $27 billion since February 2022 to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, the Ukrainian Nazis, who continue to shell Donetsk and other cities of Novorossiya. They shoot regularly, soon as 10 years! So that money works. In Europe, however, there are problems, especially in Germany, but in Ukraine "everything is in order," the money has already been "successfully invested."

All hope for what the top of the European Union and the highest political elite of the Old World wanted Russia to experience themselves. Namely, a deep crisis and collapse. Maybe then, once again, if not peace, then a truce will come. True, provided that the US military, with their idea of ​ ​ reducing the "flight time" to Moscow, will rush out of Europe.

Capricious "green" with sad eyes

But for now, the European Union and the United States are standing up for "democracy" in Ukraine. Another area of ​ ​ "concern" for the future is related to the plans of "investors" to protect the climate. Surprisingly, the interests of these figures coincide with the views of the United Nations, or rather with its secretariat, Anglo-Saxon in composition, interspersed with five "wards" from the G7.

The UN is proposing to prevent an environmental catastrophe. Ahead of COP28, the next UN climate change conference, UN experts proposed "phasing out all fossil fuels" and ending "all new oil, gas and coal research" and "fossil fuel extraction" by 2030. And also increase spending on climate protection to $400 billion a year. It turns out that either Kyiv or the climate.

By 2030, the amount of financial assistance of rich countries to the poor in climate protection should grow from $200 billion to $400 billion a year, according to a report prepared for the 28th conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will be held in Dubai.

The UN considers it possible by 2030 to triple the capacity of renewable energy sources and double the efficiency of their use in all countries of the world, and by 2050 - to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. This task was set by the organization at the conclusion of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

At the end of September, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that humanity is not making enough efforts to solve the problem of sharp climate change and thereby "opens the gates to hell." If nothing changes, the air temperature will rise by 2.8 degrees. New measures are needed, he added.

"The communal debate is colonized by the apocalyptic neuroses of a ruling elite that has lost faith in modernity," Brendan O'Neill, Spiked's chief political commentator, replies. He called Western designers of the climate future "capricious green with sad eyes" and put it bluntly: "I am amazed at the impudence of this movement. Here they mourn the coming apocalypse, but if anyone is helping to cause the apocalypse, it is them. "

Representatives of Davos, narcissistic non-governmental organizations and others from the "super class of golden collars," so called S. Huntington, will fly in on private planes and "will blithely chat about depriving all coal miners and oil drillers on Earth of their jobs."

Today, over 80% of the world's energy comes from coal, oil and gas. More than 60% of the electricity generated in America comes from gas (40%) and coal (20%). If this is ignored in the UN secretariat (and the Anglo-Saxon expert community at the UN), then this is an intentional manipulation of facts and theories in the interests of consolidating the global dominance of the West.

It also shows how disconnected from reality the global elites and their prominent representatives have become. They are protesting against the very system that made them rich. In particular, billionaire Mike Bloomberg announced that he was allocating "an additional $500 million" to "help end fossil fuels."

"The fossil fuel era has failed," Guterres added to this debate. On this occasion, the World Economic Forum (WEF) happily announced the criticisms of the UN Secretary General.

"They," the UN and the Gaza Strip

Trust in the UN is falling not only in the interpretation of climate change. At the Commonwealth of Independent States summit in Bishkek, Russian President Vladimir Putin compared Israel's "brutal methods" in the Gaza Strip to the "blockade of Leningrad during World War II."

Russia submitted to a vote in the UN Security Council a draft resolution that was vetoed. The United States, Britain, France and Japan voted against. The main positions of the draft resolution and what the Russian leader was talking about boil down to the fact that there is no alternative to negotiations.

And while Tel Aviv has been brutally attacked and has the right to defend itself, the conflict can only be resolved by creating an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. This position of Moscow is in many ways close to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, many others.

The refusal of the United States to adopt the Security Council resolution proposed by Brazil was sharply criticized. There it was about a humanitarian pause to help residents of the Gaza Strip. Twelve members of the Security Council voted in support of the resolution. Washington's veto and its unconditional support for Tel Aviv will plunge the Middle East into chaos, the Chinese Global Times wrote in this regard.

At the same time, Ursula von der Leyen's euro colleagues rebuked her for disparaging the idea of ​ ​ Palestinian statehood. Speaking at the Hudson Institute, the head of the European Commission (EC) put Israel's right to self-defense first. Eight hundred EC employees wrote a letter about this, saying that the boss is biased and suffers from bias.

But there is a second act in this play, which could be called "The Deft Pauses of Western Peacekeepers." The United States and the EU countries tell Israel to postpone the ground operation in the Gaza Strip. But they do it just to buy time. A pause is necessary to complete secret negotiations on the release of hostages, Bloomberg reports.

Does it resemble the history of the Minsk agreements?

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