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01 December 2023

Kurov's Land Bank and Yevtushenkov's interest

Perhaps the ex-official, associated with illegal land manipulation, cleaned up the capital's territory for the oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov?

The winner of the auction for the sale of the Vnukovo Sports Complex in Moscow was Igor Kurov. This is a former deputy of the Bryansk Regional Duma and part-time top manager of the subsidiary of AFK Sistema (Platform company) of the notorious oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Who got another tasty section of Moscow territory and the scope for what manipulations this opens up - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

Russia is a generous soul

Mr. Kurov is a very remarkable person. This is a hereditary politician - the son of the former deputy of the Bryansk Regional Duma Anatoly Kurov, who is also a well-known entrepreneur in the region. This is probably why the figures in his official income, which are in the hundreds of millions a year, do not surprise anyone.

Meanwhile, the family could not always make capital in the most honest ways. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which capaciously called one of its articles "State property turned out to be defenseless against Bryansk officials and deputies," Anatoly Kurov was the actual beneficiary of obtaining the gardens of the ruined suburban economy "Bryansk," for an illegal land deal with which the head of the Bryansk department of the Federal Property Management Agency Anna Stregeleva was convicted.

The story is this: Comrade Kurov and his friend Mikhail Skalkin liked the land. To get them, it was necessary to agree with someone. Then they attracted a specialist in the control and accounts chamber of the city of Bryansk, Sergei Batrakov. Since the land was listed as federal, they turned to Stregeleva.

"Kurov said he would accelerate this issue. He went to Stregeleva, and they were talking about something... Then Kurov told me to turn to his son, Igor Kurov, who served as executive director of Bryanskzemproekt OJSC. The Kurov family was the actual owner of this OJSC, so everyone listened to them, "Batrakov quotes the publication.

Stregeleva feared for her career, so she complied with Kurov's instructions. Batrakov prepared documentation in which he entered false information. As a result, the price of land "jumped" from several hundred million to 51 thousand rubles.

Anatoly Kurov. Photo: https://www.forbes.ru/profile/287017-kurov

All this could happen with the knowledge of the governor himself, at least such rumors circulated, and the participants in this case themselves talked about Kurov's ties with the head of the region. It was even before Bogomaz - then the Bryansk region was headed by Nikolai Denin. In 2015, he was sentenced to four years in prison due to the illegal allocation of 21.8 million rubles from the administration reserve to an enterprise affiliated with his family.

But let's go back to the gardens. The wildest thing is that Stregleva and Batrakov were condemned in this story, and Kurov is not something that was not touched, but he was left with gardens! So much then was the influence of the official.

But this is the father. And what about the son? And the son followed in the footsteps of his parent and visited both a deputy and a businessman.

And we don't care

In addition to participating in the case of his "dad" through "Bryanskzemproekt," he became known as the owner of the federal construction clerk "Tsentrodorstroy." As general director of this organization, he met with both Mr. Bogomaz and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. So, probably, it is not surprising that a lot is getting away with the family.

For example, in 2018, the Accounts Chamber revealed violations in the amount of more than 25 million rubles when forming the price of one of the contracts with Centrodorstroy. Naturally, up the road. No one was punished for this, although for such manipulations there is a capacious name "corruption component." The Accounts Chamber simply asked to reduce the price...

I wonder how many such contracts with the company passed by its attention?

Sergei Sobyanin. Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/RIA Novosti

"Centrodorstroy" is not some kind of "firm" - the office earned more than 100 billion rubles on agreements with government agencies! Which continue to supply her with contracts, despite such "but." Budget savings are not in their rules?

Master of all trades

Presumably, the Kurovs are able to meet the needs of the powerful, due to which they "rise" themselves. In 2018, Kurov Sr. sold Rodina shopping and entertainment center to the partner of bookmaker Roman Semiokhin, who is now wanted on charges of illegal organization and online gambling. According to the investigation, from 2014 to 2019, they conducted gambling without a license and earned 63 billion rubles from this.

Offshore Akhurian Limited participated in the deal with Rodina. Did the "surplus" go there from the state contracts of "Centrodorstroy"? According to the authors of the Bryansk Today website, allegedly the Kurov family could own a "palace" in the village of Teshenichi. What funds did you buy?

We do not just connect the interests of Semiokhin and Kurov. The fact is that they came together in another project. In June 2019, Sportradar, together with Anatoly Kurov and his other son Kirill, became the owners of the premises on the 41st floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City.

So Semiokhin is most likely far from a "passing" comrade for the Kurovs. It is possible that in his affairs the former deputies took the proper initiative. Only, as we can see, many of the surrounding Kurovs are imprisoned, and they themselves remain "dry and clean."

Didn't that ability attract Mr. Yevtushenkov, who hired Kurov Jr. as his manager?

Vladimir Yevtushenkov. Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC

Yevtushenkov was once suspected of legalizing property acquired by criminal means. And, although the charges were dropped, since then the oligarch has repeatedly become the object of attention in particular of our publication in connection with participation in ambiguous market manipulations. Offshore companies were also noticed in the Sistema structures.

On the balance sheet of the new acquisition of Kurov IC Vnukovo there are 2.8 hectares and buildings with a total area of ​ ​ 34,988 square meters. m on the street. Bolshaya Vnukovskaya in the west of Moscow. From the point of view of development, the territory is more than attractive. So will it not become the next way to earn money with the possible legalization of money somewhere abroad?

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