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28 November 2023

EKOVAS under a crunch of makronsky roll

France desperately clings to the remains of the influence in Africa through provoking of armed conflict in Niger.

The president of France Emmanuel Macron burst in a new series of statements for a situation in Niger where military came to the power. According to him, the coup in this country causes damage in fight against terrorism and to the interests of the people of this country.

In this regard he urged to release the Niger president Mohamed Bazum and to restore a constitutional order. And on this background of the country of EKOVAS where influence of NATO and specifically France is strong, prepare for military invasion into Niger.

Details - in material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

"This coup d'etat - blow to democracy in Niger, on the people of Niger and on fight against terrorism. For this reason we call for release of the president Bazum and restoration of a constitutional order", - Emmanuel Macron said. It is unclear, with what such political selectivity is connected. More precisely - it is it is clear very good.

Two cases - a revolution in Niger and a revolution in Kiev in 2014 mean. The second differs from the first, first of all, in the fact that passed кроваво and became a harbinger of the events which were actually desintegrating Ukraine, having transferred it to the order of our former western partners.

I.e., as a matter of fact, it is colonial conquest by hands of "natives" and on the Western money. And then the democratic president Victor Yanukovych was overthrown. Results of his elections in Europe recognized. Then - gave guarantees during the conflict with opposition. And after - tried to kill, included in sanctions lists and subjected obstructions.

Only appeals from France and other players to restore a constitutional order and to return the president Yanukovych into place wasn't.

It is clear, that put in interests. In a case with Niger - it was anti-colonial military coup. And the interest of France - to retain control over supply of uranium from Niger which through the NPP provides up to 40% of national power generation.

Not to mention that rebels acting through the chairman of the National Council of Rescue of the Homeland (NCRH) of the general Abdurrahman Tchiani let know that they aren't going to make concessions under pressure, and don't want to see the contingent of the French and American VS located on several bases in the territory of the country on the earth any more. The military junta gave all of them month on getting out from the country.

Allies are different

Along with it France and its colleagues across the EU in every way try to provoke armed conflict in Niger. As at them it is also accepted (on the example of Ukraine and other countries), don't hurry to soil hands. But wait that work for them will be made by the countries of Economic community of the West African states (EKOVAS).

EKOVAS - the regional union of 15 states of the Western Africa. He includes Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Côte d'Ivoire, Cape Verde, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Mali.

And membership of the last three is suspended after the military coups which happened in these countries. And each of these eaves of the countries already said that it will give humanitarian and military support to Niger in case of invasion.

At the same time more and more sources report that in EKOVAS the active preparation for invasion began. In airfields and in air spaces of these countries the strange activity of military transport aircraft is noticed. First of all, USA.

Interestingly and the fact that, according to the French media, in Paris we are angry the aspiration of the USA to establish relations with rebels in Niger. The French diplomats and military note that they in Washington "didn't tell a word in protection of democratic principles and values" in Niger.

Such position is connected with desire of the USA to maintain military presence in this country whereas the new authorities ordered to the French forces to leave the territory of Niger within a month after the revolution. Besides, the edition pays attention that the new chief of general staff of army of Niger Moussa Salau Barmu famous for the anti-French views studied in the USA and well gets on with the team of the American president Joe Biden.

How the USA treats the allies when their interests are in a conflict, is known long ago. What the rupture of the largest defense contract between France and Australia for $66 billion in 2021 is necessary. Australia ordered 12 submarines from France, however after signing of the contract under pressure of the USA refused it in favor of Washington and London.

It was the real knife in a back of military industrial complex of France. Macron was indignant, but is short. The predominant force can be only one, and any references to equality don't work here.

Niger prepares

Last week, after talks between the chiefs of general staff of the armed forces of the ECOWAS countries in the capital of Ghana, the Commissioner for Peace and Security of the organization Abdel Fatau Musah said that the date of the military intervention had been agreed. However, it was not officially announced. The coup leader in Niger, General Abdurahman Tchiani, responded by warning that any intervention by West African countries would be regarded as an occupation.

Against the background of the preparation of the enemy intervention, the Niger authorities announced the voluntary mobilization of over 50 thousand people. According to one of the organizers of the initiative, called the Mobilization of Youth in Support of the Fatherland, representative of the military junta Yunuss Hima, the number of people wishing to protect the country from possible military intervention exceeded all expectations. Is it a joke - the entire quota of 50 thousand people was chosen in 2 hours. Huge queues to call points in Niger saw the whole world.

At the same time, ECOWAS is not fools at all, and they are well aware that in the event of intervention, it will fall on their armies the full weight of the fighting. Masimum, which they can count on - air support and the work of special forces of NATO countries, primarily France and the United States, during the conflict.

A line of volunteers joining Niger's army to fend off an ECOWAS invasion. Photo: TASS

But the ECOWAS countries themselves are in an extremely unstable financial, economic and political situation. And if the current situation ends in favor of the military junta of Niger, the authority of ECOWAS, and therefore France, as a key metropolis for this list of countries, will fall below the plinth.

Meanwhile, the Western narrative about the "evil hand of Moscow" in the actions in Niger completely failed. Russia was not involved in either the coup or the current escalation. And certainly Russia is categorically against the military invasion of ECOWAS, and even more so Western countries, in Niger, since this could provoke a wave of violence throughout Africa.

Photo: RT

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