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30 November 2023

Them into the sky: Sky House will lead to Fuksam and ex-senator Shishkin?

In cases of alleged plunders from RMB along with Pawel Fuchs and Alexey Kurochkin there were probable switchmen. And what ex-senators Vitaly Bogdanov and Alexander Shishkin who were some of the main beneficiaries of structure?

The court arrested four people on the case of stealing of the money allocated as the credit with Russian International Bank (RIB) of the LLC Finrusinvest company. The last belongs to offshore and is in a condition of bankruptcy. All four were the former top managers of LLC Olter entering into Mos City Group of the skandalneyshy Ukrainian businessman Pawel Fuchs.

Earlier brought the last charge of embezzlement of RMB through granting the credits too. It seems that the speech can go about the project on construction of ZhK Sky House in Moscow out of which beneficiaries, including Fuchs, could bring under 7 billion rubles received from different means.

Including - from money of Moskapstroy, relation to which in different years AFK "Sistema" of Vladimir Yevtushenkov and people from the team of the current Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin had.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post understood a situation.

At once we will explain about what firm it is. In case papers it is said that in 2017 between LLC Finrusinvest and JSC RMB the credit agreement under the terms of which the bank provided to LLC Finrusinvest money in the form of a credit line with a limit of delivery of crediting of 922 million rubles of 8 August of 2019, under 14% per annum was signed.

LLC Finrusinvest belongs to the British offshore "HELENA INVESTMENTS LIMITED" and is in the procedure of bankruptcy. Most likely, it is firm laying which could be indirectly connected with financing of the Sky House project.

Found "switchmen"?

In zero Mos City Group of Pawel Fuchs was one of the largest developer companies of Moscow. Mister Fuchs was in his capital till 2014 - approximately then construction of Sky House on which collected about 14 billion rubles was stopped. According to the investigators, about a half of this money could be withdrawn. Where to? It is possible to assume that to Ukraine - exactly there after 2017 there went Fuchs, having refused the Russian citizenship.

As for present persons involved, arrested by a court decision, it is about Sergey Tyurin, Yuriye Boyarkin, Vladimir Medvedev and Evgeny Solovinskom. All of them from 2009 to 2016 were in a position of the CEO of LLC Olter - builder Sky House.

Actually, the investigation contacted them, investigating plunders from "RMB" - means, the speech can just go about the credits obtained on construction of ZhK. Earlier, we will repeat, the same charge was brought to Pawel Fuchs. Very much can be that four above-mentioned were only intermediate links, small fries whereas Fuksa's brothers and beneficiaries of "RMB" directed everything.

As a result construction of a complex was resumed only in 2018, it was finished in December, 2022 by forces of the ARKS ARKS and Capital Group. companies connect with the interests of the oligarch Gennady Timchenko and his old acquaintance Alexander Lavlentsev - the father of the former vice governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Lavlentsev. The last was under an investigation of case of fraud with the means received as a loan from Timchenko not so long ago. Capital Group is the company of the oligarch Pavel Te who can be close to authorities of the capital.

The brother for the brother

Meanwhile, where money actually at Pawel Fuchs - up to the end not clearly got to with LLC Olter. During a certain period Fuchs's brother, Roman acted as the founder of Ltd company. He is also suspected of fraud with means at construction of Sky House, he is put on the international wanted list.

And Pawel Fuchs, among other things, is suspected also of plunder of millions of dollars of BTA Bank as a part of OPS of the former head of this financial institution at construction of a tower Eurasia in "Moscow City". It was built still in zero, at the former Vice-Mayor of Moscow Iosif Ordzhonikidze who acted as one of the main ideologists and lobbyists of the project.

In the summer of 2015 the staff of the New York division of Barclays bank paid attention to transaction which seemed to them strange: the Cyprian company BEM Global Corp. transferred $1 million to Iosif Ordzhonikidze's account as a reward for certain consultations. For BEM there is Pawel Fuchs. It is possible to assume that thus he could "thank" Ordzhonikidze for certain "assistance" in construction of Eurasia.

Pavel Fuchs. Photo:

We also note that many other scandals are associated with Fuchs. For example, he previously owned Aviasiti, on the balance sheet of which there were plots on which the Aerostar development group was building. After Fuchs, the company ended up with Albert Khudoyan, who was subsequently sentenced to 6 years in prison for fraud with the ground on which Aviasiti built the long-suffering Prime Park residential complex.

Khudoyan's former partners, Ildar Samiev and Sergey Beef, were involved in the situation, it was they who filed a series of lawsuits against Khudoyan related to property relations around the development project. There were rumors that they could have completely "removed" Khudoyan in order to get the very plots owned by Mr. Fuchs. Whether the role of the former owner of Mos City Group was in this is an open question.

Former senators go their own way

Returning to the embezzlement from RMB and the long-term construction of Sky House, if we summarize the interim result, it turns out that the structures associated with Fuchs received funds from Sky House equity holders, as well as from RMB and BTA Bank banks (the latter - according to the situation with Eurasia). And in addition, funds for the construction of Sky House were given by Moskapstroy, which is owned by the Moscow mayor's office. And in 2013-2016 he belonged to AFK Sistema.

Meanwhile, for Vladimir Yevtushenkov, such possible frauds look, after all, completely uncharacteristic. But the management of Moskapsroy both then and now is represented by people probably close to the then construction deputy mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, and now Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. The press wrote back in 2012 that Moskapstroy is closely connected with Khusnullin's people. I.e. around the period when the construction of Sky House began and Fuchs' money was raised for it.

Returning to the banks, in the case of the withdrawal of funds from the RMB (now it is already clear that some of them could pass through Sky House Fuksov), only one of the beneficiaries, Alexei Kurochkin, who lives in the United States, was charged. He had about 16% in the bank. The structure itself lost its license in 2017 with a hole in the budget of 12 billion rubles. It is assumed that several of them could have been abducted by Kurochkin.

Alexey Kurochkin is no longer available for investigation. Photo:

But it is surprising that other beneficiaries have remained in his shadow. But just before the collapse of the bank, two more people had large shares - Nikolai Zavolokin (19.9%) and Anastasia Shishkina (19.7%). But even earlier, Vitaly Bogdanov, a former member of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, had about 10% of the shares.

Of these, Bogdanov and Anastasia Shishkina are of greatest interest. Bogdanov is a musician who collects electric guitars. And Kurochkin at one time began by selling musical equipment - apparently, they met in this field.

Alexander Shishkin was out of business. Photo:

Anastasia Shishkina is a relative in the past of the very influential senator Alexander Shishkin, who worked in the Federation Council until 2018, and could have a direct impact on the activities of the RMB. What is even more interesting, they tried to present him as the beneficiary of the Ukrainian LLC Pharmaceutical Group "Health" - one of the largest pharmacy chains in Ukraine. Fuchs, as we remember, also from Ukraine, and there they could also flee from criminal prosecution in the Russian Federation.

Will the Fuchs answer for everything?

It turns out an interesting picture. If the information about Shishkin and Health is true, it could be beneficial for him to work directly with Fuchs, given the huge number of assets of the latter in Nezalezhnaya. They clearly could help each other. But in RMB, Anastasia Shishkina had less than a fifth of the capital. As a result, it turned out that the Shishkins, like the former senator Bogdanov, who is well acquainted with Kurochkin, who was put on the wanted list, are not considered by the investigation at all as possible defendants in the criminal case.

But these turned out to be the Fuchs brothers, who managed to inherit in a number of other businesses and come under investigation also in the Eurasia case. And now, under the eye of law enforcement officers, there were completely "passing" candidates (four former leaders of Olter LLC), even the prosecutor's office opposed the arrest.

As a result, a wonderful situation for other possible culprits has developed: Fuchs, who were under investigation, abroad, Kurochkin, too, and the four current arrested ex-CEOs of Olter LLC clearly played not the first, and not even the second role in fraud. And there is no money and no one is going to return it. You can only congratulate the great combinators on this success.

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