God Nisanov’s Talking "Pawns"

Ilgar Hajiyev, the owner of SDI groups, deprived of his business, has been repelling accusations against him for more than a year and has been trying to achieve justice.


Ilgar Hajiyev, the owner of SDI groups, deprived of his business, has been repelling accusations against him for more than a year and has been trying to achieve justice.

Isai Zakharyaev, ex-partner of businessman Ilgar Hajiyev, accused him of considering God Nisanov a destroyer of his business. Allegedly, the owner of "Kievskaya Ploshchad" had nothing to do with it. The Moscow Post correspondent contacted Ilgar Hajiyiev and tried to figure out how true the allegations of Zakharyaev were.

God Nisanov, it seems like, is afraid to personally answer the accusations against him of taking over the business, and when he does answer, he does it only through his "henchmen." But Ilgar Hajiyev is not shy about calling a spade a spade. Most of all, he is concerned about the fate of project holders who suffered from the takeover of Hajiyev’s business.

Zakharyaev claims that the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex in Mytishchi and the Accord Smart Quarter in Odintsovo (both in the Moscow Region) were not just regular “victims” of a problematic developer, but were involved in a pseudo-conflict with a raider seizure allegedly invented by Hajiyev.

According to the owner of SDI groups, Zakharyaev’s statement is another attempt to manipulate and mislead the general public. There is a lot of legitimate confirmation of the raider capture in the many videos and audio files posted on the Internet. There are no refutations from Nisanov and Zakharyaev, just unproven accusations.

Unlike his opponents, Ilgar Hajiyev has evidence confirming the seizure of his business.

How the Hajiyev’s office was captured

Regarding Zakharyaev’s assurances that there was no raider seizure, and that Hajiyev simply escaped from criminal prosecution, the owner of the SDI group said: “Zakharyaev and others have said many times about allegedly initiated criminal cases in Azerbaijan and Russia. But where is the confirmation to these allegations?" The whole essence of these charges boils down to the fact that some unknown person in an unspecified place, at an unspecified time, transferred $ 10 million, without a contract, without receipts, without evidence." It is difficult to disagree with the fact that the absence of concrete facts cannot be evidence of guilt.

But, this video, unlike the allegations, does confirm the participation of the Zakharyaevs in the seizure of Ilgar Hajiyev’s business.

Did Isai Zakharyaev and his brother German Zakharyaev (Nisanov’s brother-in-law) deal with Ilgar Hajiyev’s business?

Isai Zakharyaev wonders what relation God Nisanov may have to SDI group projects in the Moscow Region when he is a capital developer. Well, the most direct ones! Nisanov is a freelance adviser to the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov. Therefore, interest in development projects in the region is understandable. They can be transferred to the “Airplane” group affiliated with the governor’s brother.

Obviously, there is no direct evidence of God Nisanov’s participation in the raider seizure of Ilgar Hajiyev’s business. However, the company-developer of the residential complex VernadSky, one of the projects of Hajiyev in Moscow, is the Ilion-Trade company. It was this company who built the most important projects of God Nisanov - the shopping center "European", "Food City". However, the obvious can always be denied.

The proof of the connection between God Nisanov and the company LLC Firm Ilion-Trade is the composition of its founders. Until February 2020, the owner was Iliev Ben Zion Zarakhovich. Is that not the son of Zarakh Iliev?

Ben Zion Iliev is the founder of Kievskaya Ploshchad LLC. And in the company OOO Business Invest, the co-founder with David Nisanov, whom Isai Zakharyaev would hardly have called a relative of God Nisanov.

Ilgar Hajiyev said that a person with the capabilities of God Nisanov has a large staff of people who are ready to sign up for any documents to which the owner himself orders them to. One of such people is Albert Imanilov, who acts as a nominal participant in another company of Hajiyev LLC SZ "Comfortinvest" with a share of 30%. But, the profit from the share of Imanilov is not a small one.

Zakharyaev says that the VernadSky project allegedly never belonged to Hajiyev. The developer was Ilion-Trade, and SDI groups were involved in 2018 only as a contractor for the development of project documentation. However, apparently, the quality of the work did satisfy the “customer” .

Can Isai Zakharyaev be telling made up stories? ZhK VernadSky was a joint project of Ilgar Hajiyev and God Nisanov. This project has become a stumbling block between them. When God Nisanov saw a huge demand for this project, he was not content with his 30% of the tidbit and wished to take everything for himself.

The project’s general contractor was Ilgar Hajiyev’s company, VMA-Stroy LLC (formerly VMA-Accord LLC), and all expenses for this facility were taken out of Hajiyev’s company.

Now the businessman is accused of having allegedly drawn up sales contracts for 40 apartments without the knowledge of Ilion Trade. After that, they stopped working with Hajiyev. However, Ilgar Hajiyev says that he has all the documents confirming the legal right of ownership of these facilities, and this was confirmed in court. In March of 2020, the Ninth Court of Appeal dismissed a complaint from Hajiyev’s opponents.

According to Isai Zakharyaev, he began to build Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex together with Hajiyev, but then his partner had a different vision for the further implementation of the project. Allegedly, Zakharyaev went out of business and sold his share from the project to Hajiyev, but has still not received money for it.

And how then will Zakharyaev explain that Albert Imanuilov, who, according to Hajiyev, was introduced by God Nisanov as a founder to control the business, owns not only 30% in Comfortinvest, but also 50% in LLC SZ SDI and Accord Real Estate LLC?

Isai Zakharyaev claims that Ilgar Hajiyev fled abroad to avoid responsibility. According to Isai it was Hajiyev’s fault in both projects that the deadlines for the transfer of apartments were disrupted, and that the construction projects were frozen. Zakharyaev mentions some criminal cases brought in Azerbaijan and Russia. But like always, no documents confirming this accusation.

Ilgar Hajiyev’s former partner claims that Hajiyev did not actually build a single facility in the Moscow region. Hmmm… that’s interesting as the evidence available to Ilgar Hajiyev contradicts this. On the net, everyone can see a video about the completion of the first stage of the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex.

The first stage of the Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex was completed on time

So who is slandering whom? It seems that Isai Zakharyaev has done too much talking. How can one deny footage that was captured on video? Is it possible after this to take seriously any of the words coming out of Isai Zakharyev’s mouth? If he can, with no fear, lie about one thing, then what stops him from inventing all sorts of absurdities about other things?

Zakharyaev considers the use of the name God Nisanov is just a plan to draw attention to the problem with equity holders by discrediting the name of a famous person. Pretty dubious trick. If this was all true, why doesn’t Ilgar Hajiyev just sit quietly abroad and waste the money of the interest holders? Why create extra hype and noise around you trying to fight for justice?

The reputation of God Nisanov, about which Zakharyaev cares, is clearly not perfect. The fame of Nisanov’s affairs runs ahead of him. Rumor has it that organized crime and the shadow business can flourish in the markets "Sadovod", "Moscow", "Food City". Maybe that is why Ilgar Hajiyev left Russia? Staying - meant to endanger your life and the life of your loved ones?

The concern of Isai Zakharyaev was also caused by the involvement of Igar Hajiyev in his projects of a foreign investor - the German company Alcon Development GmbH. It is owned by Zia Gaziev, who, according to Zakharyaev, may be associated with Ilgar Hajiyev.

The owner of SDI groups does not deny this. Gaziev had previously invested in Ilgar Hajiyev’s projects. In general, Alcon Development GmbH is an international company, and Zia Gaziev is one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs operating in Europe and Asia. It is not surprising that such a company was attracted by Hajiyev to his projects.

Isai Zakharyaev accuses Ilgar Hajiyev of fraudulent misappropriation of apartments of Pirogovskaya Riviera residential complex. However, in the course of several legal proceedings, it was established that Ilgar Hajiyev invested his personal money in the developer company Pirogovskaya Riviera LLC SZ Komfortinvest. The total amount is about 2 billion rubles. LLC SZ "Comfortinvest" only returned to Hajiyev part of the debt in the form of apartments and there can be no question of any fraudulent schemes.

Ilgar Hajiyev’s former partner says that he continues the project on his own. He probably already forgot that before this he spoke about the freezing of construction. Then apparently Zakharyarv even invests his own funds in a frozen construction site?

There are big doubts about this. According to Ilgar Hajiyev, back in 2015, when he was suspended from construction, Zakharyaev broke all the deadlines for entering the first stage of houses, which forced Ilgar Hajiyev to turn to God Nisanov. However, the businessman could not have even imagined what would be done to him in the future, just like in the dashing 90s.

Ilgar Hajiyev ensured the execution of many contracts with his personal property and guarantee, in fact bearing personal responsibility for the project being implemented. And after this, the businessman is still being accused of obstructing the work of SZ Komfortinvest LLC, which belongs to Isai Zakharyaev, although he can just be the talking pawn of God Nisanov.

Is the absurdity of the charges going overboard?

Accusations against Ilgar Hajiyev continue to appear regularly on the pages of anonymous telegram channels and Internet portals. Some simply amaze with their absurdity. Even though a sane person can’t believe such a thing, have the Surveyors completely lost the coast?

It “turns out” that a “roof” helps Ilgar Hajiyev in the form of neither more nor less than the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan Zakir Garalov, who has been sitting in his chair for 20 years. And how does this fit into the information about criminal cases brought against Hajiyev in Azerbaijan? If the attorney general of Azerbaijan were really the “roof” of Hajiyev, could any criminal case be brought about?

The stories are that to Ilgar Hajiyev is attributed the poor-quality construction of facilities in Azerbaijan, without specifying which ones are meant and how old they are. They write that in the constructed houses initially there were no doors at all. Why not roofs? The commission doesn’t care which houses to take. So, are they trying to say that everyone for years just still stood without doors and waited for when opponents of Hajiyev wrote about this?

When it comes to roads, then Ilgar Hajiyev built them in Azerbaijan more than 10 years ago. Unfortunately, there is still no technology where roads do not require repair after 5 years. The scribblers should learn about the material first before writing and complaining about construction. But they, of course, are not up to it. So they expose themselves with their ignorance.

Does Azerbaijani Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov know that his name is "waving around" in the Russian media?

They even lied to the point that, in addition to families allegedly left homeless, mythical criminal cases, unproven fraud and debts of several billion rubles, they made Hajiyev a drug addict and a rapist. It is strange that Ilgar Hajiyev is not yet to blame for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11 and etc. Along with their lies they could have suggested that he launched the coronavirus in the world so that the projects would not be completed.

Maybe the ill-wishers of Hajiyev attribute their "sins" to him? According to rumors, Solomon Zakharyaev can be a lover of fun with secretaries, and Elman Bayramov can get involved in potent drugs. All these are people from the “team”, if not tougher than God Nisanov. And about Nisanov, rumours spread information about the allegedly beating of lawyer Elman Pashayev. Ilgar Hajiyev is also accused of beating, about which he is neither heard nor seen. Something with the imagination of the cursors is very narrow.

They "sketched out" Isai Zakharyaev. And why didn’t they ask him a question about cashing money at the Sadovod market? Maybe he would tell a lot of interesting things about this subject. When searches were conducted in the market last year, FSB officers discovered 2 billion of money in bags. They also talked about illegal cryptocurrency mining farms.

And the "specialist" in working with officials is Vladislav Yusupov, a cousin of God Nisanov. Can he manage the transfer of rustling notes along the chain into the hands of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov? There is no evidence for this. But there is no evidence and guilt of Ilgar Hajiyev.

They clearly are trying to make the businessman a "scapegoat", who is to blame for the interest holders being left without apartments. The real culprits at this time can waste and use the money withdrawn from the facilities. The Prosecutor General’s Office, which recently received a new leader, should pay attention to this conflict.