Yan Novikov's "Christmas house"

According to IA D&F a new investigation about the mass sale of state property by the management of the Almaz-Antey Corporation has appeared on The Facts website.


According to IA D&F a new investigation about the mass sale of state property by the management of the Almaz-Antey Corporation has appeared on The Facts website.

According to our colleagues in the organization headed by Yan Novikov, active diversification of assets in the form of real estate is underway. According to their approval, the land of the recreation centre and sanatorium is being sold out. Without being able to verify this information, we share this document with our readers as an informational message about the fact of publication.

According to journalists of The Facts, it all started "when Yan Novikov came to the position of General Director of Almaz-Antey. And it is with the permission of Mr. Novikov that the Corporation has been operating a "program for the alienation of non-core assets" quite openly for 4 years. The deadline is December 2020…

"The management of Almaz-Antey should have had enough by now," the author of the investigation writes and continues: "The sale went on and on for a resounding amount. For example, for the Chaika (Seagull) recreation centre alone in the Istrinsky district of the Moscow region, the Corporation's Directorate received more than 42 million rubles. There were almost 30 different buildings and structures on the territory of the base when Almaz-Antey employees were still resting there. The glorious Kuban sanatorium named Motilek in Anapa, with a huge land plot, was also sold for huge money. Almaz-Antey also earned a profit for the Plamya recreation centre in the Moscow region.

Question: whose big "pocket" did these millions go into?

Land, buildings, sanatoriums, and bases continue to be sold out. But why does the special regime Prosecutor's office in Moscow not see any violations in the activities of the Almaz-Antey Corporation and in the brazen enrichment of Mr. Novikov's associates? Or does the special-mode Prosecutor's office work while in a lethargic sleep? Are Yan Novikov and Alexander Vedrov (Mr. Novikov's "right-hand") on the list of particularly untouchable people?" - our colleagues ask.

Who grabbed the Chaika recreation centre ?

According to the authors of the investigation, they found out exactly how they "rented" the Chaika recreation centre in the Istrinsky district of the Moscow region.

"Apparently, the "experts" from the Almaz-Antey Corporation themselves issued advertisements for the sale of "non-core assets", - say our colleagues from The Facts and continue:

"So, the advertisement was as follows:" the recreation centre is located on the 1st line of the Istra reservoir in a picturesque, environmentally friendly and prestigious water area. Among the centuries-old pines and firs, larch and poplars, birches and hazel. The site offers a soothing surface of the reservoir. Moscow region, Istrinsky district, Buzharovsky village, Rozhdestveno village".

M'Istra'l Hotel & SPA park hotel

Further listed that for sale: land area of 1 ha (long term rentals), bath complex of 36 sq. m., one-storey house of 64 sq, m, two two-storeyed houses - 90 sq. m. each, VIP building 200 sq. m, diesel-power capacity 36 kW, switchboard, equipment for launching boats, a pier and a house for staff. There was also such a note: "on the territory of the site there are prepared places for the construction of 3 more houses."

Then came the "enticements": "the land plot of the Chaika recreation centre borders on the site of the five-star M'istra'l Hotel & SPA park hotel, which is considered the best suburban VIP hotel in the Moscow region, which very significantly gives liquidity to the Chaika recreation centre. The cost of selling 100% of the company's shares, the owner of the Chaika camp site, is 42.5 million rubles. "Profitable! Hurry up".

Chaika recreation centre before selling

Today, the Chaika recreation centre has been sold, although if you look through the Almaz-Antey Corporation's "social obligations", you can find out that the Chaika recreation centre has been decided to be preserved and not allowed for sale...

Does Mr. Novikov's right hand not know what his left hand is doing?

The website Auction-house managed to find out that this database was offered for sale for 42 million rubles.

Who bought this unearthly beauty? The purchaser could not be identified.

Do the five-star M'istra'l Hotel & SPA Park hotel and the former Chaika recreation centre have the same owner now? Or the hostess? The answer to this question, of course, is known to both Novikov and Vetrov.

Was Motilek affected?

However, it was decided to save, and not sell, the Motilek sanatorium, which is located in a wonderful place - in the Krasnodar territory, in the resort city of Anapa. All through 2015, there was news about how good it was that the Motilek sanatorium is "taken care" by the Almaz-Antey Corporation, and then how it was cut off, although the Board of Directors of the Almaz-Antey Corporation decided to preserve the social object - the Motilek sanatorium, which belongs to PJSC NPO Almaz.

The head of the Almaz-Antey Corporation, Yan Novikov, gave orders for the sale himself or listened to voices from above?

Let us recall that the Motilek sanatorium is located in a wonderful historical corner of Anapa, 100 m from the Black sea. And, apparently, the sanatorium "fell" into someone's "reliable hands". On the official website you can find a wide range of services for vacationers. And at the same time admire the beautiful rose garden of Motilek.

By the way, all references to the sanatorium and its founder - the Almaz-Antey Corporation are already erased! But you can still read with a "piece" of the text: Motilek sanatorium has a rich and eventful history. No other health resort can compare with in it this matter...

Under the wing of the Almaz-Antey Corporation, there are wide opportunities. Over the years of development under the wing of a strong Corporation, the Motilek sanatorium has turned into a modern well-equipped complex with excellent living conditions and a unique medical base."

Is the Motilek sanatorium still on the balance sheet of the Almaz-Antey Corporation?

On the vast territory of the Motilek sanatorium there are 7 buildings and structures.

The "program for alienation of non-core assets" of the Almaz-Antey Corporation carefully preserves the Motilek sanatorium in its annals. And this luxury health resort, judging by some events, was torn out of non-core assets in 2015. But on paper, everything is fine: the moth sanatorium is listed in the annals of Novikov's Department.

Or is the General Director of the Almaz-Antey Corporation, Yan Valentinovich Novikov, not aware of all these trade operations? But the list of non-core assets of the Corporation has already dropped dozens of health and sports complexes, recreation centres and sanatoriums.

And the process goes on!

But all these institutions are state property... Why does the special regime Prosecutor's office of Moscow so persist in sending formal replies?

Island on the Velikaya river

It is not clear whose hands went the Plamya recreation centre to (Moscow region) - and this is 4 land plots and 35 buildings. And today the Plamya recreation centre is Plamya LLC.

The Rusalka (Mermaid) recreation centre (Udmurtia) is, apparently, already in private ownership, as well.

It is not clear who today owns the Velikaya River recreation centre in the village with the poetic name Nikolskaya HPP, in the Kirov region.

The Mirturbaz website tells the story of this recreation centre. But the Velikaya river, as it turned out, has its own "theatre of one actor". The fact is that the Velikaya River recreation centre still seems to belong to the Almaz Antey Corporation, or to be more precise, to the Avitek enterprise, which is part of the Corporation.

This summer, a resident noticed some interesting movement on the Velikaya river. As it turned out later, an entire island was washed for the Director of Avitek Ivanov and his family. For life and recreation. Concerned citizens even made a movie about this alluvium. You can watch this movie here.

According to eyewitnesses, the coastline was changed on the Velikaya river near the Nikolskaya HPP and an island appeared. Investigators found that the work was carried out by the Avitek company. All these works were carried out near the recreation centre of JSC Avitek. So an island appeared in the riverbed, and all the trees and bushes were cut down around it.

According to eyewitnesses, the General Director of Avitek JSC Alexander Ivanov and his family settled on the territory of the recreation centre. Outsiders are no longer allowed on the island, the territory was taken under protection. Employees of the Supervisory authority conducted a check a few weeks ago: the suspicions of local residents were confirmed. This was reported by the Newsler portal.

It is not yet known whether the administration of the Yuryansky district, where the recreation centre is located, was informed about the work on the Velikaya river. The protocol was made in mid-October. And it is unclear whether the environmental Prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Kirov region will lease the brakes on the situation?

Or is all this fuss on the Velikaya river - preparation for the next sale?

"Tea house" instead of a strategic holding company

It would be curious to learn about the fate of the Peski and Losevo recreation centres in the Priozersky district of the Leningrad region. The Peski recreation centre has not only a plot of land, but also 25 buildings and structures. The Losevo recreation centre has more modest wealth - land and 5 buildings.

The Peski recreation centre in the Leningrad region is also sold

Let us tell about one sale of the Almaz-Antey Corporation. Not so long ago, the office of Yan Novikov sold the property complex of the Almaz-Antey Corporation in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. Sold to the Orimi group of companies.

5 non-residential buildings with an area of more than 20 thousand sq. m. at 64 Lesnoy Prospekt and 15 and 17 Kantemirovskaya streets, as well as three land plots with a total area of almost 2 hectares, became the property of Orimi group.

Orimi has already announced that it will rebuild the complex as a business centre. Orimi GC paid 1.2 billion rubles for the site of the defense holding on Lesnoy Prospekt and Kantemirovskaya street. It also plans to invest 5 billion rubles in redevelopment.

All preparatory work is promised to be completed by December 2020, and construction - by the end of 2021.

The area of the business centre will be almost 40 thousand sq. m.

Let us remind that Orimi GC ranks first in the Russian tea market with a share of more than 30% in physical terms and third in the coffee market. The company's brand portfolio includes Greenfield, Tess, Princess Nuri, Jardin, Jockey, and others.

The main owners of Orimi are Alexander Yevnevich, who owns the Maksidom DIY chain, and Sergey Kasyanenko, Yevnevich's business partner.

That is, now instead of a defense holding company, a large tea house will be located in this part of the city on the Neva river.

Almaz-Antey put up for sale several other buildings on Vasilievsky island on Nalichnaya street, 20 and on Shkipersky protok, 19. the Total area of land plots is more than 120 thousand sq. m.

Previously, it was home to one of the leading enterprises - the all-Russian Research Institute of Radio Equipment (JSC VNIIRA).

Apparently, elite residential areas will soon appear here.

Half a year ago, the Almaz-Antey Corporation put up for sale a complex of buildings and land plots at the intersection of Lermontovsky Prospekt and the embankment of the Obvodny canal. This asset is for sale as a single property complex: land plots with a total area of more than 62 thousand sq. m. and 7 buildings are being sold, as well as the house No. 54 on Lermontovsky Prospekt.

Generally, the sale of state property goes 24/7.

"Head of Almaz-Antey Yan Novikov seems to be behind all this" - the journalist of The Facts concludes his publishing.

Source: IА Documents and Facts.