With greetings from Rashnikov: "rotten" water and "despicable metal" by Alexander Vinogradov

Could the owner of MMK Viktor Rashnikov help the mayor of Troitsk Vinogradov, who handed out municipal property to the right and left, avoid criminal liability?


Could the owner of MMK Viktor Rashnikov help the mayor of Troitsk Vinogradov, who handed out municipal property to the right and left, avoid criminal liability?

The court issued an acquittal to the mayor of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, Alexander Vinogradov, who was accused of abuse of power. The investigation went on for two years, which, with the exception of the first week and a half in the pre-trial detention center, calmly sat at his post.

The bottom line is that Vinogradov, on his own initiative, took and transferred the equipment for heat supply to Troitsk from one commercial organization - CJSC TEK, the other - Perspective, which is 60% owned by the large Chelyabinsk holding PJSC Chelyabenergosbyt.

The court managed to prove that this was allegedly done in the interests of the residents. And true - CJSC "TEK" soon went bankrupt. Only now, Perspektiva is almost in a pre-bankruptcy state, and the PJSC that previously owned it has already entered bankruptcy proceedings. They could be trite "gutted" with the participation of the city budget. And what is the point of such a "change"?

Moreover, there are rumors that Vinogradov may be patronized by the leadership of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant (MMK oligarch Viktor Rashnikov), where he worked for many years. Did Rashnikov save Vinogradov from prison?

The Moscow Post correspondent in the Chelyabinsk region understood the situation.

Local residents have long considered Troitsk almost one of the main corruption "backwaters" of the region. Is it a joke - the predecessor of Mr. Vinogradov as mayor, Viktor Shchekotov, burned down at about the same time - the transfer of municipal property or the adoption of a positive decision on the placement of trade objects for bribes. As a result, he received 5.5 years of "strict," writes "Obl-TV."

Apparently, Shchekotov did not have the influential patrons that Vinogradov may have, but this is a little lower.

Now the interesting thing is that "Perspective" can "collapse" by the beginning of the autumn heating season. The company's loss for 2022 is 557 million rubles, the value of assets is minus 179 million rubles. At the same time, the structure managed to act as a supplier for state contracts for 1.3 billion, and the customer for 5.2 billion rubles. Where these funds went is not clear.

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But the main owner of Perspective, PJSC Chelyabenergosbyt is already in bankruptcy proceedings with an asset value of minus 10 billion rubles. At the same time, it was a supplier for government contracts worth almost 25 billion rubles!

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Where could this money even go? The second owner of Perspektiva, Abe Group LLC, was registered on the island American offshore from St. Kitts and Nevis, BIG GAMMA HOLDINGS INC. There they have no thermal problems, and now with money, it seems, too.

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Did Vinogradov know that he was giving the city heating networks, along with giant payments for housing and communal services, into the hands of a company associated with offshore, and even the one that breathes incense? We assume so. And did it for nothing - for the sake of people? This is very much in doubt.

But this is only part of the trouble. Winter is still far away, and people always need water. And a real collapse is brewing in the water supply and sanitation market of the region. Two key structures - Troitsky Vodokanal Water Supply and Troitsky Vodokanal Water Disposal literally drown in debt. They owe suppliers over 115 million rubles, and they have no place to take this money.

Soon there will be no one to take out excrement, sorry. What is Vinogradov doing to save the situation? Apparently, nothing.

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Troitsky Vodokanal Water Supply LLC (owned by businessmen Natalya Kudryashova and Yakov Anikin) has already entered bankruptcy proceedings, its accounts have been frozen by the Federal Tax Service. And the key customer of the company for state contracts, no matter how "fun" it sounds, turned out to be Perspektiva LLC.

But the structures are private. And the water supply networks (municipal!) Were transferred to them in 2016 by the same Mr. Vinogradov, who claims that he does everything only for the good of people.

But people regularly paid all bills for housing and communal services! Therefore, URA.RU sources suggest that the blame for this situation should be borne not only by businessmen, but also by the mayor's office.

There are legends about the mayor Vinogradov himself in the city. And very bad. And the reaction to his acquittal was extremely negative. According to the authors of the community Troitsk in the course | News on the social network "VKontakte," allegedly, the quote: "the mayor, taking advantage of his high position, helped to carry out a raider seizure: squeezed out the heat supply equipment critical for heating the city."

The same authors of the Troitsk in the course | News community on the Vkontakte social network claim that he left the pre-trial detention center allegedly because the administrative resource of his "roof" was used.

Durable metal "roof"

What kind of possible "roof" are they talking about? When Vinogradov became mayor of Troitsk (at only 35 years old), the former governor of the Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky came to power. Which later became a defendant in a criminal case on abuse of office when concluding contracts with regional companies (mainly with Yuzhuralmost, which was associated with Dubrovsky). Kommersant wrote about this.

It is even "funnier" that Dubrovsky's predecessor Mikhail Yurevich was also under investigation for bribes. Well, how can you not draw a parallel with Vinogradov and Shchekotov? Is there at least someone left without the suspicions of the security forces?

For many years, Vinogradov tried to imagine Dubrovsky's "protégé." But everything is somewhat more complicated. Dubrovsky is a native of Magnitogorsk, he has always been associated with local elites. First of all, with MMK oligarch Viktor Rashnikov. I.e. Dubrovsky could be Rashnikov's man.

Alexander Vinogradov is also closely connected with the same enterprise. After graduating from the university in 2001, he immediately began working at the Magnitogorsk Metalware and Calibration Plant MMK-METIZ OJSC (a subsidiary of MMK). Then he moved to MMK-METIZ Management Company LLC, where he rose to the head of the bureau of investment projects and economic expertise.

But he was not alone close to MMK. According to the authors of the site "Now! Info," allegedly the mother of Alexander Vinogradov (a resident of Magnitogorsk) worked for about 10 years at ZAO Yuzhuralavtoban, which at that time belonged to MMK 100%. Apparently, she brought Vinogradov to the plant.

And here is an interesting turn - it was ZAO Yuzhuralavtoban that at one time with a share of 30% was the founder of the very Yuzhuralmost, which under Dubrovsky turned almost into a road monopolist in several regions at once, including the Chelyabinsk region.

Viktor Rashnikov "does not leave his own"? Photo: https://idei.club/99579-viktor-rashnikov-dom-64-foto.html

As you know, today an enterprise that has gained state contracts for 40 billion rubles is liquidated, having a loss of 510 million rubles at the end of 2022, the value of assets is minus 346 million rubles. Apparently, this money could also settle in some offshore companies of Rashnikov or Dubrovsky for a long time.

In addition, the Vinogradov family turned out to be no stranger to the business associated with black metals (here's a coincidence?). We managed to find the company Ural-Technology LLC, which was supposed to engage in this particular activity. Today it has been liquidated, and its owner is Vyacheslav Georgievich Vinogradov - the full namesake of the brother of the mayor Troitsk.

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At the same time, according to open sources, Ural-Technologiya LLC provided inaccurate information to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Another alleged relative of the mayor, Olga Vladimirovna Vinogradova, turned out to be the owner of 100% of the shares of Magnitogorsk LLC RIK. Which, as you might guess, is engaged in the wholesale of black metals. From which enterprise she takes raw materials for sale, it is also not difficult to think about.

According to evil tongues, allegedly initially the founder of RIC LLC could be Alexander Vinogradov himself, but this could not be confirmed.

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It turns out that the whole family of Mr. Vinogradov is tied to the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, whose owner Viktor Rashnikov is one of the richest people in Russia, and a repeated hero of our publications.

They repeatedly tried to attribute to him the possible withdrawal of money offshore, and not the most decent behavior in the metallurgical market (dumping), and weak attention to issues of modernization and safety of production. The Moscow Post wrote about this in detail.

Is it then surprising that no court (especially the local Troitsky) with such a possible "roof" of Alexander Vinogradov "just" will not take?

Who left whom without pants

At the same time, corruption bacchanalia continues in Troitsk, in which the people of Alexander Vinogradov may be involved. In 2020, an employee of the subordinate mayor's office of the MUP "Electric Thermal Networks" received a term for a bribe - he demanded funds from people for connecting their houses to city power grids. Writes about this Tsargrad. Classics of the "communal" genre!

And what is Vinogradov himself doing at this time? According to the authors of the Troitsk in the Course | News community on the Vkontakte social network, he allegedly arranges orgies in his office, and, worse, he allegedly stole a municipal apartment from beneficiaries and presented it to his assistant.

Is this where next? Rumor has it that law enforcement officers have repeatedly taken him by surprise in his own office, including without pants. A photo walks on the Web with a man who, to the extent of mixing, looks like Vinogradov, who stands in an office without pants in the presence of security officials. We will not publish it for ethical reasons.

But "no pants" he could leave the whole city. And, as we can see, get dry out of the water - on the eve of a real communal collapse in the water supply system.