With greetings from Nefed: family business of Senator Dmitry Savelyev

What connects Senator Dmitry Savelyev and criminal authority Nefed Nizhny Novgorod?


What connects Senator Dmitry Savelyev and criminal authority Nefed Nizhny Novgorod?

Dmitry Savelyev, a regular at the meetings of the Federation Council, may be associated with criminal elements. This was found out by the correspondent of The Moscow Post during the investigation of what is happening with the Altufyevo shopping center.

Recall that we found out that the mall, which is now shared in Cyprus by entrepreneurs Oleg Boyko and Ilya Surkov, may also belong to structures, possibly associated with Senator Savelyev.

"Stacks" of Khimki deputies and criminal "boss"

One of them, LLC shopping center "Altufyevo," through a chain of persons (the founder of the office is Sergey Stepanovich Potekhin. He is also the head of a company such as Yuga-Prestige. Where the founder is a lady named Nefyodova Yulia Eduardovna) leads us to the identity of a lady named Nefyodova Yulia Eduardovna, the owner of the Childhood fund.

Previously, the founder of the office was Nefyodov Maxim Nikolaevich. He is the former founder of Neftepromkompleks, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Depot Group of Companies. The company is located in Khimki. Among its founders, Pozdnev Dimitri Alexandrovich is the full namesake of a person who is called the Deputy Head of the Administration of the Khimki City District of the Moscow Region for Construction, Architecture and Land Use on the Web.

Previously, Nefyodov led Elitigroup LLC. Now the share there is registered for a person named Moldikov Dmitry Vladimirovich. Another former deputy from Khimki is also named. Is it really entirely coincidence or the deputy corps and really stacked went to the business to one specific person?

In addition, Nefyodov has a construction business - the company SZ "Bomaris," which builds premium apartments in Svetlogorsk, and is engaged in real estate LLC "Brand." Both companies show zero revenue, the first - even negative profit. What money and what is being built is a big question.

And Nefedov, according to our sources, went through criminal reports under Art. 117 - torture, and also got wanted in a number of regions and in the Federal Wanted List for cases related to loans.

Son went to Dad?

The alleged father of Nefyodov (the person with whom he lived at the same address) Nikolai Dmitrievich was elected a member of the Presidium of the Political Party "Party of Social Justice," on the Web they write about him as a philanthropist and philanthropist. He is also listed as deputy general director at TPB Mezhgortrans. In 2008, this company was blacklisted by gas stations due to non-compliance of the fuel produced by it with environmental requirements.

In a light jacket, presumably, Nikolai Dmitrievich Nefedov. Photo: sun9-46.userapi.com

And also Nefedov Nikolai Dmitrievich is a complete namesake of the criminal authority "Nefyod Nizhny Novgorod." Yes, and was born with him on the same day. Nefed Nizhegorodsky recently got on the pages of our publication in connection with the possible participation in the redistribution of the garbage market in the Moscow region. There you can also read the details of his biography. Let's just say that most of his activities are connected precisely with the Moscow region, with Khimki - in particular. Where does the namesake structures of local deputies come from?

It's funny, but Nikolai Nefyodov, as they write on the Web, provides charitable assistance to the St. Alexiev Orthodox Gymnasium for orphans in the village of Olsovo, Dmitrovsky District, Moscow Region. We found such a person in the list of founders of the St. Alexiev Gymnasium Olsovo. He is there just with Maxim Nefyodov. Nikolai Dmitrievich also owns Alekseevsky-1 Trading House LLC. Registration address on Prospekt Mira 112 in Moscow. Literally a few meters away is a shopping center called Alekseevsky - on pr. Mira 114B p. 2.

It was opened in 2021 - they even wrote about it on the website of the Moscow Architectural Architecture. Is this really Savelyev's property?

Alekseevsky shopping center. Photo: https://yandex.ru/maps

But Nefyodov Sr. also has another extremely remarkable connection. The fact is that he owns Quartz M LLC together with Andrey Ramovich Bokarev. And this is none other than the president of Transmashholding! The influential oligarch has previously been associated with crime. So were they not speculations?

And earlier the owner of "Quartz M" was the developer Ilya Pimenov - the head of the company "Nevsky Alliance."

Photo: Rusprofile

The wife was also "stuck"

By the way, another alleged relative of the "authority" - Nefyodova Margarita Anatolyevna (the former founder of the BF "Childhood") is the owner of the Khimki company "Kit + K. Khimki," in which the general director is Kovtun Nikolai Vasilyevich - the full namesake of the former deputy of the Council of Khimki.

Nadel LLC is also registered for Margarita Nefyodova - Olga Vladimirovna Savelyeva is the co-founder there. Together they also "hold" Stanford LLC. Olga Savelyeva is the namesake of Senator Savelyeva's wife, whose name sounded throughout the country after the gorgeous expensive celebration of Madame Savelyeva's 45th birthday. It turns out that our senator makes money with the help of criminal authorities and their families? And even the wife "entered" there!

Olga Savelyeva seems to have changed TIN. At least, at the full namesake of the lady, the Close People charitable fund was previously issued, which now belongs to the already "updated" Savelyeva with another TIN, but the same name.

So Savelyev - "former" turned out to be through Status-Capital LLC, in which she owns a share, is familiar with the former deputy of the legislative assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod region Felix Verkhovodov. He used to own Status Capital. A former employee of Gazprom structures at one time could notably "inherit" - his name was associated with stories of raiding.

The same Savelyeva, through Magister LLC, is associated with Maskim Nefyodov. They are co-founders of the company.

How did Savelyev escape the "criminal"?

In 2010, Nefyodov Jr. worked at the TOURIST HOTEL COMPLEX SALUT CJSC. The elder Nefedov was on the board of directors of this company. And the company there was Irina Kudryashova - the lady is called the confidant of Senator Savelyev. He transferred his shares in several companies to her.

Photo: Archive of The Moscow Post

According to Lenta.ru with reference to the statements of the founder of the company who became a defendant in the criminal case "Spetsstroyservice" Sirin Badrutdinov addressed to the head of the Investigative Department for the Southern Administrative District of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow Boris Lavrenev and his complaints to the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, "In the period from 2013 to May 2019, at the request of Savelyev Dmitry Vladimirovich, a former deputy of the State Duma, and now a member of the Federation Council, from the settlement account of LLC "Special construction service "was transferred at least one billion rubles to the accounts of firms provided specifically for this by Dmitry Savelyev's trustee, Irina Kudryashova, who was also Savelyev's assistant when he was his deputy. The funds were transferred at the request of D.V. Savelyev as a ten percent kickback for providing Spetsstroyservice LLC with contracts with Transneft and general patronage when performing the work provided for by these contracts. "

Is it possible that deputy Savelyev drove millions, kickbacks, and the usual "switchman" sat down?

By the way, according to the authors of the telegram channel Cheka-OGPU, among such companies was Altufyevo Shopping Center LLC. It is not surprising - after all, Salyut was previously its founder. And now the owner is the same Kudryashova.

Photo: Rusprofile

Kudryashova herself now manages the Office-Center company, which cooperates not a lot, not a lot - with the Rostekhov structure of RT-Capital - provides its rental services for 205 state millions. And earlier she had a Shatford company in management, registered for two offshore companies SINZHIN HOLDINGS LIMITED and HANDALN MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Isn't it there that Spetsstroyservis money was withdrawn?

The successor of Shatford was Nizhny Investment Company LLC, which is managed by Businovo Shopping Center - another asset of Senator Savelyev - was personally registered to him, but Kudryashova has a stake in management.

And her partner in LLC "SR Invest" manages the next charitable fund "Holy Business." Previously, it was registered for the British offshore. So, it seems, the funds coming into it could very quickly be provided abroad. Another colleague of Madame Kudryashova - Pripilyak Valery Alexandrovich - owns the Vasilevo trading house.

In general, in all this heap, the connection between the current senator of the Federation Council and the family of the criminal authority "Nefyod Nizhny Novgorod" is clearly visible. Seasoned by officials from the team of Governor Andrei Vorobyov. Offshore companies in the structure and charitable foundations, which are often used to create a positive image by people who do not comply with the law, perfectly complement the picture of symbiosis of power and criminality.