Where does Gens go: "Lanit" is preparing a new "kid"?

Philip Gens left the founders of Lanit, preparing to repeat the story of embezzlement at the GIS TEK?


Philip Gens left the founders of Lanit, preparing to repeat the story of embezzlement at the GIS TEK?

The case of Anatoly Tikhonov, the former Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, who is suspected of embezzling 700 million rubles to create an information system for the GIS TEK, stretches and stretches. While likely accomplices may be trying to get their accomplice out of the dock, The Moscow Post continues to publish documents and data that shed light on this dark story.

Recall that initially the contract for the creation of GIS TEK was given to the ISSB company, which won the auction, but very soon the company was removed and transferred to the creation of the Lanit company system, which belongs to Philip Gens, the son of the former owner of the structure, George Gens, who died under not the most understandable circumstances. According to rumors, it is he who is now trying to "shove" everything illegal that happened at the creation of the GIS TEK.

Tikhonov and all-all-all

The most "matte" lawyers and judges were involved in the Tikhonov case. Anatoly Vladimirovich is defended by Heinrich Pavda, who once spoke on behalf of Mikhail Khodorkovsky (recognized as a foreign agent, terrorist and extremist in the Russian Federation), and Anatoly Bykov, a former Krasnoyarsk deputy known as Tolya Bull and Celentano.

Here it is necessary to make a remark - Tikhonov could be part of a whole group of comrades who "shared" the budget on the development project of the Lower Angara region in Krasnoyarsk. The author of the letter to the Editorial Board lists the names of those who then worked side by side with Mr. Tikhonov. These are dollar billionaires Mikhail Prokhorov and Vladimir Potanin, Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss, as well as Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region Alexei Teksler, former Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and others. Isn't there a connection from there with the lawyer who was trying to get the Tolya Bull out?

Heinrich Padwa. Photo: https://rus.team/people/padva-genrih-pavlovich

And Elena Karakashisheva is judging Tikhonov, who had previously released from the courthouse the former subordinate of this Mr. on VEB the deputy chairman of the board Anatoly Ballo and the timber merchant of SP Arkaim LLC Alexander Lepikhov. She "forgave" them 10.9 billion rubles stolen from the treasury of the state bank.

By the way, when Tikhonov was still working at VEB, his assistants were arrested in a fraud case for €150,000. For this amount, they promised to assist in the termination of the criminal case of one businessman. Among the detainees was Maxim Avdokhin - according to our sources, this is the son of a criminal authority named Avdokha, whom Tikhonov allegedly kept with him to receive bribes.

Similarly, in the case of GIS TEK, the director of the information technology department of the REA Roman Shcherbov was first arrested. Even before the criminal case of Tikhonov, he was detained in the case of extortion of a bribe in the amount of 40 million rubles. Then he did not testify against Tikhonov, and went beyond the statute of limitations. This time he decided, apparently, not to suffer for the former chief anymore and became the main witness of the prosecution.

Igor Udintsev, who was the executive director of Endeavour, was also detained for mediation in bribery. According to our sources, earlier Udintsev also worked in the information and analytical department of the fuel and energy complex of the Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Ministry of Energy. So, the connection of officials with embezzlement of budgets is obvious.

Eyes wide closed

And, if the case around Tikhonov is compressed into a ring, from which it is unlikely that it will be possible to get out with minimal losses, then the Lanit company and personally Philip Gens for some reason seem to be out of business.

In the courts, representatives of the company insist that "for a company whose annual profit was $3.5-4 billion, the contract for the creation of GIS TEK was not decisive and, moreover, became unprofitable." But they forget that GIS TEK and personal agreements with Tikhonov entail a series of new billion-dollar contracts for Lanit, and there was already a backbone of the system.

GIS TEK was supposed to control the entire energy sector of the Russian Federation, and for sure it was Lanit, as the "creator," that would have to regularly service this system on a contract basis. And these are billions of budget funds.

We checked: Lanit serves the PEGAS system created for Sberbank. As indicated in official documents, the project was implemented jointly with the Lanit group.

Lanit also has a draft Unified Information System in the field of procurement (EIS). And the company receives and receives large contracts for its maintenance.

Photo: Public procurement

And literally in the fall of 2023, the PKU "Center for Ensuring the Activities of the Treasury of Russia" concluded an agreement with Lanit on the creation of a module for the budget process of the expenses management subsystem of the Electronic Budget IS! And before that, the company was given to develop another IP - GIS GMU.

Although it would be time for the organization to be included in the register of unscrupulous suppliers: the Tikhonov case thunders throughout the country, have officials really not heard about it?

Or is there any other reason why no one is worried that the story of how GIS TEK can repeat itself and continues to delight Gens with expensive contracts?

"Bribe Master" on the contract

According to our sources, the amount of bribes from government contracts with Lanit from the Ministry of Energy could be estimated at 60 percent! 30 of which allegedly went to Tikhonov, who is called "Tolya 30%" by the eyes and another 30 to Roman Shcherbov.

To keep everything "sewn-covered," "Lanit" sold the REA Ministry of Energy decommissioned Hitachi equipment with the already developed Pentaho software. This is written in black and white in the testimony of witnesses in this case.

Testimony of an employee of IBM WEA LLC Voronin V.N. from the Sentence. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post source

And in the testimony of Shcherbov's deputy Dmitry Goncharov, it is written in plain text about pressure on the former owner of ISSB Alexei Savin in order to "terminate the supply contract."

Testimony of Deputy Shcherbov Dmitry Goncharov. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post source

Since January 26 of this year, Philip Gens has left the founders of Lanit. But instead of him, no one is listed as the new owner, according to Rusprofile. This means, most likely, formal control over the group remained with its ex-founder.

But now it will be more difficult to "dig in" to it if after this date the company somewhere drags something away from someone. Does this mean that Gens is preparing to steal another pile of budget money for some kind of purchase?

Something similar could have already happened. In 2022, a month before the conclusion of the state contract with GBU Moszakupki, Gens also left another structure - Lanit Omni LLC. The contract cost 844 million rubles. In the same 2022, the company's revenue rose sharply by almost the equivalent amount. It turns out that Lanit Omni did not use the funds for its implementation? Although the contract is marked as completed.

After January 22 of this year, Lanit JSC has not yet concluded contracts with anyone. Well, we will follow the development of events.