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03 March 2024

Under the sign of Aquarius: Will Skrypnik hand over his son Kolokoltsev and banker Solonin?

The editorial office of The Moscow Post was contacted by people who claim that the names of the son of Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev Alexander, as well as the owner of Qiwi-bank Sergei Solonin and his former partner Romanenko may be associated with the seizure of the Aquarius shopping center.

The court began to consider the criminal case of lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik, and meanwhile, new scandalous details are emerging in his story.

The author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post said that allegedly not all participants were in their places, hinting that the son of the Russian Interior Minister Alexander Kolokoltsev and the owner of Kiwi Bank Sergei Solonin were among Skrypnik's acquaintances. Whether this is so, the correspondent of The Moscow Post tried to find out.

In early December 2023, it became known that the Simonovsky Court of Moscow began to listen to the criminal case of the ex-manager of the Vector of Law Bar Association Konstantin Skrypnik, accused of fraud worth almost 2 billion rubles.

The investigation believes that the lawyer was involved in an attempt to steal on fake documents of the Moscow shopping center "Gallery Aquarius." The victims of it are the owner of the premises - Yurga LTD LLC. Another episode of the victim is the banker Angela Sergeeva, whom the Kommersant newspaper called the shadow owner of the burst VVB Bank, in the case of embezzlement of funds from which it also passes.

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The first episode in the Skrypnik case is related to the long-standing case of retired FSB lieutenant colonel, lawyer Rolan Gagoev, who was convicted just for trying to raider the family-owned producer Yuri Glotser of the Aquarius Gallery shopping center. Gagoev was detained back in 2018 and at the same time the media began to mention the name of Skrypnik.

By the way, Glotser himself is also a former banker. In 2020, the court arrested him in absentia as a former co-owner of BFG-Credit bank, and in the case of fraud and embezzlement in the same bank, he was put on the wanted list. It was rumored that he himself went abroad, and his family members were doing business in Russia.

But let's return to the story of the lawyer Skrypnik, whom the investigation believes is almost the "head" of the whole group. In addition to the already indicated Gagoev, it included, according to the investigation, ex-security official Andrei Chumanov, businessman Gleb Privalov.

We will immediately make a retreat and note that Yurga LTD LLC, mentioned as a victim, was registered for offshore companies from Cyprus and the Virgin Islands, now the owner is Vladimir Dolinsky (possibly the Glotserov denomination). The company is led by Mikhail Gurevich, who is associated with Eliza Glotser in another asset. Earlier, the lawyer Skrypnik of his comrades tried to bankrupt the company. A businessman from Chechnya, Akhmed Balautdinovich Elbiev, also appeared in the case as an applicant.

By the way, according to Izvestia, Skrypnik called himself a witness in the case of a gang of killers Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako).

Skrypnik's case: and here is Solonin?

But two other episodes involving a lawyer are much more interesting. Banker Angela Sergeeva passes through the first victim, who allegedly borrowed from Skrypnik, but did not return it, and then, when the court declared her bankrupt, announced that she had forged debt documents. It was Mr. Skrypnik who bankrupt the lady again.

And this is where the most interesting thing begins.

As the reader of The Moscow Post said in a letter, allegedly Skrypnik may have close ties with another famous banker, the owner of Kiwi Bank, Sergei Solonin. And allegedly it was through this bank that funds from the "activities" of the lawyer could be withdrawn.

The author of the letter also noted that allegedly among the circle of acquaintances Skrypnik was the son of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Alexander, who is involved in the victim's case related to the lawyer. Let's dwell on this part of the letter in more detail.

According to open data, for 2021, in addition to Solonin, a Kiwi Bank shareholder was also a certain Ukrainian Grishin Alexey Gennadievich, who owns a stake in QIWI PLC, which owns the bank. In the "Kiwi" empire, which included several dozen Yulitzes, the use of offshore is a constant practice. That is, if suddenly there is any need, then, in our opinion, transit to warm countries is established.

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As for the possible connection with the Kolokoltsev family, there is also a nuance here.

In the Skrypnik case, there is an offshoot in which Alexander Korablinov, the former director of Blockchain Solutions LLC, appears. His portal "Ossetia TV" called Skrypnik's stepson, noting that Alexander Kolokoltsev was the victim in this case, albeit unofficially. Allegedly, Korablinov, having collected about 800 million rubles in the cryptocurrency fund, stole them.

According to Rusprofile, the owners of Blockchain Solutions are Konstantin and Natalya Skrypniki, as well as a certain Konstantin Poklonsky.

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Natalya Skrypnik was previously a co-owner of a small regional bank - LLC IKBR Yarinterbank, and Poklonsky still owns 0.95% in it. At the same time, among the co-owners, PJSC Bank VVB was noted, and Angela Sergeeva herself was a defendant in one of the above episodes.

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That is, the Skrypnik family was related to Yarinterbank and this is a documentary fact. If you study his site, you will find a curious coincidence. Among the few partner banks where a small regional bank has correspondent accounts, it turns out to be Solonina's Kiwi Bank JSC. A fun match, isn't it?

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Scandalous biography of a banking duo

Mr. Solonin himself and his business partner Andrei Romanenko, with whom they created Kiwi Bank, flashed more than once in scandalous episodes.

As The Moscow Post reported, Romanenko left the bank's management and sold his stake in 2017, and one of the reasons could be his connection with the high-profile case of the former head of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Sugrobov, who received 22 years in prison for creating a criminal community and 14 episodes of abuse of power.

It was Kolokoltsev, according to rumors, who decided the fate of Sugrobov, when the story was just spinning - he did not transfer him to the personnel reserve and fired him.

As part of the Sugrobov case, they expressed the opinion that he allegedly could cover the market for illegal "cash," which means, quite possibly, a large network of Kiwi payment terminals.

In 2014, in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets, businessman Denis Dushnov, who at one time was imprisoned by Sugrobov for creating an OPS and illegal banking activities, said that he was allegedly an agent of the Kiwi payment system, and the founder of the system, Romanenko, was friends with General Sugrobov and moreover, the wife of the latter, Marina Sherstneva, allegedly worked as a lawyer at Qiwi Bank. Romanenko himself, in an interview with the publication, said that he was not friends with the general, but was simply familiar.

By the way, the author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post said that it was allegedly the connections with the security forces that helped Romanenko get dry out of the water at one time.

We cannot assert this, but according to an interview with the wife of General Sugrobov RBC (wife, by the way, also an ex-employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system), she really worked as a lawyer at Kiwi-Bank Solonin and Romanenko.

By the way, in the documents transmitted by our source, the actual place of residence of Romanenko in 2020 was allegedly Budapest, and regarding Romanenko Maria Andreevna there is a mark on the citizenship of Latvia. For a minute, not a country friendly to Russia. The same lady (probably the daughter of a businessman) also has a mark on the citizenship of Cyprus.

At the same time, Romanenko's business is still quite extensive in Russia.

The same Evotor, which is headed by Romanenko himself, earned 1 billion rubles on state contracts alone, and the total revenue was 6.9 billion rubles with a net profit of 817 million rubles. And what is interesting, since December 2023 in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in the column the owners of "Evotor" have a mark - "access to information is limited." In 2020, TASS reported that Sberbank became the main buyer of Evotor. Who now owns the company, the secret is seven seals.

Judging by the data of Rusprofile, Romanenko's personal business is not profitable - only about 8 million rubles of revenue for 2022. Or maybe the whole point is that the main assets with billions of dollars in income are registered for their people and go offshore?

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The author of the letter to the editorial office of The Moscow Post said that money from the Russian transactions of this entrepreneur, mentioned in such high-profile scandals, could be searched for in accounts in Austria and Dubai. And, they say, even the operational staff of the GUEB collected the relevant materials, but were not launched. Did "high" acquaintances play here, but now with a higher rank than Sugrobov was, as our reader hints in the letter?

Siloviki in the history of lawyer Skrypnik

We do not undertake to assert that in the history of the lawyer Skrypnik there is an acquaintance with the son of General Kolokoltsev, but at least a whole group of former security officials was noted in it. And this, as they say, is alarming.

Alexander Kolokoltsev is indeed the owner of numerous shares in the LLC, including in the restaurant business of Moscow. In the latter, close contacts of the aforementioned lawyer and banker Sergeyev with their relatives were also noted. Again, it should be borne in mind that the name of the son of Minister Kolokoltsev flashed in the case of Skrypnik's stepson. And smoke without fire, as you know, does not happen.

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The connections of Skrypnik's lawyer himself are quite extensive - it was through "his people" that he made many deft transactions.

So, for example, with another ex-owner of Yarinterbank - Elena Golubina - the previously mentioned banker Sergeeva and a certain Marianna Sergeeva (apparently her relative) crossed paths along the common asset - K-Invest LLC. It was previously the owner of the Lime restaurant LLC, which was later transferred to Marianne and Anastasia Sergeev.

Golubina, in turn, received a certain Asgard company, which was owned before it by Aleksey Leonovich Akhmylov and Roman Vladimirovich Maslennikov. The full namesake of the latter in 2012 in media reports was mentioned as a longtime acquaintance of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, appointed to the post of deputy head of his administration. It was clarified that Maslennikov is a former security official. Note, again, the former enforcer, as in the story of Skrypnik's lawyer.

As for Akhmylov, this is also not a simple person. He was a co-founder of the Vertical Foundation for the Assistance to Solving Social Problems of Veterans of Special Services. And again we see in the history of representatives of the power elite. Coincidence? We don't think so.

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Also in the message of Pravo.Ru in 2017, Mr. Akhmylov appeared in the story with the lawyer Skrypnik. A certain businessman Pavel Zubkov called "a raider seizure with the participation of lawyers" an attempt to deprive him of his property - the company "Consult-Realty."

Zubkov, by the way, will then participate in the case where a certain LLC Vestorg BK (today owned by the already mentioned Elena Golubina) and High Technology AG were mentioned. The latter will also appear in the third episode of the case of Skrypnik's lawyer.

The same piggy bank includes the Lime LLC associated with the Sergeevs, which is headed by Oleg Vlasov. He also inherited as a co-founder of Northern Alliance LLC, which eventually passed to Art Hotel Hotel LLC. It is this hotel that has become a controversial point and may become the third criminal episode of the notorious lawyer.

Episode three: MoD in victims?

The last episode concerned a possible attempt to raise $3.5 million with the Ministry of Defense as an alleged investment by German businessman Dieter Fitz (owner - High Technology AG) in the reconstruction of the former CSKA hostel - now the Art Hotel.

As Izvestia reported, after the foreigner was detained in a dubious case of alleged tax evasion, the lawyer, having held a fictitious meeting of High Technology AG shareholders, re-registered the company's shares for himself, and then became so insolent that he went to the Defense Ministry with a lawsuit. Moreover, demand money invested by Fitz.

According to Rusprofile, LLC Hotel Art-Hotel is currently registered with the lawyer himself. Earlier, Denis Konstantinov was among the owners, who had intersection points on other assets with a certain Igor Oprey.

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Oprya is the director of the aforementioned Blockchain Solutions LLC. He replaced Skrypnik's stepson, who had spoken on cryptocurrency, in this post. Blockchain Solutions also lit up in one of the assets of banker Sergeeva - Yalita LLC.

In general, in this story, in our opinion, not all the defendants and episodes are fully investigated. Which is probably facilitated by the high connections of the notorious lawyer, including among former high-ranking security officials. Whether there is a Kolokoltsev family among them, we can't say, but the facts are a stubborn thing.

Read more: http://www.moscow-post.su/politics/pod-znakom-vodoleya-skrypnik-sdast-syna-kolokolceva-i-bankira-solonina-188542

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