Twenty desperate: which of the Russian officials and businessmen could get caught on "laundering"

In the case of laundering funds of the Russian Federation through Danske Bank, the names of Igor Shuvalov, Sergei Naryshkin, the Khachaturov family, Vladimir Rushailo, Rinat Akhmetov and other notorious personalities may surface.


In the case of laundering funds of the Russian Federation through Danske Bank, the names of Igor Shuvalov, Sergei Naryshkin, the Khachaturov family, Vladimir Rushailo, Rinat Akhmetov and other notorious personalities may surface.

At the disposal of The Moscow Post were the details of the old case on the withdrawal of funds from Russia to Denmark's largest bank Danske Bank.

Recall that in 2018 he closed 20 accounts of Russian clients after he came to the conclusion that they could be used to launder money through one of the British companies - Lantana Trade LLP.

Howard Wilkinson, a British trader at Danske Bank's Estonian branch, spared £1 to download a report that British firm Lantana Trade LLP submitted to Companies House, the state registrar, in the summer of 2012.

For this "mind-blowing" amount, he found out that Lantana spent at least $1 million almost daily through the Estonian branch. And in the report to the authorities she indicated that she had zero profit, in the column "net assets" they also "drew" zeros.

Lantana could have colleagues associated with influential entrepreneurs and officials from Russia. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

The muddy affairs of Prokoptsov and Terentyev

Lantana Trade LLP is located at Suite B 11 Churchill Court, 58 Station Road North Harrow, Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7SA. Woodberg LLP was also registered there, which in 2017 filed a lawsuit against TP-invest LLC to recover 1.15 billion rubles of debt and 578 million rubles of interest on three loans issued in 2011-2012.


The dispute, according to media reports, caused disagreements in the division of the business of the then owners of the Petersburg Hotels Group of Companies Vadim Prokoptsov and Alexander Terentyev. Prokoptsov was not satisfied with the terms of the deal, and he went to court. He was joined by the general director of TP-Invest LLC Leonid Terekhov.

Terentyev tried to challenge Terekhov's actions and, as part of the claims, petitioned for a ban on the objectionable director from alienating assets, but the court refused him. Then a lawsuit appeared from Woodberg to recover money and with demands on Terekhov.

So Woodberg is most likely representing Mr. Terentyev. The dispute was then considered as purely civil. Although, in fact, we could talk about the withdrawal of "earned on Prokoptsov" by his partner abroad.

But the story is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In the process of disputes over both entrepreneurs, the "Damocles sword" hung a tax claim for almost 1 billion rubles, according to which investigators were looking for traces of hidden property and money hidden from the budget.

In 2020, Prokoptsov was declared bankrupt, and a property restructuring procedure was introduced against him. But something suggests that the property discovered by the authorities is not all the property of the debtor. In addition, he reissued many assets as sons.

Akhmetov's trace

At 58 Station Road, Suite B, 11 Churchill Court, North Harrow, Middlesex, England, HA2 7SA, according to the informant, there is another interesting office - Systemex LLP. According to our informant, she, together with Bin D from Taganrog, participated in the execution of transactions for the export of Ukrainian coal through the Austrian Lakadie Holding GMBH.

According to the latest data, the Systemex LLP address is different. But it was previously actually located at 58 Station Road, Suite B, 11 Churchill Court, North Harrow, Middlesex, England, HA2 7SA. Photo:

The source calls the Turkish Icdas Celik Energi Tersane Ve Ulasim Sanayi a.s. The final buyer of the product. But it was Binom D that since 2015 announced its intention to acquire the Taganrog Commercial Sea Port. "Binom D" Ukrainian sources of information associate with the interests of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.

It turns out that he could take part in the "Danish scam"?

Shuvalov, Naryshkin and the Lunev family business

Let's go further. Foretown LLP is located at the address we already know. It is to her, according to the source, that Razrez Arshanovsky LLC sells all the coal mined.

The mine is engaged in the extraction of anthracite in the village of Arshanovo, Altai region of Khakassia. The founder and owner of 100% of Arshanovsky's shares is Zimber Investments Ltd. 15% of Zimber is owned by Suala Holding Limited, another 10% is owned by Bluenut Trading Ltd. (both from the British Virgin Islands), and 75% is owned by Graftonex Investments Limited.

Graftonex is wholly owned by the Luxembourg-based Rutek Alliance S.A. (14 Rue Mathias Hardt L-1717 Luxembourg). The ultimate beneficiaries of the coal mine in Khakassia are the Lunev family of entrepreneurs from Lugansk: father Lunev Vladimir Georgievich and son Lunev Andrei Vladimirovich.

According to the authors of the site Zapad24, allegedly they decided not to share profits with minority shareholders and save on taxes to the republican budget, withdrawing funds from the sale of coal offshore. For this, RUTEK LLC was created - the trading house of the Arshanovsky open-pit mine, which buys the entire volume of coal mined from the mining enterprise at prices underestimated in comparison with the market, then resells it along the chain to foreign firms, and they trade coal "in the market," leaving the lion's part of the profit.

At the same time, evil tongues claim that behind Arshanovsky's "back" you can also see the silhouettes of Igor Shuvalov and Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergei Naryshkin.

Missing officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Graftonex Investments Limited, which belongs to Arshanovsky, heads MARIA DRAKOY. It is also behind NISELO HOLDING LIMITED, which, according to the source, is related to large businesses that bring millions to the shopping centers of the Yasenevo Trading House. The latter belonged to Anatoly Petukhov, a native of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. (I wonder where the former security official got the money to develop such a business?) He is now rumored to reside in Florida.


The immediate head of Petukhov in the Ministry of Internal Affairs was the notorious head of the GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Alexander Orlov. He is not called many, not few - a person who "completed the process of criminalizing the Ministry of Internal Affairs." MK writes that he helped Iskander Makhmudov in the capture of the Kachkanar mining and processing plant, which was engaged in the "cleaning" of the St. Petersburg Shipping Company, acting in full contact with many Petrograd "authorities." In the spring of 2001, Orlov, under a false name, illegally left Russia.

Orlov was considered the "right hand" of his boss, former Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo, who was quietly and peacefully dismissed from service in 2014 due to the "age limit."

The Khachaturov family is also in share?

Let's go further. In April 2017, the owner of RGS Real Estate SAXONITE TRADING CO. LIMITED was replaced by a controlling shareholder. Instead of Nauomen Holding (according to media reports), another Cypriot company came - Adolfina Ltd. According to the source of the Moscow Post, the real name of the "seller" is NAOUMEN HOLDINGS LIMITED (according to the informant, the guide was the same MARIA DRAKOY). And I had to sell against the background of the bankruptcy of RGS real estate.

Behind Adolfina Ltd at that time was Cypriot lawyer Pahalis Magnitis. Vedomosti writes that, judging by the documents, since November 2016 he has been managing Adolfina in the interests of Igor Zlotnikov, a resident of Riga. Who this is is not clear, but according to a source from The Moscow Post, he could work in the interests of the former vice president and co-owner of Rosgosstrakh Sergei Khachaturov, who was found guilty of fraud and embezzlement of 2.4 billion rubles by the court.

At the bottom

Thus, among those 20 Russians who were forced to stop using the illegal services of Danske Bank in 2018, several high-profile names may emerge. Who knows - what else will the investigators find if they pay attention to other touches of the biography of the above persons?