"Tundra" pipe: will the Chubais people master platinum deposits?

While Anatoly Chubais dreams of "power modernization" of Russia (read - dreams of power), Rostec distributes it to people strategic enterprises?


While Anatoly Chubais dreams of "power modernization" of Russia (read - dreams of power), Rostec distributes it to people strategic enterprises?

Rostec State Corporation, led by Sergei Chemezov, has withdrawn from the Fedorova Tundra project for the development of a platinum group metal deposit (MPG) in the Murmansk Region. The share in 25.1% of RT-Invest in the project operator, Fedorovo Holding, was transferred to Oleg Seleznev, a former member of the board of directors of Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (ChTPZ) (24.9%) and businessman Andrei Grishin (0.02%).

Another 74.9% of the structure belongs to Fedorovo Minerals. It has also changed since February: along with the former ChelPipe beneficiary Andrei Komarov, Start JSC became the majority owner (80%). As we managed to find out, the company is connected with the client of Anatoly Chubais, who left the country.

It turns out that Rostec is distributing strategic assets to people associated with the scandalous ex-head of Rusnano, in respect of whom a criminal case may be opened. Does Chemezov understand how this can turn out? And where does the governor of the region, Andrei Chibis, look, right under whose nose this is happening?

The Moscow Post correspondent in the Murmansk region understood the situation.

It is clear that Oleg Seleznev is a man of Andrei Komarov. If you add up their combined shares in both companies, you get less than 45%. Therefore, it was people who could be close to Chubais who received real control over the field.

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Andrey Komarov acquired 99% of Fedorovo Minerals LLC in 2022. At the same time, the former top manager of ChelPipe Oleg Seleznev was previously the founder of this LLC. Less than two years later, Komarov left about 20% of the company. One gets the impression that he reluctantly and not for himself entered this project.

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Start JSC, which since November 2023 owns 80% of Fedorovo Minerals LLC, was registered only in April 2024, as if specifically for this project. The owners are unknown, but the general director, Maxim Yurevich Antsiferov, is a remarkable personality.

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Antsiferov is an athlete, a former coach of the Chelyabinsk club "Chelyabinsk Trubnik" (ball hockey). The club is assigned to JSC Pervouralsky Novotrubny Zavod, which was previously absorbed into ChelPipe. In addition, Antsiferov is also a classmate of Andrei Komarov. Logically, he must represent his interests. But everything is more complicated.

At the same time, Maxim Antsiferov can be a "face value," an assistant and associate of the ex-head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais, who left the country. Mr. Antsiferov could become the owner of real estate objects Anatoly Borisovich, with whom he had to part in connection with his departure from Russia.

As if it was a person with the name and surname of Maxim Antsiferov who rewrote the gorgeous estate of Anatoly Chubais in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district. This property can cost $40-50 million. And even despite the considerable salary of Chubais at the head of the state corporation - where does that money come from? This is not an oligarch or a star of show business!

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Maxim Antsiferov is the founder of five organizations. Mostly small, but there are others. Attention is attracted by Oris LLC, which is engaged in logging in the Perm Territory. At the same time, at the end of 2022, the company has no revenue, a loss of 2 million rubles. And this is at an asset value of half a billion. In 2019, the value of assets was only 35 million rubles, in 2020 - already 2.2 billion. It's just that such "somersaults" do not happen.

Perhaps this is only a "cube," where the money is added. And it may not be Antsiferov himself who stands behind her, but the same Mr. Komarov or Anatoly Chubais.

It is known that Chubais, no matter what he undertakes (work in the Government, reforms, RAO UES, Rusnano) always completes the matter. And this end is always one - a disaster. Such a fate awaits "Fedorov Tundra"?

In the wake of Rusnano

Apparently, Chubais believed that, following the results of his "work" at Rusnano, criminal cases could be initiated, and expensive real estate could be confiscated to pay off possible damage.

Earlier, the new head of Rusnano, Sergei Kulikov, appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to check the activities of the company for 2010-2020. According to him, the obligations of the state corporation to creditors exceeded the total value of the structure's assets back in 2016.

At the same time, the damage from the activities of Chubais at the head of Rusnano could be such that no real estate would be enough. As of the end of 2023, the "hole" in the budget of Rusnano, which the former official led for 12 years, amounted to 95 billion rubles.

The state had to save the company - otherwise bankruptcy. Nevertheless, both Anatoly Borisovich himself and his people did not have any questions from the security forces. And now Antsiferov, who may be his "representative" in the Russian Federation, is gaining control over one of the largest platinum deposits in the country.

What Chubais is doing now is not known for certain. Apparently, he travels around the world for money earned by hard work at Rusnano. He is seen in Israel, then in the UK, then in Turkey, then in the UAE. According to the Web, allegedly Mr. Chubais gathers people around him who are dissatisfied with the Russian authorities. And he thinks of himself almost as a "modernizer" of Russia. At the same time, modernization in his understanding can only go from above and be of a power nature.

Anatoly Chubais "solves issues" from abroad and with other people's hands? Photo: https://content-24.foto.my.mail.ru/community/rusderjavnaya_/_groupsphoto/h-11460.jpg

Anatoly Chubais resembles Ostap Bender of our years. And here is the new union "Sword and Oral." The result will be the same - a catastrophe, the pockets of Anatoly Borisovich filled with money, and the complete absence of claims to his activities. And how does he do it?

At the same time, Chubais can cooperate with intelligence agencies of Western countries. In this sense, the transfer of a strategic field to its people can be viewed in a completely different light - as a threat to national security in the economic sphere.

Potanin in minus

The amount of Rostec's deal to sell shares in Fedorovo Holding LLC is not named. A reasonable question arises: why did Rostec sell the share to Gushchin and Seleznev, and not to Norilsk Nickel? It is Vladimir Potanin's Norilsk Nickel that is engaged in the extraction of palladium in the country - the only one, except for the very Fedorova Tundra deposit.

Perhaps Sergei Chemezov decided to play Potanina in a peak, having agreed on this with his sworn partners Oleg Deripaska and Roman Abramovich. Another option: Chemezov's client should have considerable interests in the West. Anatoly Chubais can help "resolve the issue" with part of the sanctions. But for this, the opposite service is probably due - in this case, not to strengthen Potanin.

And that wouldn't be surprising. After all, Rusnano under Chubais actively collaborated with Rostec, and not at all with Norilsk Nickel. In 2018, they entered the general project for the construction of incineration plants (RT-Invest was engaged in), The Moscow Post previously wrote about this in detail.

As for Andrei Komarov, his metallurgical assets should receive raw materials somewhere. And it is highly likely that they are purchased just from Oleg Deripaska, and not at all from Vladimir Potanin. In this sense, Komarov will not play on Potanin's side.

At the same time, he desperately needs money. Recall that his main asset, the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, he was forced to sell to Dmitry Pumpyansky just against the background of a powerful debt burden. In the middle of the tenths, debts amounted to 82 billion rubles. In 2019, when they had to be extinguished, Komarov had to sell bonds. And after a few years - to part with the enterprise.

At the same time, ChelPipe currently has government orders in the amount of 88 billion rubles. This money could be banally withdrawn from the enterprise. Previously, ChelPipe assets were managed by offshore Arkley Capital S.a.r.l. from Luxembourg, and before that, CHPTZ belonged to Mountrise Limited, in which 90% was owned by Andrei Komarov, and 10% by his business partner Alexander Fedorov. Maybe you should look for money there?

Vladimir Potanin and Andrey Chibis. Photo: https://www.ttelegraf.ru/files/file/012abac5fc6c2b7dc7ea7e5a3a863aad.jpg

There is a separate question on the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrei Chibis, who is considered the protege of Norilsk Nickel and Vladimir Potanin. If he simply could not prevent the "combination" on the exit of Rostec and the "call" of Antsiferov, then the oligarch will probably have a question - why Murmansk such a governor? And if, with his connivance, the asset passed to the people of Chubais - the same question will arise in the Kremlin - and then Chibis will definitely not sit out until the end of his powers.