Tumbling from the pyramid: will the QBF wreckage "cover" Nabiullina and Kuyvashev?

Can the case of the financial pyramid QBF be brought to the leadership of the Sverdlovsk region and the Central Bank?


Can the case of the financial pyramid QBF be brought to the leadership of the Sverdlovsk region and the Central Bank?

The Prosecutor General's Office approved the indictment and sent a criminal case to the court against four participants in the OPS related to the QBF financial pyramid - the general director of the structure Stanislav Matyukhin, the head of branches Vladimir Pakhomov, the head of the St. Petersburg office Alexei Golubev and lawyer Yevgeny Rossiev.

The cases of two more - the alleged organizer of the "pyramid" Roman Shpakov and financier Linda Atanasiadu are separated into a separate proceeding. At the same time, the "pyramid" itself could be covered in the Central Bank, led by Elvira Nabiullina, and covered by large officials from the Sverdlovsk region, led by Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Earlier in the QBF case, the former shareholder (6%) of the structure Zelimkhan Munaev has already been convicted. The young man looks like far from the first person in the entire chain. It seems that he could even be a "face value."

The current defendants are accused of organizing a criminal group, participating in it, as well as committing a particularly large fraud. According to investigators, under the guise of investing, they attracted money from large businessmen, show business figures and even politicians. At the same time, the one who is called the key beneficiary of the structure, Roman Valerievich Shpakov, has long left the country and can now live in the UAE.

At the same time, he may be a relative of the head and, as it is believed, the beneficiary of the New Transportation Company (NPK) Valery Shpakov. Now NPK belongs to the Cyprus offshore company GLOBALTRANS INVESTMENT PLC. NPK is a large recipient of state contracts (the total amount is almost 280 million rubles), the company works closely with Russian Railways. According to rumors, among the QBF depositors could be top managers of the state monopoly. Could they also provide patronage to QBF financiers?

But these state contracts are a trifle compared to money, which revolves in another structure owned by GLOBALTRANS, namely Balttransservice LLC, which contracted for 143 billion rubles. The key counterparty is one of the largest oil companies in the Russian Federation. If Shpakov is related to the NPK, and through it is associated with Russian Railways and the oil business, QBF could be patronized at the very top.

But the activities of QBF were also tightly tied to offshore. The main investment agreement with QBF depositors was between an individual and the Cypriot QB CAPITAL CY LTD (QCCI LTD), from where the funds were subsequently transferred to the settlement accounts of other non-resident companies affiliated with the group members.

In August 2018, when the Cypriot authorities had questions about the activities of QCCI LTD, the organization was liquidated. New non-resident companies took her place: White Lake Management Ltd (Cayman Islands) and Hong Kong Simtelligence Company Limited. It is extremely difficult to understand who are the real beneficiaries of these structures, they are opaque.

Under Elvira's "cover"?

Meanwhile, another is surprising. QBF promised its customers a return at 20% per annum. You do not need to be an investor or financier to understand that this is a clear deception - this simply does not happen. This can only be compared with the "pyramid" of MMM Sergei Mavrodi. But at the same time, QBF from 2012 until 2021 had a license from the Central Bank. How could this not be noticed by the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina and her auditors? Or were they in a share?

Another thing is surprising. Our source draws attention to the fact that law enforcement officers did not apply Article 172.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Organization of activities to attract funds and (or) other property) to the situation with QBF. It is used just in the case of financial pyramids. According to the source, this caused confusion between public statements by law enforcement officers and real actions.

Perhaps this was done precisely in order not to draw attention to the fact that the "pyramid" could be covered in the Central Bank. Fraud and fraud. It happens differently...

Stanislav Matyukhin. Photo: qbfin.ru

Further - more. One of the leaders of the "pyramid" is called Stanislav Matyukhin. The media diverge information, allegedly he is the grandson of the former chairman of the Central Bank (until 1992) Georgy Matyukhin. Our whistleblowers refute this. At the same time, it is known that earlier Stanislav Matyukhin worked for seven years in the Federal Service for Financial Markets (FSFM), and then - was the deputy head of the licensing department of joint-stock investment funds of the Department of Regulation and Control over Investments of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

It turns out that the current team of Elvira Nabiullina should know Mr. Matyukhin very well. And he - to know a lot from the internal kitchen of the Central Bank?

The path leads to Kuyvashev?

QBF's main activities were conducted in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the largest cities in the country. But she also had many clients in the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions - subjects to which the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, had a direct relationship.

The network claims that more than 100 wealthy residents of the Urals suffered from the actions of QBF. And among others, the current owner of the retail business, and in the past, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg, Ilya Borzenkov. The latter seemed to give QBF about a billion rubles. It is very difficult to believe that such an experienced businessman could have been so punctured.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Roman Shpakov was the founder of 13 legal entities. Among them is Simon Jesse LLC, which built the Gribovsky Forest residential complex in the Moscow region. But in 2014, the scandalous Yekaterinburg businessman Valery Arsenchuk became a co-owner of the company, whom evil tongues tried to present as one of the "wallets" of Kuyvashev's team.

The fact is that part of the funds received from gullible millionaires and politicians were withdrawn and legalized through offshore companies. But the other part, apparently, through large development projects. In addition, Shpakov until 2020 was the owner of Severspetsstroy LLC, which was also engaged in construction and could participate in the scheme.

We also recall that Simon Jesse LLC was completing the construction of the Nightingale residential complex of the Dombury company in Yekaterinburg. And the latter owned the famous bard Alexander Novikov. Hearers are trying to present the latter almost as a court chansonnier of Governor Kuyvashev, but there is no exact data on this.

But it is known that Novikov was previously arrested in the scandalous case of fraud with the funds of the shareholders of the cottage village "Bay Queens" (Sverdlovsk region). And in the same case, the old protege of Yevgeny Kuyvashev, ex-deputy minister of economic development of the region Mikhail Shilimanov, was held. In the past, Novikov, even under the USSR, was tried for embezzlement of state property.

It can be assumed that both Novikov and Shilimanov were familiar with the work of the QBF pyramid, and could even participate in the withdrawal and legalization of depositors' funds. However, the investigation does not think so. And even more so, he does not look towards Yevgeny Kuyvashev, who has long been called a person close to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin (both worked for a long time in Tyumen).

Evgeny Kuyvashev was out of business. Bravo! Photo: https://вевед.рф/uploads/posts/2019-08/1566882660_4478631.jpg

It turns out an interesting picture: the only major QBF figure who fell into the hands of the investigation is a former Central Bank employee Stanislav Matyukhin. But the allegedly key organizer and beneficiary of QBF Shpakov, through whom it was possible to try to get out of the team of Yevgeny Kuyvashev, successfully disappeared and, as they say, does not blow into a mustache. And the big question is how many years in prison will be given to Matyukhin if he is found guilty.

Something suggests that less or less, after which he can calmly go to the same UAE. Well, to Nabiullina, Kuyvashev and others like them will not dig in at all.