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01 December 2023

To the new world of the sovereign states

Vladimir Putin reminded the world of the common truths forgotten by him.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed participants of the international club Valdai and answered their questions. The session of a forum lasted nearly four hours.

What was remembered and will be discussed for certain in different corners of the world? According to Putin, his performance was connected with results of two decades, "an era of demolition of all world device" when time kind of contracts, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

The Russian President noted that it demands basic changes of the principles of the international relations. Otherwise, it is difficult to present where the world in the conditions of uncertainty, moves unstable and hostile international environment.

It was discussed by nearly one and a half hundred participants from 42 countries in Sochi within the main subject of a forum: "Fair multipolarity: how to ensure safety and development for all".

There are no simple answers to calls to ways to the harmonious world. The lessons of the past aren't learned, confrontation reaches new level, opportunities for collective decisions escape. Vladimir Putin sees the reasons of it in "egoism, self-conceit, neglect real calls". These lines are peculiar to the West, "attempts of stronger to impose the rest own representations and interests" exactly from there proceed.

The president gave an example of Post-Soviet Russia which in zero years "with all energy and good will joined in processes of construction new as it seemed, more fair world order". Didn't leave, and "Moscow didn't agree to follow in others waterway". As Putin told: "The USA and their satellites firmly headed for hegemony – military, political, economic, cultural, even moral, value".

The haughty and haughty West corrupted with the wealth stolen worldwide isn't going to stop, seeks for control over resources of other countries, revels in the power and global influence. On the one hand, Post-Soviet Russia was the purpose of the western expansion after the conditional end of Cold War. With another – Russia became an obstacle in a way of geopolitical interests of the West.

"The western influence in the world is a huge military and financial pyramid, it needs new fuel for maintenance of all the time", - Putin gave definition. Contractors of Russia in the West lost hold on reality, overstepped all possible bounds, the President told.

Action gives rise to counteraction. Russia as the responsible state, the sovereign and independent country acted this way. Reached the conflict in Ukraine where not Russia began the conflict. Moscow didn't organize a coup in Kiev. All was untied by the Kiev mode with direct support and connivance of Anglo-Saxons — Putin reminded, having added that Russia "tries to finish it".

But "Ukrainian crisis not the territorial conflict" — Putin, "and even said not establishment of regional geopolitical balance". It is about the principles on which the new world order will be based. "The lasting peace will be established only when all begin to feel safe, understand that their opinion is respected and that in the world there is a balance" and isn't present coercions from predominant force" — the President told.

And the commitment to block approaches and also aspiration to drive the world into a situation of constant opposition is a vicious heritage of the 20th century and a product of the western political culture. Block approach is a restriction of the rights and freedoms of the states for own development, attempt to drive them into a certain cage of obligations — the President gave definition.

The West always needs the enemy, with fight against whom it is possible to explain need of power actions and expansion. The enemy is necessary also for preservation of internal control in the system of predominant force, in blocks, including NATO and other military-political blocks. "The enemy is, - Putin continued, – all have to rally around the chief. … At the same time Russia is a favourite subject of similar politicians. We, certainly, got used to it already, historically got used".

The image of the enemy is molded from China, tried to be made of India, the Arab world, Muslims. "Actually any who behaves independently follows the interests, instantly turns for this western elite into an obstacle which should be eliminated" — the President summed up.

In the West forgot that there are such concepts as reasonable self-restrictions, compromises. Impose to the world artificial geopolitical designs, create the closed block formats, including expand alliance NATO, create new alliances in the Pacific Rim and in the south of Asia where they try to break the architecture of cooperation opened for all, randomly establish "order" and "rules", teach and demand, warn, and in a boorish manner.

'Who are you at all? What right do you have to warn someone?, "The President could not stand it. The hall also could not stand it and applauded! Maybe "get rid of this thinking of the era of colonial rule?," Putin asked, supplementing the well-known official wording of the PRC Foreign Ministry about "thinking of the era of the Cold War."

In the Concept of Foreign Policy of Russia, adopted this year, our country is described as an original state-civilization. The main qualities of the civilization state are diversity and self-sufficiency. Civilization does not impose anything on anyone, but also does not allow anything to impose on itself.

An effective and robust government system cannot be implanted from the outside. It grows naturally from the civilizational roots of countries and peoples, and Russia in this regard is an example of how this happens in life, in practice.

And, according to Putin, in Russia there is an understanding of what to strive for and where to go. The first. We want to live in an open, interconnected world without artificially created barriers to people's communication.

Second. We want the diversity of the world not just to be preserved, but to be the foundation of universal development. Imposing on any country or people how to live, how to feel should be prohibited.

Third. We are for maximum representativeness. No one has the right and cannot rule the world for others or on behalf of others.

Fourth. We are for universal security and lasting peace, built on respect for the interests of everyone: from great, large states to small countries. The main thing is to free international relations from the bloc approach, from the legacy of the colonial era and the Cold War.

Fifth. We are for justice for all. The era of exploitation of anyone in the past. Countries and peoples are clearly aware of their interests and opportunities and are ready to rely on themselves - and this increases strength. Everyone should be provided with access to the benefits of modern development, and attempts to limit it for any country or people should be considered as an act of aggression, that is how.

Sixth. We are for equality, for a difference in the potentials of different countries. This is an absolutely objective factor. But no less objectively, the fact that no one else is ready to obey, to make their interests and needs dependent on anyone, and above all on the richer and stronger.

These are the principles that we want to adhere to ourselves and to comply with which we invite all our friends and colleagues to join. With these words, Vladimir Putin completed the substantive part of his speech.

And he added: "Russia was, is and will be one of the foundations of the world system, ready for constructive interaction with everyone who strives for peace and prosperity, ready for tough opposition to those who profess the principles of dictation and violence. We are confident that pragmatism and common sense will prevail, and a multipolar world will be established. "


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