The face left the anti-Russian book

Open statement of the Editorial office The Moscow Post


Open statement of the Editorial office The Moscow Post

The anti-Russian policy and just censorship of the western IT corporations on social networks reduces mutual trust, causes outflow of users and forces them to pass to alternative platforms.

Dear readers of The Moscow Post, for many years we conveyed information to you, using all possible communication channels for your and our convenience and efficiency. An important part of our work were social networks which allow to address the reader directly, to do it in online the mode. Including, it concerns also the The Moscow Post platform in Facebook.

However recently because of aggressive anti-Russian orientation of actions of administration of the platform it became impossible to work at it. And on March 11 the General prokutarura of the Russian Federation demanded to recognize the American company Meta Platforms Inc. (belong to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) as the extremist organization and demanded to ban her activity in the territory of the country.

The reason is more than serious: the day before Meta withdrew the ban on appeals to violence against military of Russia in Facebook and Instagram. Similar illegal and even immoral in relation to Russia and the Russian military personnel the act was connected with the fact that since February 24 our country performs the special military operation on protection of the republics of Donbass.

Thus, the solution of structure and the related social networks "gives the green light" to appeals to punishment on ethnic and national sign. In fact, approves extermination of our military. Meta calls this solution temporary, without explaining on what basis it in general was entered. It is clean discrimination. Including personalized.

It is expected that administrators of the above-mentioned social networks won't delete appeals to violence and death wishes to Russians. What further - will announcements of "hunting" for our fellow citizens, their tourists, officials, businessmen begin to post in these social networks?

Won't be exaggeration to tell that the solution of Meta falls also under laws on complicity to terrorism. It is no wonder that almost immediate reaction of the Prosecutor General's Office followed

The owner of corporation Mark Zuckerberg and the officials involved in this decision would have to bear responsibility for him. But hardly the authorities in Washington will go to it, Zuckerberg's actions work for the information war declared on Russia by the countries of the West...

Permission not to delete appeals to violence over our citizens belongs to the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and also to the states of Transcaucasia. Writes about it.

To however poison us there will be no Lord good - many countries, including such large as China, India, Mexico, Turkey, many countries of Asia-Pacific and Latin America didn't support unprecedented economic sanctions against Russia. As don't support also information war concerning our state. And not only his institutes, army, government. But also all Russian in general - up to the ban on participation of cats from Russia in the international exhibitions.

Present case with approval of violence against Russians unprecedented. Will solve court, however the probability of support of a public prosecutor's initiative is high. That is in the nearest future the Meta company can be recognized as extremist in Russia.

Also the State Office of Public Prosecutor demanded from the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) to initiate proceedings in Meta relation "in connection with existence of signs of the crimes provided by Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Terrorism promotion") and the point "a" of Part 2 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Arousing hatred and hostility with threat of use of violence")".

Access to social network Facebook was blocked on the territory of Russia still on March 4 in reply discrimination of the Russian media and information resources. And since March 14 in the territory of Russia the access and to Instargam will be blocked.

But we will be frank - discrimination of users from Russia in the same Facebook was much earlier. This social network by right is considered odious even in the West - its founder and the key beneficiary of Meta Mark Zuckerberg Americans a nursery of censorship and the tool of political U.S. authorities.

Similar practicians who, by the way, occur not only concerning citizens and institutions of the Russian Federation but also other objectionable states conducting independent policy already led "Meta" to enormous outflow of users, fall of profit and and trust around the world.

In connection with the above, and especially after confirming the facts of Meta's resolution of harassment, threats and insults against Rossi citizens, without waiting for a court decision on the lawsuit of the Prosecutor General's Office, The Moscow Post removes all pages related to the publication on the social network Facebook.

The Moscow Post continues to be present on social networks such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, our channel on Yandex.Zen and the publication's account on Youtube. As before, there you will have access to our latest news and materials, as well as the ability to feedback the editors.

And the owners and curators of Meta Corporation want to wish sanity - in the historical future, such discriminatory actions and approval of violence inevitably turn against those who do this.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Ramil Sitdikov, Maxim Stulov/Vedomosti