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30 November 2023

"Suprotek" from fear: the manufacturer of auto chemistry saves its image?

How Suprotek "cleans up" information about itself on the Internet, and tries to "intimidate" journalists.

The manufacturer of auto chemistry and engine oils is the Suprotek group, to which there are questions, including motorists, it seems, has decided to clean up the media space from any criticism of it. The beneficiaries of the group, in the past of which even Alexei Raevsky, the full namesake of an ex-FSB officer involved in a dirty story with raiding, decided to impede the professional activities of The Moscow Post journalists?

After The Moscow Post published the material "Autosmaz with a taste of raiding: what is behind the" rise "of the Suprotek Group of Companies?," The editorial office received a pre-trial claim from NPTK Suprotek LLC signed by General Director Sergei Zelenkov, who is also a co-owner of a 50% stake in the company. The essence of the claim boiled down to the fact that a number of lines listed in the publication allegedly defame the company's business reputation, and simply put, the beneficiaries did not like the criticism. And Zelenkov demanded not to remove these six lines, which, in our opinion, did not violate the law in any way, but to remove the entire (!!!) article, as well as apologize, which, by the way, is not provided for in the current legislation at all.

And in order, probably, to completely intimidate journalists, Zelenkov said that if the article is not deleted within the allotted period, then "an appeal will be drawn up to the Prosecutor's Office to deprive the media license." In itself, such a statement is legally illiterate, since under the Federal Law "On the Media," the termination of media activities is possible only on a number of points and there are no complaints from the offended defendants in the publications among them.

Did the hat blaze?

Zelenkov argued his claims, which the editors consider unfounded, that their sales allegedly fell. Yes, yes, a day from the moment the article was published until the claim was sent! At the same time, no evidence was naturally given in response. At the same time, Mr. Zelenkov even managed to think about the author, which, they say, "actually accuse the employees of society of committing a crime under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (" Fraud ")." Did the hat blaze? Otherwise, how to explain the words of the general director of NPTK "Suprotek," which were not at all in the text?

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

That is, Mr. Zelenkov actually proposed to put on one scale their words about diplomas and how good they are on another bowl - the claims of citizens, including motorists, but to believe Suprotek, not users. Mr. Zelenkov, do you offer to take your word for it? After criticizing materials about your company suddenly disappeared from the network, but a whole bunch of ads appeared in the style of "choose me, choose me"? And let's still approach objectively.

First, Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees everyone freedom of thought and speech, and Art. 47 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Media" enshrines the professional right of a journalist "to present his personal judgments and assessments in messages and materials intended for distribution under his signature." Nowhere, in any legislative act, is the obligation of journalists enshrined, the editors to express only such opinions that are neutral or favorably perceived by society, or to draw only such conclusions and conclusions that the heroes of such statements like. Legal educational program, Mr. Zelenkov, you can see in the response to the claim. Apparently, it is useful for you to tighten your knowledge of the legal framework.

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

Secondly, as for the specific lines mentioned in the claim, this is not at all subject to any criticism. The phrase - "they will receive tax breaks from the government of St. Petersburg" is confirmed by the fact that the company's website directly states that NPO Suprotek-Engineering (80% owned by NPTK Suprotek LLC, created at the end of March 2023) became a resident of the special economic zone of St. Petersburg. The company already appears on the SEZ website, on the Novoorlovskaya site, as a resident. And the status of the SEZ, in turn, implies tax preferences and another whole package of bonuses and goodies. So, Mr. Zelenkov, in what place does this phrase not correspond to reality, and even more so denigrates you?


Let's go further.

The authors of the claim had dissatisfaction with a number of phrases, most of which are not statements, this is only an informational message about the presence of such comments, reviews and opinions about Suprotek's products on the Internet, which you, judging by one of the case materials, clean up on an ongoing basis. Is this so that they do not contradict reviews from your site, which are completely positive?

Instead of working with customers left unhappy with the product, did you decide to fight reviews and the media? And some of the phrases from the claims are completely taken out of context.

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

Zelenkov did not stop at one claim and rolled the second, which, in our opinion, looks very dubious and again legal illiterate - about violation of the exclusive right to the trademark, and demanded to stop the allegedly illegal use of the SUPROTEK trademark No. 881420. At the same time, this picture is not suitable for any violation points. The placement of a photographic image of the SUPROTEK trademark in the publication has nothing to do with its use in civil circulation, is not illegal and does not entail any liability within the meaning of the law. Mr. Zelenkov, read the law carefully or have a lawyer translate it into a language that is understandable.

Photo: The Moscow Post (translated from Russian)

In addition, while the editors were preparing a response to the claim, a "letter of happiness" arrived from the Yandex.Zen Service, which spoke about blocking an article about Suprotek, published in The Moscow Post group in English.

Photo: The Moscow Post

In losses as in silks?

As for your reputation, Mr. Zelenkov, a number of facts should be recalled here: warning of the State Labor Inspectorate of St. Petersburg issued by NPTK Suprotek, and a warning of the same inspection issued in June 2023 by Suprotek-Prom LLC. (co-owner of a freshly baked SEZ resident), tax penalty issued to the Winde TD company, which you own with Kirill Kiselev, 2022 losses at Nano Technologies Group LLC, which is in your sole possession, or you can ask the additive seller Energia-3000 LLC how you pay the bills that they had to Go to court for your money.

These are not reviews on the network, these are official state bases in which you will not be able to build up your reputation. There are only facts and nothing more.

By the way, what is the reason for such a sharp decline in profits in your LLC NPTK Suprotek for 2022, and even against the background of revenue growth by almost 26%? Revenue in growth, and profit fell by as much as 78%. And in Suprotek-Prom in 2022, suddenly there is a net loss at all - 312 thousand rubles, although the company acts as a manufacturer of products. The loss was also demonstrated by the Assembly of Motorists LLC, where Zelenkov owns 45%, and Kiselev - another 35%. At the same time, Mr. Zelenkov is also the director of the company.

For some reason, looking at this, I really want to ask the tax service to check the financial documentation of your firms.


And now Raevsky!

Mr. Raevsky, to whom, among other things, Zelenkov demands to apologize, is a completely separate story. As reported by the Fontanka newspaper, a certain Alexei Raevsky, a former officer of the Anti-Terrorism Service of the St. Petersburg FSB department, appeared in the story of the raider seizure of property of PTK Stroitel CJSC and the illegal imprisonment of Alexander Logodenko. In Mr. Zelenkov's business partners in Suprotek-Oil LLC and Suprotek-Engineering LLC, a certain Raevsky Alexei Yuryevich was (because these companies were liquidated). Interesting coincidence?


If Alexey Raevsky is a former business partner, then Denis Alekseevich Raevsky is quite acting. He is a co-owner of Suprotek-Filmar LLC (formerly Innovation Rashen Group), where both Zelenkov and Kiselev were noted. By the way, for some reason, at the end of 2022, the company demonstrated surprising unprofitability. In addition, Denis Raevsky is the co-owner of the production LLC Suprotek A-Prokhim (the profit of 2022 fell by 55%), and in 2017-2019 he owned a stake in LLC PTF Suprotek.


Please note, again, a kind of absurdity with financial indicators. But the group is expanding - a new legal entity has been created, which has become a resident of the SEZ, on the Suprotek website they happily applaud themselves about the next diploma received and the new open store. And where does everything actually go? Or maybe - for a reason?"

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