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03 October 2023

Shareholders and "milkers" of Governor Vorobyev

Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov promised Vladimir Putin to solve the problem of deceived shareholders in three years.

This promise was made at a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation. The Governor of the Moscow region assured that in a year the deceived shareholders would receive 15 500 keys.

"This problem is long-standing, there were about 104 thousand deceived shareholders in 2000-2015. There are about 24 thousand deceived shareholders left", Vorobyov said.

But Putin corrected him: "24 500".

Vorobyov did not argue. "24,5, exactly. We will solve the problem of deceived shareholders, I think, in a three-year term, of course, if we continue to work with DOM.RF".

Six months ago, Vorobyov mentioned another time period - 3-5 years. How much time will it really take for Governor Vorobyov to close this issue? But, it should be reminded that Mr. Vorobyov sits on two chairs at once: in addition to shareholders, he has a construction family business, as well as the business of his possible friends-developers. This is about the Samolyot and Granelle construction companies. And who knows, if it were not for the brutal appetites of these builders, perhaps there would not have been a single shareholder in the Moscow region for a long time. 

The Moscow Post correspondent tried to study these difficulties.

Will the Moskovsky residential complex be completed?

This was done with private funding. The total amount is estimated at 86.3 billion rubles.

As previously reported by Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov, it will be possible to completely solve the problems of deceived shareholders in the region within 3-5 years. But is it possible? Let's look at some examples.

In February of this year, 2020, the Ministry of Housing Policy of the Moscow region attracted private investors to complete the construction of the problematic Moskovsky residential complex.

Construction of two buildings of this residential complex in Podolsk began in 2013. GlavGradoStroy LLC company started building housing. The construction permit was issued by the administration of Podolsk.

However, the work was constantly behind schedule.

Since 2013 the rights of 49.6 thousand shareholders have been restored in the Moscow region

At the end of 2018, construction was stopped. The object was recognized as problematic.

The GlavGradoStroy company has worked in the market since 2004. It was engaged in the development of the Krasnaya Gorka and Shepchinki residential districts in the same Podolsk. Among the unfinished projects of this office are: Kaluzhsky RC, Narodny RC and, it turns out,  Moskovsky RC. This was reported by Abireg.

Note that a criminal case has already been opened against the developer ("Fraud on a particularly large scale"). The audit revealed inappropriate expenditures of 5.7 million rubles.

Shareholders have not yet received the keys to their apartments. Governor Vorobyov should be asked when they get the them.

Skhodnya Park RC: where did 500 million rubles disappear?

There is also unrest in Khimki, near Moscow. Deceived shareholders of the Skhodnya Park residential complex have been appealing to the local authorities concerning the completion of construction for several years. But the shareholders have not yet received the keys to their apartments.

The story spun in 2014, and the suffering of shareholders began in 2016, when the developer Zeminzhkonsalt LLC left the object. Together with the departure of the developer, more than 500 million rubles of shareholders were lost. The construction site was frozen. This was told by Moscow Monitor.

The deceived people turned to the police, but only in 2017 a criminal case was initiated against Zeminzhconsult LLC.

Three persons were charged – Viktor Yudichev, the company's General Director, and Nadezhda Kosolapova and Elena Kozlova, two owners of the real estate company named Firma Rikson LLC.

Yudichev pleaded guilty, but the lawyer of the shareholders, Vitaly Belochistov, is sure that Yudichev covers the main culprit - businessman Oleg Turovsky. Sister realtors Kosolapova and Kozlova claim that they intended to stop working with the Zeminzhkonsalt company exactly because of pressure from Turovsky.

The story of shareholders from the city of Khimki was continued in Razvilka: it was repeated with the investors of InvestCity LLC, who became shareholders of the new Razvilka residential complex. The founder of this company was also Oleg Turovsky.

Businessman Oleg Turovsky "deceived" more than one hundred shareholders

The total amount of funds received for the construction of the housing complex amounted to almost 700 million rubles.

The documents confirm the expenditure in the amount of 157 million rubles. The damage amounted to 537.5 million rubles. Even if employees' salaries and office expenses are deducted from this sum, the damage will still amount to more than one hundred million rubles. However, the investigative documents show an amount of 98 million rubles.

And another quirk - to bring Turovsky to justice in the case of fraud in the Skhodnya Park residential complex is impossible, because his name is not in any of the documents. Deceived shareholders can only rely on the help of the authorities.

Realizing that the main culprit of their misfortunes Turovsky can go unpunished, deceived people in April 2019 appealed to the President of the Russian Federation.

They also repeatedly declared hunger strikes, held pickets, and placed banners demanding the resignation of the Head of the Administration of Khimki.

People came with posters to Red square in Moscow. Deputy for Urban Planning of the Head of the Administration of Khimki (at that time) Andrey Obukhov accused shareholders of rude attitude.

But Obukhov did not stay in his seat for long, and at the end of December 2019, this "bread place" was taken by fifth Deputy for urban planning of the head of the administration of Khimki Dmitry Voloshin.

Obukhov began to look for other profitable places. And just a few months later, he was detained by employees of the Main Directorate of economic security and combating the corruption. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Obukhov was acting as the head of the territorial Department of the Skhodnya-Firsanovka microdistrict of the city district. A criminal case has been opened against him. Obukhov is suspected of fraud with land plots. He faces up to 10 years.

On February 25, 2019, Obukhov was dismissed as head of the district Council of Troparevo-Nikulino. However, even after this dismissal Obukhov was able to get a new position. This was reported by Life.

Andrey Obukhov

At a meeting with shareholders, Governor Andrey Vorobyov promised that the construction of the Skhodnya Park complex would be completed at the end of 2019.

But the key delivery has not yet taken place!

In November, Head of the Administration of Khimki Voloshin assured that the first building is 98% ready, in early 2020 it would be put into operation. But it was only words.

But when will the shareholders of the Skhodnya Park residential complex end all the ordeal?

Who deceives shareholders?

Who is deceiving shareholders? It is possible that these are businessmen who are as close as possible to Governor of the Moscow region Vorobyov. In addition to his brother Maksim Vorobyov (the Samolyot company), there is also the family of First Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrey Nazarov (the Granelle company).

Important note: from 2007 to 2011 Andrey Nazarov sat in the State Duma with Andrey Vorobyov. He allegedly retired from business. But his numerous relatives rushed there. The Granelle company keeps working in the Moscow region. This is reported by The Moscow Post.

Granelle recently announced on its website that Astrum Nedvizhimost (Astrum real estate) MC has updated its website.

The founder of the company is Razvitiye LLC, the owners are Larisa Nazarova (wife of Andrey Nazarov) and Svetlana Nigmatullina (sister of Mr. Nazarov). Previously, the management of Astrum real estate company was the Astrum-Moskva firm, the founder was Denis Andreyevich Nazarov, the son of the first Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Bashkortostan Andrey Nazarov

Further. Since 2013, in the city of Reutov, the construction of the Novokosino-2 residential complex was carried out by the contractor named Expertstroy. The construction was planned to be completed in 2015. However, there were problems with funding. Two buildings were unfinished - No 13 and No 16.

In 2019, the SZ Granelle Granit company was called to complete the building No 13. It was handed over compensation plots in Reutov. But since all the land in it was already occupied, SZ Granelle Granit got a plot on which it was planned to build a fire station and an Ambulance station. Do the residents need the firemen and ambulance doctors? However the new residential blocks will bring some more billions to the large wallets of both Nazarov and Vorobyov's families.

It is possible that the bankruptcy of Expertstroy LLC was planned deliberately, so that the Granelle company received plots without competition.

The construction of building No 13 required 500 million rubles. The money could have been allocated from the regional budget.

The construction of building No 16 required 3 billion rubles. And the money was supposed to come from the Federal budget. Dom.RF studied this issue.

They say that Expertstroy LLC could initially be associated with Vorobyov or Nazarov. Does it mean that for the sake of profit, the builder can deceive shareholders, and the Governor - voters?

These rumors arose because the founders of Expertstroy LLC are three offshore companies – Kolinsen Trading Limited, Trianguli Limited and Solis Assets LTD. Before the appointment of the bankruptcy Manager, the head of the LLC was a certain Aleksandr Vorobyov. Who is he to Governor Vorobyov?

Aleksandr Vorobyov is General Director of Perspectivainvest LLC, founder of Expertstroy LLC. His share has been under encumbrance in Nomos-Bank since 2013. In 2014, it was renamed to FC Otkritie. Ended in 2017. It was written in detail by The Moscow Post.

Vorobyov also owns Bestline LLC, which is engaged in real estate. In the staff - 1 person. Most likely, the firm is a "pad". Founders - offshore "Balenham Investments Limited, Karnberg Developments Limited and Mindrocks Ltd.

Karnberg Development Limited is the founder of Reutengineering LLC, which is engaged in the purchase and sale of land plots.

Governor Of The Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov

And it was through Alexander Vorobyov that all these firms could be connected with  Expertstroy LLC. The company started building Novokosino-2 in 2013 with money from Nomos-Bank. The project was planned to be completed in 2015, but construction stopped due to financial problems. The affected shareholders were 800 people. The object was transferred to the Granelle company.

Expertstroy LLC was obliged to return 1.9 billion rubles, which were supposed to go to the completion of two buildings.

Isn't this a construction pyramid? One contractor does not complete the buildings, the other receives compensation areas. And begins to build housing. The money collected for it goes to the construction of houses that were not completed by the previous contractor.

Two companies of Oblstroy LLC worked in the Moscow region some time ago. The first was registered in Krasnogorsk, the second - in Balashikha. The latter was bankrupted in the autumn of 2019. Is it to hide the withdrawal of money?

In 2018, Oblstroy received a loss of 2.6 billion rubles, the cost of the asset was minus 11 billion rubles. Where could such sums go?

But what is curious: until 2016, Oblstroy was called Granelle Development. This was reported by The Moscow Post.

After the company changed its name, it received a claim from Granelle LLC for 828 million rubles. A scam? Exactly!

The company could be squeezed out of money, then bankrupt.

Granelle works through multiple contractors, which can be bankrupt. And Oblstroy is a vivid example of this.

Business of the Vorobyov family

Now from the Nazarov family - to the Vorobyov family.

Maksim Vorobyov, the Governor's younger brother – is the most active businessman in this family. He is considered the founder of the Russkoye More GC.

He has a variety of business interests.

Maksim Vorobyov

As of 2012, the Vorobyovs controlled several large business projects on the territory of Moscow region. But today all these assets are prudently recorded in other persons.

Mr. Vorobyov Jr. has a group of companies named Samolyot. The Samolyot GC announced its existence 8 years ago, in 2012.

Samolyot Development is part of the Samolyot group (in addition to it, it includes the Samolyot Dve Stolitsy and Samolyot LO companies). The company's owners are businessmen Igor Yevtushevsky and Mikhail Kenin. The latter is a minority shareholder of Russkaya Akvakultura GC, and the main shareholder is Maksim Vorobyov. He also owns the Samolyot Dve Stolitsy and Samolyot LO companies.

Recently, the Samolyot GC captured all new spaces for housing construction. And if earlier only Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg were the aim of the Samolyot GC, now the appetites have grown: the company looks at the rich Kuban.

Let's not forget about a powerful administrative resource: when a brother, a matchmaker, and a brother-in-law can work in a commercial company.

However, the people are not happy about the affairs of Samolyot Development LLC, moreover, the entire Moscow region groans from the clumsy work of the company.

It is clear that without the approval of Andrey Vorobyov, it was hardly possible to do this.

More than 4 years ago, Vorobyov's officials monopolized the issuance of construction permits. This issue is handled by the City Planning Committee. It should be assumed that no one does anything for "thank you" there. As evil tongues say, you need to bring an envelope to this Council. What is the tax? They say that from 10 to 30% of the cost of a new building.

But if we remember that in the Moscow region about 8 million square metres of housing are rented annually at an average cost of 1 square metre is 1 thousand "green", is the amount of bribes almost 1 billion rubles?

Evil tongues call houses that are built by Samolyot Development to be "foam": so awfully they are built! In these houses, studio apartments are offered for sale, apparently for dwarfs - this is 15-18 sq. m: and on such a small area, both the residential part and the plumbing part are placed. The company can also build houses on forbidden territories. This was previously written by The Moscow Post.

Let's look, for example, in the glorious city of Lyubertsy. Samolyot Development builds residential buildings here right on the aeration fields: this is a type of treatment facility where waste and sewer water is distributed for purification. This area is called "Dioxin hell".

The company's project portfolio includes the following completed residential complexes: Lyubertsy 2015, Lyubertsy 2016, Lyubertsy 2017, Vnukovo 2016, Vnukovo 2017, Oktyabrsky 2016 and  Prigorod. Lesnoe.

Samolyot GC also conducts two projects in new Moscow - Ostafyevo and Nekrasovka. Tomilino and Sputnik are next.

Samolyot GC plans to double its sales volume from the current 900,000 sq. m to 2 million sq. m.

Well, what about the shareholders? The Vorobyovs and the Nazarovs are only interested in square meters, or kilometers... They keep building. Shareholders are waiting. But they were again promised another 3 years: during this time Governor Vorobyov again promises to solve all the problems, both with shareholders and with "milkers".

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