Plot for two on "B": garbage circle of "STS Corporation"

The new project of Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov in Syserty risks running into the claims of the prosecutor's office. Will she look at the officials of Yevgeny Kuyvashev?


The new project of Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov in Syserty risks running into the claims of the prosecutor's office. Will she look at the officials of Yevgeny Kuyvashev?

The new project of Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov for the construction of a waste recycling plant in Syserty already faced serious problems at the start. In addition to the discontent of local residents, the prosecutor's office became interested in the plans of the oligarchs - it will check the legality of the allocation of a site for the construction of an enterprise. And this does not bode well for the project of two "comrades."

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Sverdlovsk region.

Last September, residents of Syserty were presented with a project for the construction of the Yekaterinburg-YUG waste sorting cluster, which implies the construction of a waste processing plant. The operator of the project is the company "Environmental Systems," which is part of the business circuit of the owners of the "STS Corporation" Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov.

It is assumed that the complex will be erected by 2027. And the plots under the future plant belong to Agropromcredit Bank, the key beneficiary and head of the board of directors of which is Artem Bikov. Detractors call the bank "Kubyshka" Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov.

People weren't asked

At the same time, the project at the start caused public discontent. In addition to the environmental problems that the neighborhood with the plant can create, big questions appeared about the legality of the use of land plots by the bank for this undertaking.

It got to the point that the Minister of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of the Sverdlovsk Region Nikolai Smirnov had to explain himself (and it will probably be more correct to say - to block it) with people. This raises questions whether there is a personal interest of the team of Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev in the construction of the plant precisely by the owners of the STS Corporation, and in this place.

As a result, the situation provoked an unauthorized protest of local residents, which, however, was quickly dispersed. And, what is noteworthy, one of the key beneficiaries, Aleksey Bobrov, argued that these lands have nothing to do with agricultural conversion - i.e. he tried to convince people personally.

And here everyone seems to agree - agricultural land, but they are not used for their intended purpose. But there is a "small detail" - if so, then they, most likely, should have been seized by representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor a long time ago. However, for some reason, officials did not do this. Perhaps because someone plant with investments of 14 billion rubles promises much big profits?

This is exactly what became the stumbling block that "provoked" the prosecutor's office. State Duma deputy Andrei Alshevskikh sent an appeal to the control and supervisory authority. The fact that the land has not been seized, he connects with the inaction of officials. And the affiliation of the operator and the owner of the site may indicate that the site corresponding to all the rules was hardly searched at all.


If the prosecutor's office determines that the officials were inactive, they can, as they say, "get a hat," and Bikov and Bobrov will have to look for a new site under the initiative of the Sverdlovsk authorities.

Serial utilities

In general, it is surprising how often Artem Bikov and Alexey Bobrov get into scandals. The main ones, of course, are related to the work of their STS Corporation, a conglomerate of utilities and energy enterprises, which entangled several large regions of the country with its networks at once, mainly the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions. And it is understandable - both in the past held senior positions in the Ural Energy Management Company and Tyumenenergo, were officials. Here is the "basis" for a multi-billion dollar business in housing and communal services.

Includes this business empire and the "garbage" division "Environmental Systems."

And this is far from the first such "garbage" project of two on "B" - in 2020, their JSC "Oblkommunenergo" announced the construction of a waste sorting complex for waste disposal in Nizhny Tagil. Under this case, JSC even received a loan of 2.7 billion rubles, which should be closed in 2031. But the question arises - why are the noble "utilities" Bikov and Bobrov not "credited" to Agroprombank?

The assets of the monetary institution amount to almost 19 billion rubles. Not so much, but "for your own" enough. However, oligarchs may be afraid of control by the Central Bank. Earlier, The Moscow Post talked about checking the bank by the regulator, which could create problems for Bikov. And it is clear why: in 2012, the institution was able to pay the Central Bank on time under the repo transaction.

With the mentioned "Oblkommunenergo" in general there is a separate story. The fact is that this energy company (the largest in the Urals) was privatized by Bikov and Bobrov under strange circumstances. According to the publication "Between the Lines," earlier questions arose about the privatization of the structure from the Accounts Chamber of the Sverdlovsk Region - it seemed to reveal violations, and the government began to discuss the possibility of its cancellation. The prosecutor's office also spoke about this possibility. But, apparently, Bikov and Bobrov in the Sverdlovsk region are allowed almost everything - everything is still there.


Meanwhile, the JSC has already received almost 1 billion rubles under state contracts, and another 23.6 billion rubles has acted as a customer. And at the same time he can use his position in the Sverdlovsk region, overestimating electricity tariffs.

At least this has already happened in the Tyumen region, when the energy company Vostok, owned by the oligarchs, supplied electricity to residents of Tyumen at inflated prices. This was revealed during an unscheduled audit conducted by the regional energy commission.

And a similar story could have developed in Yamal, where Artem Bikov and Alexei Bobrov also own the previously privatized Yamalkommunenergo. It turned out that when calculating tariffs for heat and water supply for residents of the Nadym region, public utilities counted "extra" tens of millions of rubles, apparently trying to compensate for some of their expenses.

By the way, the scandals of Yamalkommunenergo were not limited to this. After Dmitry Kobylkina came to power in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the proxies, presumably, the head of the region managed to take almost all service and transit energy companies from under the wing of the local authorities, making them part of Yamalkommunenergo. This was reported by PASMI (the publication was recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

At the same time, managers calling themselves representatives of the governor were able to so skillfully "swallow" local bosses that in fact, there was no resistance when transferring state property to the balance sheet of private companies. Of course, rumors spread that Kobylkin's team could patronize the structure of the oligarch.

In addition, earlier the FAS convicted Oblkommunenergo of violating the Law on Protection of Competition by establishing and maintaining a monopoly high price for the service of placing an optical communication cable on the supports of overhead power lines in the Sverdlovsk Region. And these stories can be continued - the control and supervisory authorities are no, no, and they are showing interest in the business of Bikov and Bobrov.

Artem Bikov and Alexey Bobrov. Photo:

Only for some reason everything is no longer for them, and reasons for attention to their structures appear again and again. Apparently, they are no longer afraid of the inspectors. At the same time, back in 2011 it became known that both oligarchs are citizens of Austria - now an extremely unfriendly country to Russia. Apparently, the funds received through utility bills from Russians are settling in the same place - in Europe.

If earlier it was possible to look at this through your fingers - now is it not time for the "patriotic" authorities of the same Sverdlovsk region to think - and whose economy, in fact, they "feed" budget money, developing cooperation with such concessionaires.