Parcel to nowhere for Roman Kopin

In Chukotka, under Roman Kopin, a grandiose sale of state property continues, while people wait months for mail.


In Chukotka, under Roman Kopin, a grandiose sale of state property continues, while people wait months for mail.

People in Chukotka under Governor Roman Kopin experience difficulties not only with infrastructure, utilities and business fleeing from the region, but even with banal mail. Such a complaint was received by the editorial office of The Moscow Post.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

Especially the problem with postal services manifested itself during the New Year holidays, when gifts simply did not reach their recipients. Recently, the general director of Russian Post Maxim Akimov unexpectedly resigned. People who applied to the editorial office believe that the new will certainly not be to a distant edge.

It would seem that these people, and not the governor, are responsible for the work of the Russian Post. But Roman Kopin is very much even more so: for a long time he promised to build a sorting center for Russian Post in the region, which could significantly speed up her work in this subject. The Russian Post itself had similar plans - the corresponding order was given by the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev.

Not to mention that seeking benefits from the federal center for his region is Kopin's direct duty, because Moscow is much further from there than, for example, China, Japan and the United States.

By the way, the Russian Post has already reacted to the situation - they said that the parcels will be transported by direct flights from Moscow. And Kopin is silent.

Privatization in favor of Sakhalin

But this is far from the only problem. At the very beginning of the year, the Izvestia newspaper gave an inside, according to which Roman Kopin was among the governors who are likely to resign next spring. Similar forecasts regarding Kopin sounded until the New Year.

Apparently, anticipating the imminent departure, Roman Kopin launched a large sale in Chukotka: important industry enterprises are almost rapidly privatized into private hands. Kopin is preparing a comfortable old age for himself?

The process has been going on for some time. Previously, Chukotrybpromkhoz JSC turned out to be privatized, the deal amounted to about 4.6 billion rubles. By an amazing coincidence, Chukotka's public debt grew by about the same amount in the first quarter of 2022.

The new owner was the Sakhalin company LLC Rybokombinat Ostrovnoy. In this regard, Chukotrybpromkhoz has also changed its registration - taxes will now go not to Chukotka, but to Sakhalin. I.e. the decision was made clearly not in the interests of the residents of Chukotka.

One of the leading enterprises in Chukotka, with the filing of Kopin, "sailed" to Sakhalin. Photo:

But in 2019, Kopin signed an agreement on investing 10 billion rubles in Chukotrybpromkhoz. As a result, the company turned out to be very profitable, at the end of 2020, revenue was over 900 million rubles, net profit - 117 million rubles. I.e. the company was pumped with money and sold to another region, leaving the local budget with a nose.

During Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's visit to Chukotka as an "anchor" enterprise for the development of the region, he was shown not a profitable Chukotrybpromkhoz at all, but a greenhouse farm with cucumbers. Perhaps they tried to hide the profitable office in the run-up to its privatization.

But that's not all. Soon it turned out that during the privatization somewhere 400 million rubles of cash that were at the disposal of Chukotrybpromkhoz were lost. They were not included in the privatization plan, respectively, they should have remained with the state. When asked by the Association of Fisheries, where the money is, local authorities sent only replies.

Photo: Response of the Department of Finance, Economics and Property Relations of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to the request of the Association. Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

Other large companies are also subject to privatization. In 2021, the Kopin government announced the privatization of Chukotavia. In September 2022, it became part of the Sakhalin Aurora. It looks like almost sponsorship to another region. But what about your own?

25% of the shares of the Kupol mine were sold in the same way under Kopin. The money was going to be invested in a special investment fund, but no fund appeared. Earlier, the elimination of the Nagornaya state mine was launched in a similar way. Instead, Australian coal miners from Tigers Realm Coal Ltd, which began to hunt coal deposits, were allowed into the region.

In parallel with such a sale, Chukotka continues to experience a shortage of many important goods. In October 2021, the shortage of products was especially aggravated - the authorities tried to justify interruptions in the delivery of difficult navigation of ships due to the late release of ice, they dumped everything on transport companies. Writes about this

Neither pay nor bury

Another problem is the constant shortage of cash. Today in Chukotka it is almost impossible to pay with cash - there are simply no bills.

According to the authors of the blog on the LiveJournal platform, the problem has been around since the mid-tenths: "There are very few ATMs, sometimes one per village. It may run out of money. Communication may be disconnected. And in principle, it may not work. The same problem concerns payment for goods in stores. "

Almost all travel agencies report that there are almost no ATMs: they warn that it is better to take cash with you. Under Kopin, this problem practically did not get off the ground.

What can I say, in Chukotka it is not that it is difficult to live, but even die. More precisely - to be buried. It's all about permafrost - digging graves in it is incredibly hard.

According to the authors of the site, allegedly, if relatives plan to bury the deceased, they will allegedly have to pay up to half the cost of burial for earthworks alone. As far as is known, no compensation or other assistance from the region is provided in these cases.

As a result, they say that some residents of the region who simply do not have money for such expensive procedures have to bury their relatives by simply storing them in a barn.

Another problem that was practically not solved under Kopin is the gasification of the region. According to Versiya, in 2022, the social gasification of the subject seems to have failed before it could begin.

In most settlements, gas was expected for decades, under Kopin it never appeared. But gas tariffs where they do exist are simply sky-high - it is cheaper to continue to heat in the old fashioned way, with firewood. Although the region has adopted a gasification program for 2020-2025. It remains only to implement...

Roman Kopin decided to just escape from problems? Photo: "Moskovsky Komsomolets"

One gets the impression that Roman Kopin is not only unable to provide the basic needs of his voters, but is also simply afraid of problems. Perhaps he has long come to terms with the imminent resignation, and is in a hurry to benefit businessmen as much as possible from the state property of the Autonomous Okrug in order to get gesheft in the future. Thus, residents of Chukotka are at risk of being left alone with their problems again.