Over MOESK Chibis, or the game of "assets" of the Murmansk governor

Andrei Chibis "juggles" MOESK with the help of close entrepreneurs Oganes Shankoyan and Vladimir Blinsky?


Andrei Chibis "juggles" MOESK with the help of close entrepreneurs Oganes Shankoyan and Vladimir Blinsky?

According to sources from The Moscow Post, entrepreneur Hovhannes Shankoyan, who is called the "king of the state order" and the "wallet of the governor" of the Murmansk region, has long been the subject of close interest of the competent authorities.

The correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Murmansk region understood who Shankoyan is and with whom, except for Andrei Chibis, he can be connected.

Mr. Shankoyan is the owner of the largest assets in the Chelyabinsk region. Literally recently associated with him, entrepreneur Oleg Belov, through Impulse LLC, as a result of the impossibility of the power grid MOESK to pay off debts, got a controlling share in the supplier.

Moreover, as the media write, not without the participation of the regional government, which received a quarter of its shares in the company. MOESK is an extremely important asset that provides energy to the floor of the Chelyabinsk region. So generating gigantic profits.

The company's problems began after the unsuccessful takeover of Murmanskaya Gorelektroset OJSC - three years after private traders became the owners of the company, the prosecutor's office found violations in the transaction, and then, through the MOESK court, ordered the return of assets. At the same time, when buying the city electric network and in the future, MOESK invested in the company, leaving with nothing.

There were obligations to other suppliers and the need to meet the deadlines for the construction of power lines and related facilities for the Lavna marine terminal. The result of all this coma of problems was the inability of the company to service debts.

And then Belov takes the stage. Receives MOESK, but has already got rid of problems with the Murmansk City Electric Network. Nobody seems to have canceled the port infrastructure yet, but in case of delays, there is already at least reason for this. In fact, the businessman received a good asset - albeit devastated (the company, according to the latest data, almost reached "zero" - its revenue almost coincides with accounts payable), but expects to be rehabilitated soon at least at the expense of state and municipal contracts. The company serves such a large consumer as Rosenergoatom.

Blinsky "undercover"

Belov previously worked as the general director of Zvezda Moryaka LLC, established by Shankoyan, headed Sever Stroy, also designed for the latter. So there is reason to believe that Belov is acting precisely in the interests of Shankoyan.

By the way, the general director of Impulse, as well as the mortgagee of the share of KSK (one of the founders of Impulse, together with Belov, also belongs to Belov), while its former owner Blinsky Vladimir Gennadievich remained. We managed to find his full namesake in an old newspaper from 1997. There, a person with this name is called a candidate for deputy of the Murmansk Regional Duma in the Severomorsky two-mandate district № 6.

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Please note that our Blinsky also has an INN in the Murmansk region. Vladimir Gennadievich Blinsky is considered a local oligarch, the owner of Sevrybprom OJSC. It was not possible to find such an enterprise in Rusprofile, but there is no other entrepreneur Vladimir Gennadievich Blinsky in the Murmansk region, according to this service.

It is possible that the person in the newspaper and the current large entrepreneur are the same comrade with whom representatives of the Chelyabinsk region managed to "amicably" agree, otherwise, why leave him in the company? But we'll talk about that later.

Not sinless Shankoyan

And now let's return to Shankoyan. This businessman turned around in the Murmansk region seriously. The same Sever Stroy is a supplier for government agencies for almost 6 billion rubles. Often contracts go to him without a competition.

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Although this does not prevent him from suing the authorities - for example, this month the Committee of Property Relations of the City of Murmansk filed lawsuits against the company in connection with non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations from making lease transactions with the land. Private traders are suing the company for non-fulfillment of obligations under contracts. In general, the ideal company cannot be called. But does anyone care if Shankoyan really has Governor Chibis behind him?

Shankoyan also owns the largest passenger carrier Murmanskavtotrans in the region, which, by the way, until recently balanced on the verge of bankruptcy due to debts to the Federal Tax Service.

The companies of the merchant are represented both in the fishing sector, and in the automotive, transportation, fuel sector, and even in physical education and recreation and art. And there are many places where it acts as a contractor for millions of government contracts. In business, it seems, and the family of the entrepreneur. Shankoyan Sarkis Oganesovich is historically the founder of eight firms, Shankoyan Mesrop Sarkisovich is the head of 15 and the founder of 32 companies. We are still silent about Belov, who also has a lot of business.


In many ways, the genera of the activities of Shankoyan's companies intersect with those of Blinsky. He is also engaged in fishing, transport, etc. True, Blinsky, unlike his more successful colleague, has no state contracts. But - Shankoyan's companies receive them, including from budgetary institutions of the Murmansk region. And in a few quantities. For example, his company "Aquarium," the largest of the customers is the Murmansk "Road Administration."

There is a possibility that Shankoyan and Blinsky are old acquaintances, the second helps the first with the help of administrative resources to receive orders from the estate of Andrei Chibis, and the first "saves" the latter, through a confidant buying it out "MOESK," but actually leaving it in the owners. Two hare are killed here at once - and there are not many complaints about the company, because everyone understands its position, and you can now "weld" including Shankoyan. For Chibis, such a "redistribution of forces" hardly plays any role if Blinsky is also his man.

Chibis didn't want to lose MOESK? Handed over to another close entrepreneur, and it's about the hat. And the ultimate beneficiary can remain the governor.

Among other things, Shankoyan is the owner of an aquarium in the Murmansk region. The latter had serious problems, so in 2021 his representatives turned to the governor himself with a request to save the institution. So far, there is no special progress - apparently, Chibis does not want to load the budget, taking the unprofitable asset "under the wing" of the authorities. And so who already does not talk about the proximity of the governor and Shankoyan.

It was rumored that the Accounts Chamber suspected something was wrong when spending funds on the construction of the Polyarnaya Zvezda center for gifted children in the same Murmansk - Shankoyanovsky Sever Stroy is engaged in its reconstruction. And Shankoyan's lawyer Margarita Ryabtseva was suspected of fraud - allegedly she offered to assist one of the prisoners in obtaining parole for money. If she really can do this, then the lady has connections in the judicial bodies.

So a curious picture looms. Get Shankoyan into the development of the security forces, it would not be so easy to reach him because of Ryabtseva's likely connections. Now it was "allowed," so the merchant's empire was shaken. And he can pull along both Mr. Blinsky and the top officials of the Murmansk region.