Nisanov’s attempts to look good in the eyes of YouTube

According to businessman Ilgar Hajiyev, his former partner God Nisanov allegedly withdrew 12% of their total business under Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and cashed these funds through his Sadovod market.


According to businessman Ilgar Hajiyev, his former partner God Nisanov allegedly withdrew 12% of their total business under Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and cashed these funds through his Sadovod market.

On the Internet, a scandalous video posted by the authors of The Facts YouTube channel entitled “Bitcoins according to the concepts of God Nisanov” is gaining momentum The ambiguity of this material has already caused a lot of controversy.

Already from the beginning of the plot it says - “A lot of money under the patronage of the Moscow City Hall and Sergei Sobyanin is earned by Nisanov and Iliev not only on the construction sites of the capital, but also on the markets they own -“ Moscow ”,“ Sadovod ”and“ Food City ”. There, crime is literally teeming, prostitution is blooming, illegal cryptocurrency mining farms are working, money is being illegally cashed in bags,” says the announcer who voiced this production.

The authors of the film continue on to make a rather bold statement - “With the connivance of the authorities, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev literally created their own government within the government of Moscow”.

In the video, the voice-over says: “One of the most famous projects of the Kievskaya Ploshchad is the Olympic sports complex. Now everything around it has been demolished and torn apart, the surrounding houses are literally staggering from a continuous construction site. The project documentation for the facility does not exist, but it is easy to guess that soon new retail outlets and cafes will appear. ”

Here, the authors of the plot did not lie. Recall that according to Dozhd TV channel, “Moscow City Duma deputy Elena Shuvalova sent a request to Mosgosstroynadzor (The State Construction Supervision Committee) and received a response that no permits were issued, meaning project documentation was not received by the Committee. So, it is completely incomprehensible with what is happening all this time with the sports complex.”

As the authors of the MSK Forum website wrote, “The bourgeoisie wants to turn the sports and park district into something more New York style like, just like he planned out the Olimpiski mall”, The first stage is to push changes to the rules for using the land, raising the height to 80 meters. On February 11, a public hearing will be held on this topic. Since February 7, an exposition has been taking place with many violations, to which workers employed at a construction site are massively driven. They leave approving reviews. These hearings are the beginning of the legitimization of the massive commercial development of the district. ”

Further, the authors of the video try to connect the death of the former owner of the "Olympisky" Dmitry Shumkov, with the transition of this facility to Nisanov.

As the voice-over says, “The former owner of the Olimpiysky lawyer Dmitry Shumkov strangely committed suicide in December 2015. And in a no less strange way, Artem Dyumin took his place, brother of the governor of the Tula region, a former security official. The Shumkov family still believes that the lawyer was killed in order to clear the site for God Nisanov. Shumkov had big plans for himself and dying was definitely not one of them.”

Recall that, as Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote, “In recent years, Shumkov was becoming very wealthy. His fortune was estimated at almost half a billion dollars. Therefore, he could afford to make major purchases. For example, the acquisition of Olimpiysky alone cost him 4.7 billion rubles. Plus, he promised to invest another 10 billion rubles in the reconstruction of the sports complex. And the purchase of buildings on Varvarka is another 3.4 billion rubles. ”

Then the authors of the video go on to the conflict story of GodNisanov and his former partner Ilgar Hajiyev. According to them, “The arrival of Nisanov in the Moscow Region was marked by a raider seizure of the business of the owner of SDI groups, Ilgar Hajiyev, who successfully built facilities in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkey for 25 years. A businessman who started his business in Russia in 2013, and could not have imagined that what would happen to him in the methods of the 90s, when bandits brazenly came and took his business.”

Back in 2014, Ilgar Hajiyev purchased for $ 70 million in equal shares with businessman German Zakharyaev, brother-in-law of God Nisanov, and his brother Isai, a land plot for residential development in the village of Pirogovo, Mytishchensky District, Moscow Region.

Hajiyev owned a 50% stake in Comfort invest, which was created for this project. The Zakharyaevs, however, registered their share as the nominal owner. Apparently, they initially wanted to throw out Ilgar Hajiyev, which they did as a result.

Ilgar Hajiyev was forced to buy the share of the Zakharyevs and take Albert Imanilov, representing the interests of God Nisanov, as a partner. 30% of the profit began to go to Nisanov, but even this seemed not enough for the Oligarch.

He decided not only to completely take away the business from Hajiyev, but also to substitute it with the co-investors of the Pirogov Riviera project. In early January 2019, armed men led by Nisanov's cousin Vladislav Yusupov broke into the office of Hajiyev on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. There was a raider seizure of the company”- summarizes the voice-overs.

And then the video authors begin to accuse Nisanov of all "mortal sins." For example, Nisanov’s connections with criminal structures.

The author says: “The still runaway owner of Cherkizon, Telman Ismailov said that Nisanov was involved in the death of the shooting of the thief in law Rovshchan Dzhaniev in Istanbul. Moscow lawyer Elman Pashayev reported threats and beating by Nisanov. The lawyer was promised that if he tells about it, he will not survive. ”

We did not find confirmation in the media of such statements. However, the authors of the site “ Rukriminal. Info" explained in plain text that the former millionaire Telman Ismailov, according to sources, stated that the God Nisanov could be involved in the shooting of "thief in law" Rovshchan Dzhaniev in Istanbul. However, after receiving a briefcase with banknotes, Ismailov denied his own words. ”

And, already at almost the very end of the video plot, the creators gave the floor to the victim of Nisanov’s criminal activities, Ilgar Hajiyev. He was asked - "What relations does Nisanov have with the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, and are rumors true that Nisanov gives a share to him”

“I personally did not give money to Sobyanin,” Hajiyev said in the video, “Nisanov collected money from the general turnover of the company and transferred 12%“ for Sobyanin, and another 18% for cashing. He withdrew money through the "Sadovod”” (food market).

Morning News tried to contact the owners of The Facts YouTube channel to find out how true this information is. The answer was brief. Someone calling himself Roman wrote that they have all the evidence, and they intend to continue the investigation, and soon new stories will appear on their YouTube channel.

It is definitely impossible to believe everything that users of social networks on the Internet upload. However, smoke, as they say without fire, does not happen. And given how many different negative stories about God Nisanov come out, it is worth to think about it.