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01 December 2023

Nikita Mikhalkov will invest his "Krost"

A developer with a strange reputation, Alexei Dobashin, will build up New Moscow with the ex-wife of Andrei Krichevsky, partner of Nikita Mikhalkov.

Another tasty "gift" of the capital's mayor's office can be received by the Krost group of companies Alexei Dobashev. His company LLC Specialized Developer GSD is likely to develop two sites in Kommunarka in New Moscow - their development was approved by the Moscow City Planning Commission.

The co-owner of LLC Specialized Developer GSD is Evgenia Golenkova, the former wife of businessman and social activist Andrei Krichevsky. The last leader of a number of structures involved in the protection of intellectual property rights. He may be Nikita Mikhalkov's man, they were partners in the Russian author's community.

Maybe the famous director has little colossal income from a variety of sources?

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Alexey Dobashin figure more than scandalous. He is called the "king of construction government contracts," which he every now and then receives from the capital's mayor's office. Krost makes money from the construction of new housing under the renovation program and even supplies the capital's mayor's office with tiles and curbs.

At the same time, the capital's mayor's office has repeatedly sued Krost, in the course of cooperation with which various troubles occurred - unfinished objects (at full cost) and "accidentally" demolished historical monuments.

Its LLC SZ PSF Krost owns only 25% of LLC Specialized Developer GSD. The remaining 75%, as mentioned, is for Evgenia Golenkova. Previously, her surname was Krichevskaya - she is the ex-wife of the famous copyright fighter (with a considerable gesheft for herself) Andrei Krichevsky, who used to be credited with many sins, up to raider seizures.


Moreover, they divorced, apparently, quite recently - she changed her surname in the individual entrepreneur only at the end of 2022. Given the scandalousness of Krichevsky, no one will be surprised that their divorce could be fictitious - after all, now Andrei Krichevsky is not able to shine with multimillion-dollar assets. Recently, he headed the Russian Center for the Circulation of Rights to the Results of Creative Activity "- in fact, a state institution created by the Government of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Golenkova turned out to be the owner of a multimillion-dollar business - the assets of her companies exceed several billion. These are the companies of Business Development JSC, Title LLC, ADM LLC. Krichevsky can pour money into them - from those funds that may not reach the owners of the "protected" intellectual property.


At the same time, Mrs. Golenkova's shares in a joint venture with Krost were pledged to Sberbank - i.e. they will also be built with state funds.


Who has the right - the right?

The official biography of Andrei Krichevsky looks quite decent, but in the information field evil tongues have long spread rumors - allegedly earlier it could be associated with the Orekhovo-Zuevskaya organized crime group.

At the same time, he is the head of the famous company "Melody," which was recently turned into a federal state unitary enterprise. "Melodies" owns the rights to record the state-owned company of the same name from the USSR. These are huge funds that can be obtained from the performance of compositions. At the same time, it is not a fact that the funds in full reach the legal owners of the rights.

In addition, Krichevsky also acted as the head of the All-Russian Association of Intellectual Property (WIPO) and the Russian Author's Society (RAO). These organizations today may be under the patronage of one of the former leaders of RAO, and now the head of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation Nikita Mikhalkov.

In the past, the RSP, RAO and WIPO staged entire raids on the country's restaurants and cafes. They went to establishments and just like "secret buyers," record in photos and videos how background music plays there, and then demand payment from businessmen for copyright for compositions. Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote about this, suggesting that Nikita Mikhalkov's selfish interests may lie behind the situation.

The formation of Krichevsky as the head of WIPA is very similar to a raider seizure. There were rumors that almost half of the WIPO members, including the former Minister of Culture of Russia Alexander Sokolov and Chairman of the Board Gennady Vyazovik, were not notified about its holding. By this, he, in fact, tied up the entire market for control over copyright and intellectual property.

Can Andrei Krichevsky act through his ex-wife? Photo:

A high-profile criminal scandal against the former head of RAO Sergei Fedotov, a longtime friend and colleague of Sergei Mikhalkov, who at one time was also the head of RAO, is associated with the same organizations.

At the end of the tenths, Sergei Fedotov and four accomplices, among whom his mother Vera Fedotova was accused of fraudulent embezzlement in 2014-2016 of about 730 million rubles - and just under the guise of royalties. Prior to that, Fedotov received 1.5 years in prison for fraud in the sale of non-residential premises of RAO for 300 million rubles.

According to evil tongues, it was Andrei Krichevsky who could pass Fedotov, who received power in RAO hardly without Mikhalkov's participation. And the latter could "drain" his old friend so as not to share possible income from royalties?

The plant is not superfluous

Among other things, Krichevsky was credited with the alleged raider seizure of the Krasny Oktyabr plant - and just through his ex-wife. Golenkova (then Krichevskaya) previously headed the Agency for Anti-Crisis Technologies and Investments (ANTI). This company is credited with participating in the change of ownership of the Yaroslavl plant "Red Lighthouse."

In the nineties, the plant was on the verge of collapse, but soon Konstantin Sonin and Sergey Basovets came to the leadership. Sonin bought a stake in the plant, and in 1998, together with Basovsets, established Vibropromtech CJSC. The main asset of the CJSC was the Yaroslavl plant.

Soon the plant under the management (for the most part) of Sonin began to make a profit - a lot of money was invested in it. At that time, Basovets distanced himself from the life of the enterprise and lived in Canada. But when the plant began to bring money, it sharply intensified.

As a result, Basovets resorted to the help of the ANTI company, which provided consulting services. And according to rumors, specializing in raider seizures. As a result, Basovets managed to seize the constituent documents and, taking advantage of loopholes in the legislation on joint-stock companies, re-register the CJSC for itself and even launch a real judicial war against Sonin. About this story write "YarNovosti."

Did Krichevsky's family help "deribanize" the Red October plant? Photo:

As for Nikita Mikhalkov, The Moscow Post has repeatedly written about the scandals related to him. Among other things, they tried to attribute to him the campaign to squeeze the general director of the Lenfilm film studio Eduard Pichugin out of office. Then it was suggested that Mikhalkov's interest could be in transferring the studio's assets "to the right hands."

Builders from the Big Road

Now Andrei Krichevsky, through his ex-wife, can work with Krost Alexei Dobashin. They could have collaborated before. Today, the former wife of Krichevsky owns premises at the School of Television Skills of Vladimir Pozner, which was built by Krost.

The construction turned out to be more than scandalous. In 2004, Muscovites actively protested against her. The school itself, however, then received in the end only 10% of the premises, the lion's share -70% remained with Krost.

The construction of Krost actually began illegally - Dobashin did not have permits. But the most important thing is that the businessman actually destroyed the architectural monument - house 22 on Malaya Dmitrovka. Only the facade remained from the monument itself, everything else was demolished. The mayor's office answered the demands of the prosecutor's office simply - it removed the status of an architectural monument from the building.

At the same time, Dobashin, receiving state contracts with one hand, continues to actively sue the Moscow mayor's office with the other. In 2020, the Moscow Government presented him with claims for 1.6 billion rubles. Under the terms of the investment contract, the Moscow Government was supposed to receive 40% of non-residential area, 30% of residential premises and 20% of parking space in buildings built by Krost.

Partially, the parties to the contract distributed the area, but the act of implementation of the investment contract was not signed on the building on Butlerov Street. According to Moscow officials, due to this, Krost received unjust enrichment of 1.6 billion rubles.

At the same time, the accounts payable of LLC SZ PSF Krost at the end of the year amounted to 14.2 billion rubles. Apparently, Dobashin does not like to pay the bills. Did the money simply withdraw from his companies?

According to the authors of the site "Moment of Truth," allegedly in the past Alexei Dobashin could have been involved in a raider seizure. Earlier, Krost built production facilities in the village of Podolino in the Moscow region.

Alexey Dobashin could find influential partners to unite efforts to master the Moscow construction market. Photo:

The investor was one of the firms of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which, after the completion of construction, demanded that the property be transferred to her ownership. However, in the end, the company was left not only without buildings, but also without land under them.

Apparently, Dobashin was not going to give up the built objects, and deft lawyers helped him in this. And the State Unitary Enterprise eventually remained bankrupt. It is possible that the Ministry of Internal Affairs also has connections, otherwise it is difficult to explain how such a scheme could be implemented.

One can only guess what scandals the construction market may expect from the alleged union of Alexei Dobashin, Andrei Krichevsky and Nikita Mikhalkov. One thing is clear - it is unlikely that we will talk about transparent business there, and it is not a fact that after the Moscow mayor's office you will not have to sue Dobashin and Golenkova. And Krichevsky and Mikhalkov, all other things being equal, will remain clean - after all, formally they have nothing to do with it.

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