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03 March 2024

New "Lanit" in the Tikhonov case

The money stolen with the participation of the former Deputy Minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov could, thanks to Philip Gens and Ashot Khachaturyants, go abroad.

While 20 times the business of the former deputy minister of Energy Anatoly Tikhonov re-read by the parties to which impute multimillion plunders on implementation of the GIS energy industry project last already, the new details connected with this story continue to be opened.

The Moscow Post will not let you forget about Mr. Tikhonov and everyone who helped him steal, and now is trying to avoid criminal prosecution using all available resources and rescue his associate. After all, according to the law, a thief must be in prison.

Recall that the state contract for the creation of GIS TEK was received by the Lanit company.

But, as it turned out, 700 million rubles to the official and not much: Tikhonov and a much larger pool of officials could "saw" not only with "Lanit"! The Moscow Post correspondent understood the new documents and public procurement of the Ministry of Energy.


Our informant draws attention to Technoprom LLC, which, according to him, "glued a MADE IN RUSSIA sticker on Chinese LENOVO and IBM servers," for which it could receive a share from government customers who bought goods at an inflated price.

At the moment, the company has concluded contracts with government agencies for a total amount exceeding 4.1 billion rubles. We publish part of an extensive list of public procurement offices.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post informant

Oddly enough, the Ministry of Energy is not on this list. Didn't you get your hands on it? But this company was involved in a dispute between the Ministry of Energy and ISSB, where the government agency attracted it to "establish the completeness of ISSB's fulfillment of obligations under the supply agreement." Including on the basis of the conclusion of this particular company, "ISSB" was sent, as they say in the common people, far and for a long time.

By the way, the case was heard by Judge Skachkova, who may have assets in unfriendly Latvia. The Moscow Post previously spoke about this in detail.

"Buddy" of officials

The Moscow Arbitration Court received a statement in which the institutions of the Ministry of Transport, the Public Chamber, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Digital Industry and others are suspected of unfair restriction of competition.

Photo: presented by the informant The Moscow Post

There are indeed reasons to suspect. We went through the procurement database and found that in most cases purchases take place from Technoprom either as a single supplier, or a well-looking participant is competing with him.

Example: the last purchase from the Ministry of Agriculture, where the department set a price of 97,449,410,26 rubles. Exactly the same price was offered at all without a decrease by an unnamed "loser." But Technoprom decided to save the state budget by as much as 0.5%, for which it reduced the cost of its services and won the competition. Why his supposedly competitor decided that he could win, taking into account the fact that he also scored only 29.85 points out of 100 according to the assessment of the competition commission, is not clear. Unless he was especially eager to receive almost 100 million rubles from states.

Photo: "Contour. Procurement "

I would like to pay attention to the purchase from GTLK. In 2020, the company allocated 2.4 billion rubles for computer equipment as the only supplier, that is, the developer of a unique solution in the Russian Federation. Such language in relation to Technoprom raises some doubts...

Photo: "Contour. Procurement "

And the company also fulfilled contracts for the creation of the Glonass system - several of them are still at the stage of execution. Recently, the police revealed embezzlement at the creation of "Kssa." Is there a trace of Technoprom?

According to the informant The Moscow Post, through the organization of the cartel at the procurement of Technoprom, as much as 7 billion rubles could have died out.

Eyes wide closed

The appeal was sent to the prosecutor's office, Rosfinmonitoring, FAS Russia, the Treasury of Russia, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. The prosecutor's office said that there will be no measures to respond yet - they say, there are no grounds. But she pointed out that the appeal was considered by law enforcement officers, it was "hushed up," which the prosecutor's office recognized as illegal and now it is again being considered in the same department, where the refusal to initiate a criminal case had come from earlier.


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

The FAS said that something like "there were no complaints from other suppliers, which means everything is" okay. "

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader


Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

Rosfinmonitoring said that yes, they say, it looks like a violation of the law, but the competence is not ours.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

Khachaturyants and others

A whole pool of officials and businessmen could help, cover up, cheer up Technoprom. According to rumors, one of those who can stand behind this is allegedly the former head of the "daughter" of the country's main state bank "Sberbank Capital" Ashot Khachaturyants and the co-owner of the largest private railway operator Globaltrans Konstantin Nikolaev. The latter allegedly acquired an unknown legal entity through his people and "poured" a state order into it through his connections.

Now the head of Technoprom is Evgeny Sviridov, about whom nothing is known at all. Previously, there was not a single company on it. And before that, the position was held by Pavel Filippov, who also could not boast of any business successes, and Alexey Olegovich Terentyev is the only character about whom you can say something. Previously, he headed the "Central Research Institute of Economics, Informatics and Management Systems" - AOshka, which received the rights of the Rostekhov Federal State Unitary Enterprise, and was declared bankrupt for debts. By the way, it was once a key developer of automated systems for the Ministry of Defense.

The founder is Sigma, which belongs to Leonid Koltashov and Sigma Investments, the founders are now unknown, but the last was Archinekov Yegor Mikhailovich - also the name of the person who appeared on the official state site as the investment director of UK RUSNANO LLC. Apparently, he showed himself well on the issue of forming a "hole" in the budget of the state corporation, which was discussed after the district of Anatoly Chubais from Russia, so they put in control of the winning company of state contracts?

As for Koltashov, he is a much less remarkable person, although he should be known in the business community. Almost a dozen legal entities have been issued for Leonid Koltashov, some of which receive state contracts.

Returning to Nikolaev, we note that in 2011 he also invested in a microfinance business - the Home Money company, which was subsequently bankrupt, and its co-owner Yevgeny Bernstam was put on the wanted list in a fraud case. What to expect from his partner?

And the name of Mr. Khachaturyants is associated with the story of Sberbank's takeover of Pavlovskgranit's assets, which the former owner of the company, Sergei Poymanov, saw nothing more than a raider seizure. Khachaturyants then just held the position of "chief asset collection" for the bank.

This was far from an isolated case - The Moscow Post also talked about many others in the investigation "Khachaturyants and Gref built themselves a Gotek."

Sberbank, with the active participation of Ashot Khachaturyants, in 2011 acquired 100% of Ruben Vardanyan's investment company Troika Dialog. In 2019, the latter was suspected of withdrawing $5 billion from Russia through offshore accounts. And although Sberbank refused to participate in what was happening, the facts may be completely different.

A former employee of German Gref after the start of the SVO left Russia, and also began to sell assets - not everything is true. Apparently, he can remain an entrepreneur in our country through trusted people. For example, Mr. Khachaturyants is connected through business with a man named Bykov Alexey Olegovich. The former head of the RPL transferred his stake in Almaz Tech to the latter in the fall.

In August of this year, it became known that Khachaturyants bought a plot in Italy for viticulture for millions of euros. Where he got these funds is a big question. Did Technoprom help here?

It should be noted that German Gref Khachaturyants is not the only one who "left" - his former deputy Lev Khasis could generally go to America to observe the business interests of the country's chief banker. The Moscow Post spoke about this in detail in the investigation "Hasis will remain in London, Gref is preparing to" go "to the United States?"

Does Mr. Khachaturyants not follow the same "job descriptions"? At a time when our country is not in the simplest position, and providing unfriendly states with billions is far from the best idea.

I would like to ask questions to officials of state-owned companies who, without a competition or with possible anti-competitive agreements, conclude state contracts with Technoprom. Gentlemen Evgeny Dietrich, Dmitry Patrushev, Vitaly Savelyev and others, is it really so desirable to keep Anatoly Tikhonov company?

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