Mutual political harassment, or Chadayev "on distribution"

The participation of political strategist Alexei Chadaev in the presidential company of the Liberal Democratic Party can only be an attempt to get back to the "feeder" of the AP, from which Chadaev was pushed away along with Surkov, who had failed everything possible.


The participation of political strategist Alexei Chadaev in the presidential company of the Liberal Democratic Party can only be an attempt to get back to the "feeder" of the AP, from which Chadaev was pushed away along with Surkov, who had failed everything possible.

The flight from the country of liberal political strategists, who, however, did not disdain to take banknotes from the budget, led to a personnel famine in this environment. But there are those who are not bad, feel regardless of the political winds, since they do not have their own opinion. Such are always with those who pay more. This seems to be the political strategist Alexei Chadaev, who, it seems, does not care at all, on whose side the barricades stand - he was both an "imperial," and a "Sislib," and an official, and an oppositionist - anyone, the main thing would be "dripping."

Now Alexey Chadaev will advise the Liberal Democratic Party and personally its chairman Leonid Slutsky on the election campaign of the President, which will be held in 2024. How Chadaev is similar to Slutsky and how their cooperation can end - the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

In the Liberal Democratic Party, Chadayev will deal with so far "small" - the formation of the party's strategy for participating in the presidential campaign. Not even the preparation and "warming up" of candidates - the candidate there may be one, the head of the party Leonid Slutsky himself. But knowing the conflict of Chadayev, so far they decided to outline its functionality only "frame" - suddenly you won't have to work for a long time.

In addition, image scandals may be associated with him, which at one time damaged the reputation of Slutsky himself. We are talking, of course, about relationships with women and the so-called. "Harassment" - harassment with understandable connotations. Rumor has it that at one time Alexei Chadaev, in words, allegedly defended the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinshten, who fell into disgrace, who eventually received 16 years in prison in a rape case.

Everyone also knows about Slutsky and his "strawberry": in the past, journalists from a number of publications claimed that Mr. Slutsky allegedly harassed them, and even in an unheard-of boorish manner. However, appeals to the authorities did not end in anything, and the State Duma Commission on Ethics announced at all that it was not dealing with such issues.

Apparently, now in the Liberal Democratic Party Alexei Chadaev and Leonid Slutsky will "harrasey" each other about receiving banknotes and at least some result for the party in the upcoming Presidential elections. However, let's repeat, it is unlikely that Chadaev will work with Slutsky for a long time. Almost from everything that the political strategist took on, he eventually jumped off sharply.

The last train for the almost forgotten Chadayev, on which he jumped, was the SVO for the defense of Donbass. But here, too, the political strategist behaved inconsistently. On the one hand, he squirms from himself as a statesman, on the other, according to the author of the sapojnik blog on the Live Journal platform, he allegedly questions denazification - one of the key goals of the entire event designated by the President of the Russian Federation.

Like, Ukraine, it turns out, is not a Nazi state at all. Interestingly, the same opinion is shared by his current client Slutsky or numerous colleagues in work in United Russia and other structures?

Changing position to opposition

In official calculations and biographies, Chadayev's life path looks more than thorny. For some reason, he ranks himself among the defenders of the White House during the famous August coup. It is not clear only why then he sharply ended up in the team of the then liberal Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, who actually approved the coup d'etat and acted on the canvas of Yeltsin politics.

He also authored the ideas of the site of one of the main Russian critics of the authorities, and at the beginning of the 2000s he began to engage in projects on the Internet for Nemtsov. So the simulacrum "Young Russia" appeared, where a virtual "youth asset" was formed from active Internet trolls dissatisfied with the new authorities of the country in the person of Vladimir Putin.

Later, Young Russia will join the Union of Right Forces liberal bloc, which has little to do with Chadayev's alleged defense of the White House and his position as a statesman. He, Chadaev, in 2000-2001 created and edited the anti-Putin website "Blown Pu," where a variety of fakes and humiliations about the new Russian President were laid out.

He, Chadaev, participated in the campaign of the SPS "Moscow without Luzhkov," worked in the Moscow campaign headquarters. Moscow really was left without Luzhkov, but much later, and Chadaev had nothing to do with this, and the SPS, as his brainchild, by that time was only a ghost of the party structure. Such is the "power" of Chadayev's political technologies.

However, he quickly warmed up. And not anywhere, but among their ideological opponents - in the ruling party "United Russia." After all, feeding there turned out to be much better than at uncoordinated rallies of the pro-Western opposition on Pushkin Square.

But before that, another political technology project by Alexei Chadaev failed - the New Right party, which he tried to create on the basis of his club and the New Right Foundation, did not take off. Subsequently, this structure was pulled up by "no" Civic Platform, and everyone has long forgotten about both.

Alexey Chadaev worked "everywhere" and "nowhere." Photo:

And Chadaev came to power through the political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky close to her in those years. In 2004-2008, Chadayev was his employee in the Fund for Effective Policy, and against this background he was even able to get into the Public Chamber, where he became a member of the commission on regional development and local self-government.

It seems that no one understood how Chadaev and regional development are connected. And they broke up with Pavlovsky, it seems, not in the best feelings - knowing Chadayev, it can be assumed that he tried to pull the blanket of the structure's leadership over himself.

Finally, he was noticed by the same effective manager and official as Chadaev himself - Vladislav Surkov. The political strategist became a referent of the internal policy department of the presidential administration, even entered the personnel presidential reserve. And from 2010 to 2011 he was appointed head of the political department of the CEC WFP "United Russia."

"Ours" were not ours

In the party, Chadaev was engaged in the development of what never appeared in the end - the ideology of United Russia and the entire vertical of power. But one of his undertakings of those years, also associated with Surkov and his close ally Vasily Yakimenko, was remembered for a long time - this movement "Nashi" is the same youth and Internet trolls who were driven to disperse unauthorized rallies of the "creative class" on Bolotnaya Square.

Now everything, when the wave of "Our" lifted up, turned out to be where. The unfortunate PR artist Kristina Potupchik - in Europe with millions received under state contracts for state PR, Maria Baronova - is completely in the United States, where she is immensely happy with the green card.

It seems that Chadayev was "asked" from the United Russia CEC - in 2011 he arranged an absentee polemic with his colleagues in the Kremlin about the fate of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. And after Chadaev - a former employee of the AP, let's repeat, arranged a real evisceration to the then President Dmitry Medvedev - they say, not so he, Medvedev, distributes orders. The Moscow Post wrote about this back in 2011.

That dive with Medvedev cost Chadaev dearly - he did not guess the "trend." And in 2011 he was quietly fired from United Russia, but did not sit idle for a long time. He immediately (perhaps under the patronage of Surkov?) Got a job in the government of the Kaliningrad region.

Moreover, he got a job cunningly - he created and headed the Agency for Attracting Investments under the Ministry of Industry of the region, where he clearly counted on the distribution of fat subsidies among businesses, with which you can always agree.

But he "sat" there for only two months - he was removed, and Maria Lagutinskaya, director of Mentor, who passed through the United Russia and Young Guard lines, was appointed to the post. I.e. in these structures they did not want to hear about Chadaev after his "labors." The political strategist himself flatly refused to comment on his dismissal.

In a similarly inglorious way, Chadayev ended his work for State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin as a voluntary adviser at the end of the tenths. It seems that such work constrained the "creative potential" of the political strategist, who could be harmful to the speaker - namely, harsh statements about everything and everything, inconsistent with the line of the current government.

Not forgetting business

But by that time Chadayev was already aware of the fleeting of political predilections and the trust of his superiors. And actively entered the business. For example, from 2014 to 2017 he was the general director of Mosregiontsentr LLC, which received a state contract in the Vladimir region during the leadership of the scandalous governor there, and later Senator Svetlana Orlova.


Apparently, this is how he worked out the "contract" of the political strategist, for the governor, who later flew off her chair "miserably." But even then the business did not take off - Chadayev left the management of the company. And today Mosregiontsentr LLC is under liquidation - in its records, the Unified State Register of Legal Entities found false information.

However, Chadaev did not finally leave the business - he remains a co-owner of Real Sector LLC, which was liquidated in 2018. And his partner in this company was the current head of New People, Alexei Nechaev. Perhaps this connection cost Alexei Chadayev's competitor in the political technology field Yevgeny Minchenko dearly.


Not so long ago, we wrote a lot of material about the latter, among other things mentioning that his work with New People, which went in 2021, did not work out at all, and the party made it to parliament without its services. Perhaps Chadaev, who previously had common business interests with Nechaev, played against Minchenko's colleague?

Another notable place for the efforts of a political scientist, ideologist, technologist, and how Chadaev has not yet called himself, was Tea Shirota LLC. The House of Tea and Ice Cream, "where he was the CEO for a time. The company was liquidated with zero financial statements, including on the basis of false information entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Later, the owner of the tea chain Viktor Yenin in an interview with Forbes talked about the difficulties of becoming a business, and also about the fact that he had a partner, whom he refused to name. Presumably, the partner did not succeed in the general business, and Yenin himself had to be taken out on the entrepreneurial talent. Was Chadaev not his partner?


In any case, wading around various "feeders," Alexei Chadayev's shares fell and rose again on the wave of patriotic rhetoric associated with the SVO. And Slutsky, in the conditions of the departure of part of the party asset and sponsors, apparently, has no one to rely on, except for everything that starts and immediately throws Chadaev.