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28 November 2023

Motorko "scapegoating": new thefts in the structures of "Rostec" could be prepared in advance

The probable theft of 300 million rubles in the Avtomatika concern subordinate to Rostec could be coordinated with one of the subordinates of Sergei Chemezov and Denis Manturov.

The UK is checking materials about the possible embezzlement of 300 million rubles of subsidies for the development of antenna systems by JSC Concern Avtomatika, which is part of the Rostec state corporation.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post managed to find out, the situation could have been planned for a long time, and Avtomatika and its top management may simply be "scapegoats." Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The materials that the UK is engaged in say that the supplied equipment is Chinese-made, which means that it was not its own design, which was sponsored by the Government.

Rostekhov enterprises are not the first to fall into the "Chinese" scandal - in 2020, which is in the IVL apparatus produced by the Ural Instrument-Making Plant, which is part of Rostec. Only a nameplate could be from Russian.

Plumbing in a row Chemezova

"Automation," or rather its structure, has also appeared more than once in news reports in an extremely unsightly light. At the same time, the company is a supplier for 208 state contracts, 69 of which are still allegedly executed, although many of them are long overdue. 21 case, where "Automatics" is the defendant, is being considered at the moment. They are trying to accuse the organization of default and underpayment.

One of its largest suppliers, by the way, is the scandalous company CROC Incorporated. As previously reported by sources in The Moscow Post, the company could seriously inflate contract prices, and the UK is already conducting an audit. In addition, the company in 2013 already appeared in a very similar situation with the supply of IBM servers to Sberbank. It turned out that the company quadrupled the cost of servers, and as a result, the bank was "heated" by hundreds of millions of dollars.


KROK contracts with Avtomatika have been under execution since 2017. Why the concern enters into agreements with such a company is a question for its heads. Now the company is headed by Andrey Motorko. Before going to work at Rostec, he was engaged in a plumbing business. And he managed to indirectly "light up" in history regarding the supply of "left machines" from the same Celestial Empire to the structure of the Rostec state corporation.

The fact is that at one time (2017-2018) Motorko was the acting general director of NPP Signal, which, as investigators in the case of Diana Kaledina found out, signed a contract in 2016, and later received a Chinese unit from the Baltic Industrial Company for a large sum instead of Russian development. The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this story.

NPP "Signal," by the way, belongs to "Automation." And the preparatory work on the contract from the Kaledina case, apparently, was carried out by Motorko's predecessor as head of the enterprise, Vladimir Krivlev. A person with an identical name is included, as of 2018, in the list of affiliates of the Vladykinsky Mechanical Plant. In 2008, by presidential decree, he was included in the list of strategic enterprises and given under the wing of Rostechnologies, which later became Rostec. Now at the plant - the bankruptcy trustee.

Photo: the document is at the disposal of The Moscow Post

What conclusion can be drawn from this story? Maybe a "mole" has settled in Rostec, which in this way tries to destroy strategic enterprises and withdraw money from them through government contracts with the help of its "effective managers."

By rolled

In support of the guess, let's give an example already regarding the current situation with "Automation." Let's turn again to Motorko's predecessor and flaw in his labor biography. Until 2021, the concern was headed by Vladimir Kabanov. This is none other than the former owner of the company Palmintech JSC, which served the GAS Vybory. Kabanov, by the way, at one time was even the acting chief designer of the GAS.

The system is by no means perfect. At least one case was recorded when it received unreliable voting results. At the same time, Palmintech continues to receive contracts from the CEC - having accumulated 14 to date in the amount exceeding 400 million rubles.

In the "Chinese affairs" Kabanov was not seen. But his colleague in "Automation" - the former Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Burya has repeatedly become the hero of publications about kickbacks in the execution of state contracts.

He came to the PKU "Main Center for Communications and Information Protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation" in 2011 and, according to rumors, immediately began to collect "tribute" from suppliers there. The size of the "kickback" allegedly could reach up to 50% of the amount of state contracts. According to the spiteful critics, the Storm managed to inflict damage to the Ministry of Internal Affairs by 22 million rubles at the acceptance of used products from Lisingpostavka LLC. However, there was no criminal case following this story. We also talked about the former Ministry of Internal Affairs in detail in the article "Is the Storm Approaching on Vybory?"

At the same time, Telepm Company, which is associated with Buri's wife Lyudmila Savina, moved away from the CEC in a row - to "provide services for organizing and ensuring the storage of GAS Vybory property." So here can be traced the "old-hearted" relations of Buri and Kabanov.

The ideologist of this entire Russian-Chinese "scheme" may be the current head of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, Sergei Sakhnenko. The former subordinate of this comrade Alexei Repkin was arrested last year on suspicion of deceiving two businessmen in the amount of almost 20 million rubles. He allegedly threatened to deprive them of state contracts if they did not agree to a bribe. Most likely, the "pressure" was agreed with the person actually authorized to make decisions - Sakhnenko.

Sergey Sakhnenko takes the interests of the head of the state corporation? Photo:

Ideologist from Chemezov

But that's not what this is about. Sergei Stepanovich managed to work both in the long-suffering Automatics, where he came in February 2017, and in the Rostekhov holding Roselectronics, which companies have repeatedly become involved in scandals on the basis of overstating public procurement prices. For example, such a story was with Concern Sozvezdiye in 2020, when the protocol of the procurement committee was canceled, and as a justification it was indicated that after the supplier provided the contract, the price was overestimated relative to the one offered by the manufacturer of the same equipment.

There were stories with bankruptcy and non-payment of salaries to subsidiaries of Roselectronics. Recently included in the contour of the corporation JSC "TsNII EISU" entered bankruptcy, and its squares were sold to a company, which may be the interests of the brother of the Tula governor Artyom Dyumin and the clan of the God Nisanov.

In general, Sakhnenko proved his "effectiveness" as an anti-crisis manager more than once.

A small detail: in 2019, the idea began, and in 2021 it was announced that Roselectronika would equip the Pogranichny checkpoint in the Primorsky Territory on the Russian-Chinese border with the latest inspection and inspection complex (IDC), which automatically controls cargo. Sakhnenko then personally commented on this idea exclusively in a positive way. There are suspicions that control equipment can not only "eat" a considerable piece of the corporation's budget, but also in fact become a "dummy" for actually covering the supply of Chinese components, which can then be used under the guise of Russian in situations like with "Automation"?

These are no bribes to customs officers, no extra spending and worries about the human factor, and if what opens up, everything can be blamed on the robot and take money for its revision, and then launch the scheme according to the new one!

The head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, hires geniuses. Geniev, many of whom ruin the state corporation. But scandalous surnames do not stop flashing in its personnel. So, maybe Chemezov does not want to change anything?

Denis Manturov, who is headed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, his longtime friend and comrade-in-arms, who, it seems, is only for that and advocates that all contracts, factories, steamers - go to Rostec. Stealing, translating "arrows," planting is an excellent plan on a state scale.

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