Moshkovich at the "Apparatus": how the oligarch launched a strategic plant in the wind

Oligarch Vadim Moshkovich, who publicly renounced the policy of Vladimir Putin, and the businessman's partner "drain" the defense enterprise funds from which could go offshore TANZHIR HOLDINGS LIMITED.


Oligarch Vadim Moshkovich, who publicly renounced the policy of Vladimir Putin, and the businessman's partner "drain" the defense enterprise funds from which could go offshore TANZHIR HOLDINGS LIMITED.

The developer Level Group, associated with the interests of the owner of Rusagro Group of Companies, oligarch Vadim Moshkovich, left the project for the development of the territory of the Mashinoapparat plant in Moscow Khamovniki. The developer's shares went to a partner in the project, businessman Dmitry Cheremukhin. The latter is also associated with Moshkovich, and can represent his interests.

For four years, the oligarch never built new housing and apartments on the territory of the plant, but leased the area for offices. At the same time, the enterprise that he allegedly wanted to preserve was actually destroyed. But this is the country's strategic asset, which produced equipment for space and defense. How much it is needed now, during the SVO period!

How the strategic plant was turned into a "profitable house" - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

The plant was founded during the Great Patriotic War, brought great benefit to the front. In the postwar years, he developed and manufactured electric motors, converters, brake and docking units for spacecraft, and even unique electromechanical engines for drilling the soils of the Moon and Venus.

Bring to the handle

In the post-Soviet years, Mashinoapparat OJSC, like many others, experienced problems - production and workers were reduced. At the same time, it functioned quite decently until Valery Korunov consolidated most of the shares of the enterprise, namely 57%, in 2017. He took the helm of the enterprise, apparently not at all understanding its specifics. Since then, the fall into the abyss has begun.

In a short time, under various pretexts, Korunov fired all designers, engineers, and most of the technical staff. But he gave his salary and work book as if only in exchange for the shares that the employee had. So Korunov and typed his package?

Valery Korunov. Photo:

If in 2017 the plant's revenue amounted to 218 million rubles, then a year later it was already 184 million, and then went downwards. The plant could not get out of losses, and in 2019 it completely went into negative territory for a record 123 million rubles. And this is with government orders for more than 100 million.

Under Valeria Korunov, the plant went to the bottom at a shock pace. Photo:

Old-timers said that the plant rests only on the enthusiasm of old workers who dream of reviving the enterprise. Now it is clear that Korunov had completely different plans - perhaps he began to prepare the sale of the enterprise immediately after receiving most of the shares. At the same time, the closure of workshops continued, the first-aid post was abolished. At the same time, Valery Korunov wisely rewrote his shares to his wife and daughter - you never know what....

At the same time, Korunov did not forget to himself - he built a rest room next to his office, used the services of two drivers at once, made repairs at his dacha - and all supposedly through the accounting department of Mashinoapparat.

It was clear that the land under the plant was literally "golden," and could bring multi-billion-dollar profits to developers. And in 2019, Mr. Moshkovich's Level Group appeared on the horizon, which promised to implement the housing construction project and preserve the production itself. This was directly stated in the press that the plant "cannot be just taken and closed."

As a result, the assurances of Moshkovich's company turned out to be empty chatter. The plant was not officially closed, it was just that it de facto stopped normal activities.

But we remember how literally recently it became known that in the European Court of Justice, Mr. Moshkovich, wanting to "fight off" the sanctions, renounced the policy of the Russian leadership. Doesn't he allow himself much?

Moshkovich and Bogachev

In 2021, another interesting character entered his capital - Alexey Bogachev, a longtime partner and colleague of Moshkovich.

The company managing Bogachev's assets, MSK Management, received a 28.2% stake in Mashinoapparat OJSC. The interests of Bogachev himself also extend to the agricultural sector. The businessman has known Moshkovich for a long time - they were together engaged in the development of the Bondarsky cheese factory under the Tambov Dairy brand.

However, subsequently delimited. The relationship between them could be far from rosy. At one time, it was Bogachev who forced Moshkovich to six times increase the amount of money that the owner of Rusagro spent on the purchase of the bankrupt Solar Products plant.

Alexey Bogachev is a great lover of the offshore economy. In 2018, offshore Labini Investments Ltd, which can be covered by Bogachev, bought the share of ex-State Duma deputy Ildar Samiev in Cyprus-based Selby Holdings Ltd. Recall that earlier Samiev was involved in a criminal case of real estate fraud, one of his alleged victims was Russian football player Fedor Smolov.

In addition, the same Samiev and his partner, the scandalous businessman Sergei Govyadin, worked together with the developer Albeter Khudoyan. The latter went to jail for fraud with the ground - just in the claims from Beef and Samiev. Reminds of the "serpentarium," in which Mr. Bogachev could not be superfluous.

In addition, earlier Alexey Bogachev acted as a minority shareholder of the commercial bank Sistema. Bogachev's shares were pledged by the offshore company TANGIR HOLDINGS LIMITED from the British Virgin Islands. This offshore appeared in the so-called "Panama dossier," obtained as a result of a large-scale investigation based on the documents of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which registers and accompanies offshore companies. Through them, billions of rubles could be withdrawn from Russia.

This offshore is still active. He is also associated with the offshore company MCG Foundation, which in name is suspiciously similar to MSC Management, which manages Bogachev's assets. The same offshore is associated with several other foreign companies.


In addition, as it was possible to find out during the investigation of The Moscow Post, another major businessman, Alexei Severilov, may be behind TANZHIR HOLDINGS LIMITED. Previously, he could appear in the criminal case of the ex-Minister for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov, who was sentenced to 12 years for organizing a criminal community. He, Severilov, may also be "face value" serving sentences for creating an OPS, fraud and embezzlement of the Magomedov brothers. In general, the company has picked up what it needs.


In addition, the full namesake of Mr. Severilov also appeared in the "Panama dossier." It turned out to be associated with several offshore companies - PARALLEL NUMBERS CYPRUS LIMITED and ORIDEN HOLDINGS LTD. And is it not there, in this case, it is worth looking for money from Abyzov and Magomedov, which they could "postpone" for old age after leaving prison?

In 2023, Alexei Bogachev left Sistema Bank - sold his shares to the Samolet development group, which is associated with the interests of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov, as well as the scandalous oligarch, owner of the Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of Companies, Godom Nisanov. The latter owns at least 10% of The Airplane, and is also a longtime hero of The Moscow Post publications.


At various times, Nisanov tried to attribute raider seizures and other unseemly affairs. And, of course, a special relationship with the authorities. Recall that he is still an adviser to Andrei Vorobyov, while the governor's brother, Maxim, previously acted as one of the co-owners of the development structure.

Cheremukhin at the "apparatus"

In 2023, Alexei Bogachev got rid of his shares in Mashinoapparat JSC. The buyer was Dmitry Cheremukhin, who took the post of general director of the enterprise. Today he received Level Group shares in Mashinoapparat. The last physician by education, development is not his profile at all, and even more so - defense high-tech enterprises.

A lot of muddy stories are associated with him. He managed to buy out the property of other large enterprises at auction. For example, he managed to buy out the mining company Geocenter-Resource for 52 million rubles at an initial price of 67 million rubles. Since there were no others willing. A much more likely reason - they could simply not be allowed before the auction, so that the company went to Cheremukhin for virtually nothing.

There are suspicions that the businessman may act in a possible conspiracy with the city hall. This is hinted at by another fact - in 2018 he acquired Avtobaz MSH, a large transport repair enterprise. Soon after the purchase, it turned out that the area where the car depot is located was under renovation, most of the space there is planned to be demolished. Most likely, a new residential complex will be built on the site of the car depot, a likely investor - PIK Group of Companies, than the main beneficiary, Sergei Gordeev, also has serious ties in the Moscow mayor's office.

I bought the Cheremukhin base for 400 million rubles, and can sell it multiple times by road. Will part of the funds go to Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin and his team?

There are more dubious stories behind Cheremukhin. In 2021, the entrepreneur signed an agreement with CoOpvneshtorg CJSC for the purchase of a real estate object in Serebryany Bor - this is the elite territory of Moscow, where party dachas were previously located, and now wealthy people, officials, representatives of show business live.

However, soon the deal was challenged in court by Roman Kisenkov, owner of 50% of the CJSC. At the same time, the other 50% should have been owned by the Swiss offshore company Eurasia, behind which anyone can stand, including Cheremukhin himself or even Vadim Moshkovich. In the same 2021, against the background of litigation, the offshore company changed to Eurasia CJSC. Now it has been liquidated, its authorized capital at the time of the collapse is strange 200 rubles. Apparently, this is a banal gasket company.


Kisenkov insisted that the deal passed with serious violations, and he was not aware of this situation at all. After that, a piece of land could be resold with a huge mark-up. The court ruled to invalidate the transaction. If it was a kind of "schematosis," then it failed.

In addition, Dmitry Cheremukhin has a brother, Alexei, who is engaged in agribusiness in Sayansk. Now he is building a greenhouse complex in this city, the amount of investments is 3 billion rubles. The money was provided by Rosselkhozbank and the state fund for supporting single-industry towns. In addition, according to the Web, allegedly all kinds of support for Cheremukhin was provided by the mayor of Sayansk Oleg Borovskoy. No one sees signs of possible corruption here?

According to the Web, allegedly Mr. Borovskoy was previously prosecuted for tax evasion, and is also very fond of drinking. A good counterparty for someone who likes to fish in muddy water?

So the owners of Level Group, first of all, Moshkovich, also, apparently, decided to fish in muddy water, going to Mashinoapparat JSC. Yes, they just got it so that the plant, in fact, ceased to exist. Now Cheremukhin will deal with it, who will probably not forget from whom and for what he received the asset. Well, the remaining few employees, it seems, will soon have to look for a new job - fortunately, defense production is now in progress.