Kliment, you are wrong: from St. Petersburg to Tverskaya with a pocket full of crypt

Disgraced in the story of drunk driving, the former media manager of the governor Oleg Kozhemyako can, with the help of lawyers from the office of Paradigma of Rusakomsky and St. Petersburg, "grab for himself" the Far Eastern media market.


Disgraced in the story of drunk driving, the former media manager of the governor Oleg Kozhemyako can, with the help of lawyers from the office of Paradigma of Rusakomsky and St. Petersburg, "grab for himself" the Far Eastern media market.

Former media manager of the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako Anton Ivlev turned out to be the owner of a number of media in the Kamchatka Territory, who left him under ambiguous circumstances and, possibly, used for the purposes of Governor Vladimir Solodov with the help of controversial lawyers Kliment Rusakomsky and Alexei St. Petersburg.

The situation was understood by the regional correspondent of The Moscow Post.

"Chief traffic cop" did not help avoid scandal

Recall that Mr. Ivlev was the "right hand" of the current governor of Primorye during the time when he headed the Amur Region. While in the civil service, he was grossly disgraced when he was drunk by traffic police officers.

Videos and audio tracks were scattered on the Web, on which, presumably, Ivlev is trying to "defuse" himself with the help of the "main traffic cop."

Despite the scandal, Kozhemyako did not dismiss Ivlev, and in 2012 he even officially earned more than the head of the region, which indicates more complete loyalty of the governor than that Ivlev fell out of favor.

Creating a Mediamaster

Apparently, he is not out of favor even now. After leaving the post of media manager, Ivlev became a successful businessman. Last year, he bought the Business Case media holding, owned by the former mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkaryov.

Recall that Pushkarev was arrested in 2016, and in 2019 he was accused of bribery. After that, the media decided to close, but then Ivlev appeared.

21 legal entities were registered for the newly-minted businessman, and not only in the field of media, but also in construction.

With the arrival of Ivlev, Radio Lemma very soon received the first state contract - from the Vladivostok Duma. "8 TV Channel" did not offend either.

But most of all "shared" with "Region TV," which Ivlev began to engage in August 2021, entering the capital of the company instead of the former owner Eduard Lobachev together with Klement Rusakomsky.

A number of local media are registered on Lobachev. Why he decided to sell his very profitable Region TV is an open question. Is it possible that he was simply "pressed"?

Region-TV indicators answer the question: why did the former owner sell such a successful enterprise? Photo: Rusprofile

After the transfer of this media "under the wing" of Ivlev and Rusakomsky, it began to receive state orders from the administration of the Milkovsky Municipal District and the MKU "RESOURCE AND INFORMATION CENTER" of the VILYUCHINSKY CITY DISTRICT "(Kamchatka Territory). Perhaps it was important for the authorities to put the company in the hands of "their" person?

Similarly, in 2021, the business of Alexei St. Petersburg in the field of construction moved "under the wing" of Ivlev. But not completely - Ivlev bought part of the company from the entrepreneur, bringing his stake to controlling in November 2021.

True, before the St. Petersburg company, it was entirely owned by Sergei Istratov, who was successively removed from the post of general director and founder. So St. Petersburg could act in the interests of Ivlev.

Photo: Rusprofile

Lawyers in the case with Solodov?

Moreover, judging by the data on the Web, St. Petersburg is a lawyer adviser to Troika Plus. He is also listed as its founder. And it has state contracts with institutions of the Kamchatka Territory. Former deputy of the Duma of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka city district. Apparently, Ivlev could use his services, including to establish contacts with the Administration.

For the same, he could also use Rusakomsky, a Moscow lawyer who founded the Paradigma Law Firm. Last year, the head of the Kamchatka Territory, Vladimir Solodov, was going to spend 4.8 million rubles on his own PR, and, apparently, they went to this comrade and colleagues.

In the region, Solodov is unhappy, people even demanded his resignation, apparently, so he became worried and decided to use the services of Rusakomsky and Comrade Ivlev? Klement Igorevich specializes in cross-border transactions, dispute resolution, as well as public legal relations.

Rusakomsky and Solodov studied at Moscow State University at about the same time. Lomonosov. There, in fact, they could get acquainted.

Rusakomsky cleans up the "crypt"

Curiously, Paradigma is engaged or engaged in cryptocurrency, among other things. Simply put, she helped citizens and firms in the circulation of cryptocurrency, using the "legal vaccum." Previously, this information was openly located on the website of the office Paradigma. However, after The Moscow Post opened this, Rusakomsky's henchmen urgently deleted the page from their website. But since we heard about the "decency" of Paradigma's lawyers and Mr. Rusakomsogo personally, we saved this page in the web archive.

No, Klement, everything will not work out.

I wonder if the money received from the Kamchatka government through state contracts will be used to transfer it to cryptocurrency?

Take away and share?

The Moscow Post also received data from the reader on several joint companies Rusakomsky and Ivlev. For example, it is indicated that Kamchatmediaservice, with an increase in revenue in 2022 by + 34%, to 39 million rubles. due to the execution and rhythmic payment of government orders for lighting the activities of the authorities of the Kamchatka Territory - the organization received a loss of -18 million rubles. due to an increase in cost. The losses received were financed by raising short-term liabilities. It suggests itself that there may be a withdrawal of funds and intentional bringing to bankruptcy.

The company was also bought out by Rusakomsky and Ivlev in 2021 - already familiar to us Eduard Lobachev. This company, by the way, also received after the arrival of new owners, orders from the same Administration of the Milkovsky Municipal District and other government structures of the Kamchatka Territory.

Lobachev was also taken from the Silhouette Advertising Agency. Zinaida Ivy, the former editor-in-chief of the Amur Regional Television, was appointed general director here and in a number of other cases. Recall where Ivlev worked with Mr. Kozhemyako. It seems that there are no "tied" in the structures of the former media manager.

The reader also draws attention to the fivefold decrease in revenue in the Rusakom "Paradigm" (we are talking about the period from 2020 to 2022). Taking into account the presence of branches and representative offices of the company abroad, the conclusion suggests a corresponding one.

Thus, the story can revolve not only around the PR of the governor, "raking" for the media and assets in the field of real estate, but also frank "display." Of course, there is no confirmation of this yet, but it seems that the field is here for law enforcement officers, as they say, not smelled.