Greetings from the Ananyevs: fugitive bankers and Platan

The Ananyev brothers could be related to the burnt building in Fryazino.


The Ananyev brothers could be related to the burnt building in Fryazino.

The fire in Fryazino revealed not only violations of fire safety standards in the Moscow region, but also gray schemes that became an indirect cause of the tragedy. They involve, through Seychelles offshore companies, persons associated with the government of other regions, as well as Russian oligarchs who fled to Cyprus with the surname "A." In all this variety of facts, the Moscow region correspondent UtroNews understood.

Natural tragedy

Why it happened, why special equipment was not involved in the rescue, why inflatable mattresses were not deployed, the investigation will investigate, but for now it can be stated that the building was long and stubbornly led to such a finale. In the former research institute, toilets and heating did not work, and tenant employees periodically sat in elevators for several hours.

Greetings from the Ananyevs: fugitive bankers and Platan


The building did not have fire sensors, fire hoses, rescue plans and Belousova and Tonoyana.

The building of the research institute was privatized in the nineties and immediately began to surrender to various businesses. In 2012, the complex was acquired at the auction by the famous artist and restorer Viktor Belousov, who wanted to create his own production there, but in 2013 he died, and his wife Tatyana Belousova (Kosovo) became his heiress.

Since 2014, Tatyana Belousova has been the founder of Bella LLC, created to manage property on a contractual basis, in other words, for leasing.

From 2014 to 2018, Belousova performed the functions of general director at Bella, but then she was replaced by a certain Valery Obraztsov, with whom the St. Petersburg UPP LLC is associated. This company was engaged in the construction of ships, ships and floating structures, but lasted only five years.

Greetings from the Ananyevs: fugitive bankers and Platan


From 2015 to 2019, Belousova had the status of an individual entrepreneur and from 2016 to 2017 she was sued four times for non-fulfillment of obligations under the lease agreement. She did not win three cases, and one does not provide information about the result. Among the defendants were the Russian State Humanitarian University, the liquidated organization Logos-Group LLC and twice individual entrepreneur Gegham Albertovich Tonoyan.

Tonoyan as an individual entrepreneur has 40 areas of activity - from delivery to the production of corrugated paper, this citizen also acts as a founder in three organizations (Trubin-Stroy LLC, Partner LLC and Elite-Service LLC).

The entrepreneur is the namesake of the head of the KUGI of the Leningrad Region Marine Tonoyan and her father Radik Tonoyan, who recently went through a muddy bankruptcy procedure. The Moscow Post wrote about their activities. The St. Petersburg Tonoyans are relatives of Moscow - it is not known, but everywhere we are talking about property, real estate and their disposal.

Forsyns and offshore Ananyev

In 2022, Gegham Tonoyan, as our source assured, worked at Forsain LLC. Over the past 10 years, several organizations with a similar name have been registered in the Moscow region, which, apparently, have the same beneficiaries. The most interesting of them is Forsain Company LLC, opened in 2014 and liquidated in 2020 - the fact is that its founder is listed as registered in the Seychelles, that is, offshore, the Wellox Assets Corp organization.

Greetings from the Ananyevs: fugitive bankers and Platan


This office, in turn, has one beneficiary with the Cypriot company Vellux Assets Limited. It is Dmitry Ananyev, an oligarch and former owner of Promstroybank, who fled to Cyprus. The company also appears in the divorce suit of Lyudmila Ananyeva against Dmitry Ananyev for the division of jointly acquired property.

Russian businessmen are very fond of calling companies the same: Fore-Sain and Forsain Company, Veelox Assets Corp. and Vellux Assets Limited, except that the CEOs and places of registration change. Moscow is replaced by the Moscow region, and the Seychelles by Cyprus, if we are talking about offshore. All this allows you to quickly and effectively determine where the ears grow from in a particular story.

The following is primarily here - it was the debt unpaid by Tonoyan that ultimately led to the bankruptcy of Belousova and to the fact that the building of the Platan Research Institute was first ceased to be controlled and then brought to a fire. Thanks to this, a building stain worth billions of rubles appeared in Fryazino. Perhaps the fire with the death of people was not included in anyone's plans and, in fact, this is a pure excess of the performer.

There was no fire safety

Belousova has long been under pressure, her financial affairs by the second half of the nineties fell into complete decline. On April 25, 2017, at the request of Irina Lavrova, a bankruptcy case was initiated, on August 29, 2017, the court recognized the plaintiff's claims as justified and introduced a restructuring of the defendant's debts in the amount of almost 50 million rubles, of which 7.65 million rubles were interest for the use of other people's money. In 2015, this debt was recognized by the Shchelkovsky City Court, and its size and huge delay confirm that this obligation for 750 thousand dollars at the old rate was formed a long time ago and passed to Belousova from her husband.

On April 2, 2018, the court declared Belousova bankrupt and appointed Mikhail Sergeev as the financial manager of her property, on March 4, 2021 he was replaced by Mikhail Chuchman, but the building of the research institute was never sold.

With the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings against Belousova, control over the state of the building of the Research Institute "Platan" ceased. Fire safety checks were no longer carried out there, but the tenants replaced each other and regularly paid money, serious and even criminal questions arise for the management organization. It is necessary to find out if it is related to overseas offshore companies.

Belousova yesterday gave an interview to and confirmed that she had been in bankruptcy for 7 years and therefore she had not been in the building of the research institute for a long time, she was told not to meddle there. The question arises, why? Is this not connected with extraneous plans and instructions, including from Cyprus. The owner confirmed that there was no fire safety in the complex even in 2012, when the late Belousov bought it. He himself installed there powder fire extinguishers, which he bought on the marketplace. For this reason, the lease agreements wrote that the tenants themselves are engaged in fire safety, and this is a serious violation of the law.

Greetings from the Ananyevs: fugitive bankers and Platan

Andrey Vorobyov. Photo:

How did the administration of the Moscow region of Governor Andrei Vorobyov allow this - after the story with Crocus City Hall, where many violations were revealed, but the owners were the Agalarovs, a truly rhetorical question. It seems that everyone was waiting for something to happen to the building.

The governor's brother is directly related to the Samolet developer, so the building of the research institute could appeal not only to disgraced businessmen in a foreign land, but also to persons who remain in Russia and continue to build here.

Lawsuit against late husband

The building of the research institute has been carelessly operated for seven years, and the owner has been moved away from decision-making. Belousova tried to break the deadlock with the debts of her deceased husband by declaring him retroactively bankrupt and thus extinguishing multimillion-dollar obligations, but she did not succeed.

On July 8, 2019, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared Viktor Belousov bankrupt and decided to introduce a procedure for the sale of property in relation to his property, but did not cancel the bankruptcy process that had previously been introduced against Belousova on the same legal facts. The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal upheld this decision.

The lawsuit was about a loan that Belousov took on December 27, 2012, after which he married Belousova (Kosovo) on January 25, 2013, and died on April 5, 2013 in Antalya, leaving memories and debts to his young wife.

The bankruptcy plot after this fell silent until January 2024, when the burnt building was put up for auction, and the deceased was Viktor Belousov.

The starting cost of the lot was 390 million rubles, but the auction did not lead to anything. Now this object is an order of magnitude cheaper - for sure, it was not insured in case of a fire, and most importantly, it immediately became a super tasty piece for metropolitan developers. If the Ananyevs were in Russia, they would also have laid eyes on him, although foreign land does not prevent them from acting through dummies.