Governor Vorobyov "cheers" from Yaroslavl

The criminal case of the general contractor of the Yaroslavl police building can "knock down" officials from the team of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov.


The criminal case of the general contractor of the Yaroslavl police building can "knock down" officials from the team of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov.

It became known about the detention in December 2022 of the general contractor of the new building of the Yaroslavl police on Frunze Avenue. This building appeared in criminal cases - in 2020, Yevgeny Terekhov, the former deputy head of the logistics department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was sentenced to 7.5 years for bribes from contractors for its construction.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in the Yaroslavl region managed to find out, the case could lead to much more influential people, among whom officials close to the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov are at risk. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

Secretive Contractor and its Communications

As The Moscow Post reported during Terekhov's detention, the rather suspicious Promtekhnopolis office near Moscow was engaged in repairs, which was distinguished by non-payment of wages and other ugly stories, but for some reason it was chosen for the construction of the police building in a closed competition. In fact, the contract could be sharpened specifically for a specific contractor.

Now we can talk about the detention of the former head of the Promtekhnopolis company - a certain Vladimir Vladimirovich Tokarev. The personality is very interesting - firstly, in 2020 there was almost no information on the company's website about it, and now it is not even possible to enter it. We managed to find his photo in a group on the VKontakte social network.

Vladimir Tokarev. Photo:

As for other sources, it is known that Tokayev was the head and founder of the Union of Veterans and Employees of Spetsstroy. And Spetsstroy is the now liquidated structure of the Ministry of Defense, which has repeatedly appeared in corruption scandals.

In 2021, the former deputy head of Spetsstroy Alexander Mordotsov was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison in the case of a bribe during the construction of the long-suffering Vostochny cosmodrome.

Tokarev in his labor biography has two more construction companies - Chalet LLC, which is at the stage of liquidation and, judging by financial indicators, is on the verge of bankruptcy. And - LLC SK Zodchiy - is currently bankrupt.

In the co-founders of Tokarev in Chalet, a certain Evgeny Vladimirovich Tokarev seems to be a relative of our hero. He issued a stake for him in 2020, about the period when the criminal proceedings in the Terekhov case were underway. Perhaps Vladimir Tokarev was afraid for his freedom and sought to preserve assets?

In general, I wonder why they got to Promtekhnopolis only now? Almost three years after the case against Terekhov was opened. And why do they not touch the head of the logistics department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Yaroslavl region, Alexander Smyslov?

Other interesting details emerge here - firstly, Promtekhnopolis is one of the major suppliers for the structures of the Ministry of Defense. More than 2.5 billion rubles FSUE GVSU No. 12 allocated companies on state contracts. At the same time, literally all of them are under execution, and FSUE is in bankruptcy. Like Promtekhnopolis.


Recall that Tokarev is closely connected with the Ministry of Defense through the veteran organization Spetsstroy. And then there are still large government contracts and it is not clear where the money that has left them has gone. Perhaps Promtekhnopolis was used to withdraw money from the Ministry of Defense? Then it is clear why the case could seek to hush up.

In the period from 2017 to 2020, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise was controlled by Molodchenko Alexander Alekseevich, who had previously worked in two other structures of the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to the structures of the Ministry of Defense, Promtekhnopolis served the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Roskosmos and administrative districts of the Moscow region. And, I must say that it has not completed its work except for FSUE under only one contract for VNIIEM Corporation JSC. The rest are either closed, or the execution on them is simply stopped. What is the FSUE waiting for?

Moscow region "in interest"

But let's go back to the officials. When the Yaroslavl region was headed by Dmitry Mironov, representatives of the Moscow region reached there. The mayor of Yaroslavl was Vladimir Sleptsov, previously acting head of Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) and the head of the Khimki district. It is worth noting that after leaving the post of head of Yaroslavl, Sleptsov returned to the Moscow region as head of the Solnechnogorsk city district.

By the way, in 2021, his former subordinate, the first deputy head of the administration, Alexander Kvasnikov, was detained for bribes. Sleptsov, of course, disowned the official, but something suggests that there may be more than one or two of them in his team. And there is a suspicion that they act not only of their own free will, committing such corrupt acts.

Another major appointment "from the Moscow region" - an official of the Federal Property Management Agency Dmitry Stepanenko from 2016 to 2021 was the chairman of the government of the Yaroslavl region. And before that, he worked as the Minister of Agriculture of the Moscow Region. Moreover, when he was "sent" to the Yaroslavl region, Vorobyov personally wished him success in a new place. Now this parting words can be seen from a different angle. There were other "intersecting" appointments with the Moscow Region.

So, that Stepanenko, that Mironov himself not so long ago left his posts in the Yaroslavl region. And so, we are witnessing the resumption of the criminal case around the construction of the Yaroslavl police building.

Thus, a curious picture looms. Is it not in their interests that I previously took contracts, but now the highly respected Promtekhnopolis is going bankrupt? And didn't the criminal case against Terekhov attract other landings for quite a long time?

If so, then the potential detention of the head of the company, Vladimir Tokarev, is a serious bell for the entire "friendly company."