From Izhevsk to Cannes: where did the Radionovs get millions for apartments in Europe?

The modest owner of a French company and real estate on the Cote d'Azur Oksana Gonchar, the namesake of the common-law wife of the brother of the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova, FAS official Grigory Radionov, may be associated with the scandalous owner of the Mechuborka garbage group Konstantin Zharkevich.


The modest owner of a French company and real estate on the Cote d'Azur Oksana Gonchar, the namesake of the common-law wife of the brother of the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova, FAS official Grigory Radionov, may be associated with the scandalous owner of the Mechuborka garbage group Konstantin Zharkevich.

What does the possible wife of the ex-prosecutor, and now an employee of the FAS Grigory Radionov Oksana Gonchar and a representative of a group of companies supervised by Radionova, find out the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

Recall that when the editors of The Moscow Post were preparing material about the head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova, in addition to the French company SCI MONE, decorated with full namesakes of the official's parents, she found SCI CITY PARK at the same address. Both firms were established in December 2017 and both to buy apartments in the resort town of Juan les Pins in the Bay Side complex, which is located on the Cote d'Azur, next to Cannes and Nice. The co-owner of the second company was a certain native of Izhevsk born in 1990, Oksana Gonchar.



As for Ms. Gonchar, according to a source to The Moscow Post, she is not only registered at the same address in Moscow with a certain Svetlana Radionova, but may also be the common-law wife of the official's brother Grigory Radionov.

Radionov graduated from the same Saratov Academy of Law as Svetlana Radionova, and from 2003 to 2021 he worked in the prosecutor's office. In particular, he served as prosecutor of the Western and Northern districts of Moscow, was an investigator of the Basmanny interdistrict prosecutor's office and its deputy prosecutor. Since June 2021, Grigory Radionov heads the department for combating cartels of the FAS Russia.

Judging by the income statement for 2021, Mr. Radionov does not really have an official spouse, but there are two minor children. His total income for the first year of work at the FAS was just over 4.6 million rubles. In use - an apartment with an area of ​ ​ 121.1 square meters, another for 162.4 square meters in the use of his children. And of course there is no French real estate in the declaration. But it is convenient: if there is no stamp in the passport from the registry office, then there is no need to file declarations for the second half, as well as disclose its foreign and Russian assets. By the way, some governors sin in a similar way.


The editors of The Moscow Post decided to find out who Ms. Gonchar is, and discovered another indirect connection between the buyer of an apartment on the Azur Coast and the Radionov family.

So, on the possible father of Ms. Gonchar - Yuri Gonchar in 2018, a World Cup spectator card was issued, which took place in June-July of the same year. M.MAKAROVA @ GOSNADZOR.RU was indicated as a contact e-mile. The fact is that the mail on this server belongs exclusively to employees of Rostekhnadzor, whose deputy head at that time was just Svetlana Radionova. Coincidence again?

As for the father of Oksana Gonchar, who (what if!) Could sponsor the French purchase of his daughter, he was not seen in some business. Unless, from 1999 to 2012, he worked in Izhevsk as an individual entrepreneur in the field of wholesale non-specialized trade. Of the interesting things in the biography of Mr. Gonchar, one can only note the military service in Germany, which he indicated on his page in social networks.


So who sponsored the Cote d'Azur deal?

Business connections and to Cannes will bring

In the Unified State Register of Legal Entities there is only one Gonchar Oksana Yurievna, who received an INN in Udmurtia, whose age and date of birth fully coincides with the data of the buyer of the apartment in the Bay Side complex.


Ms. Gonchar can hardly be called a large businessman who can safely spend 250 thousand euros to pay for an apartment in France (the second share could be contributed by the co-owner of SCI CITY PARK Liubov Guzhikhina (Lukianova).

Three times Gonchar registered the status of an individual entrepreneur, starting in 2014, starting with the sale of products, ending with the services of insurance brokers.

In addition, Oksana Gonchar owns shares in three firms in Moscow and the Moscow Region, two of which are in the production of sweets, one is a restaurant: PKP Mir Sladesty LLC, PRO Vkus LLC and Vitakeyk LLC.


The total revenue of companies in 2022 amounted to only 35 million rubles with a loss of 28 thousand rubles and the very cost of shares is of negative importance. At the same time, not even all taxes were paid in 2023 from the same restaurant "PRO Vkus."


It is unlikely that in 2017, when the deal was drawn up in France, the picture was more successful.

But, speaking of Gonchar's business, one cannot but pay attention to her business partners and their connections. And there we will talk about a completely different order of numbers.

A man is known by the company he keeps...

Among Gonchar's business partners in PKP World of Sweets LLC from 2015 to 2018, a certain Gorokhova Tatyana Iosifovna appeared. At the same time, Gorokhova has intersection points with another Gonchar partner, Natalya Lomaka, who is still a co-owner of all three Gonchar assets.


So, Tatyana Gorokhova has a common business with the deputy of the Council of Deputies of the Solnechnogorsk city district of the Moscow region Alexei Martirosyan. In addition, her relative, Anna Gorokhova, through her business partner Daria Alexandrova, may be familiar with the former deputy head of the Moscow Region administration, ex-minister of the Moscow Region government, former senator and ex-head of the representative office of the Governor of the Astrakhan Region under the Government of R F Yuri Chaplin. The latter had a common business (Privokzalnaya Ploshchad LLC) with Alexandrova.


But the most interesting thing is that Tatyana Gorokhova, together with Anna Gorokhova (also familiar with Lomaka), have common interests with a company from the division of the federal "garbage" group "Mekhuborka" Konstantin Zharkevich.

Tatyana is a co-owner of Chistograd LLC with Mekhuborka Group LLC, and Anna is the director of Chistograd.


Zharkevich has been engaged in the "garbage" business, which, by the way, is supervised by the Radionova department since the 90s. He managed to master the markets of many regions, where his companies received, among other things, the status of a regoperator.

Meanwhile, in recent years, Zharkevich's division companies have repeatedly become participants in scandals, including those related to tariffs and the environment. Yes, so that, for example, the Durtyulimeliovodstroy company (until November 2023 it was part of the Mekhuborka group) in July 2023 was completely deprived of the status of a re-operator for MSW management in Bashkiria. Prior to that, 34 violations of environmental legislation were discovered.

The Moscow Post has previously talked in detail about Zharkevich's business. And although Rosprirodnadzor issues both warnings and fines to Mekhuborka, their amounts are such that they are unlikely to hit the offender's pocket hard. So can the secret of the unsinkability of the scandalous division be in the very notorious "theory of six handshakes"?

As we can see, Oksana Gonchar does not see any of his own millions of euros for the purchase of an apartment near Nice. Therefore, one can only guess and assume who and for what "gave" or lent to a modest broker, possibly associated with the family of a high-ranking official, such not modest amounts.