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03 March 2024

"Farmasintez" Punia issued Zelensky

What does a businessman from India and the owner of Farmasintez Vikram Punia have to do with Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the prosecutor's decree, the execution of the state contract for the supply of the drug lenalidomide was suspended. The agreement was concluded between the structure of the Ministry of Health and Primafarm.

Everything happened after representatives of the Pharm-Sintez company turned to the authorities, the drug of which was supposed to supply the structure of the Ministry of Health "Primafarm." But the company almost immediately after the start of the execution of the state contract signed an additional agreement, to which it added lenalidomide from Pharmasintez Vikram Punia. And in fact, only delivered it within the framework of the aforementioned contract.

Vikram Punia is a famous character who is credited with mutually beneficial relations with the former head of the Ministry of Health Tatyana Golikova. And Primafarm is an office related to his family. Therefore, the desire of the company to put its own on a state contract is understandable. But, as The Moscow Post correspondent managed to further find out while investigating this case, Punia may be associated with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. And this is a completely different story...

Primafarm is owned by Valery Alexandrovich Arlantsev. He is also the former owner of the predecessor of the company - Pharmasintez-Retail LLC - the company until 2019 belonged directly to Punia. Subsequently, the company was re-registered with a relative of businessman Puniy Nikita Vikramovich, and then transferred to Arlantseva and was transformed into Primafarm. Here is Arlantsev's share under the encumbrance of the same Nikita Punia. So, most likely Valery Alexandrovich Nomina, behind which is the owner of Farmasintez.

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In addition, Arlantsev is the founder of the Irkutsk security agency Bastion. And, according to our sources, this company is from the Pharmasinza circuit, and he previously worked there as an internal control director.

And what is the "95th quarter" here?

Let's move on. Nikita Punia also owns Envie. And the company in the founders there is Kukurkhoev Rasul Magometovich. And here it is already becoming interesting. Kukurkhoev in the past was headed by International Indore Operator LLC. And the owner of the company at that time was Balchyunas Jurgis Ernstovich. This is the brother of a famous director working under the pseudonym Marius Weisberg.

Yurgis has a film production company, Weisberg Pickers LLC. Until 2019, it was controlled by the offshore Green Family LTD, which was affiliated with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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In Zelensky's declaration of 2020, these assets no longer appeared. However, it is unlikely that he simply gave them. Marius Balchyunas is no stranger to film producer Sergei Bobza, who is connected with Zelensky by at least one common film. Recall that before becoming president, Vladimir Alexandrovich was a co-owner and artistic director of Studio Kvartal-95. Balciunas, together with Bobza, owned LeopolisRu-Distribution LLC.

Bobza runs the LGB company, and it belongs to the Sinema Quarter. She was involved in the production of Zelensky's film "I Will Be There." And its general director, Dmitry Glashkin, was at one time the head of Weisberg Pickers.

Thus, we can say that the Balciunas family of "filmmakers" are most likely Zelensky's people. Who continue to earn millions in Russia, despite the aggressive policy of the President of Ukraine towards our country.

And it seems that they climbed into the powerful medical business of Vikram Punia, who makes great money on Russian public procurement. But this is where the funds go? It would also be nice to find out the prosecutor's office.


From India with "dislike"

A native of India, Punia, back in the 90s, earned money on the supply of medicines from this country to the Siberian regions. And under Tatyana Golikova, he developed his business well, which began to receive good government contracts, and by 2017 he became the sixth largest manufacturer of medicines in this segment in terms of supplies.

At the same time, questions arose more than once about the quality of the drugs produced by the company. Back in 2008, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote that patients were treated with a drug from Farmasintez that had not passed clinical trials. How did he even get to the Russian market? I think this question should be addressed to Ms. Golikova.

The structures that are associated with Pharmasintez on the market during the coronavirus pandemic first received "good" from Uraa to produce a drug for its treatment, and then did not cope with the task due to lack of capacity. Kommersant wrote about this. Why give such a task to a company that is not ready to fulfill it? For Punia and Co to fill their own pockets? And that human life is just a way to earn money?

Pharmasintez also "shone" in the case of non-payment of customs duties - in short, Vikram's brother Satiya was the general director of the company of the supplier of Farmasintez CAMUS PHARMA PVT.LTD.


According to the plot of the case, a contract for the supply of pharmaceutical substances in the amount of US $7,000,000 was signed between Pharmasintez JSC (Buyer - Russia) and CAMUS PHARMA PVT.LTD (Seller - India) in 10.01.2018. During the customs control, the relevant body revealed signs of a statement of inaccurate information, among which were, among other things, lower prices of declared goods compared to the price of identical goods. The bill could go to billions. But the court found the evidence insufficient.

By the way, Farmasintez was also suspected of tax evasion in the amount of 190 million rubles. But the case was not given in this case either.

It is known that when trying to enter the market for the production of a drug for coronavirus, Vikram Punia wrote to Ms. Golikova, despite the fact that she was no longer the head of the Ministry of Health. And if we return to "our" Primafarm, "it is worth noting that the former gender of the structure Valery Turchaninov (according to our sources, we are convicted of the presence of rifled weapons) previously worked at Farmexpyriens, where the founder is Ruslan Dreval, an expert in the organization of health care and drug supply, awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The only question of whom is our officials "dragging" if Punia has a possible connection directly with the head of the Ukrainian regime.

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