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30 November 2023

Dobrovinsky's "syndrome"

Infamous lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, so fond of showing off in front of the public, is no longer a lawyer. The Qualification Commission has deprived him of this status for two years.

The reasons have not yet been announced, but there is little surprising in the news: this lawyer has earned too dubious a reputation. Earlier, two disciplinary proceedings were initiated against him, when he publicly spoke out in the case of a fatal accident involving Mikhail Yefremov, where Dobrovinsky represented the injured party.

And even earlier, the lawyers of the Board named Alexander Dobrovinsky and Partners, lit up in the murky process of Uralchem Vs ToAZ, where they worked for oligarch Dmitry Mazepin and the prosecution group. Mazepin by hook or crook tried for many years to take over the company, and in this case, the won claim could give him almost 90 billion rubles and solve the accumulated financial problems.

The oligarch, as they say, in hysterics rushed around the offices to get the patronage of people who knew how to push the right buttons, and even used  IC General Tumanov to help. He also involved judge Kirillov from the city of Togliatti in the case and in the autumn of 2018 - the actual group of lawyers of Dobrovinsky, who aimed for spectacular performances, was famous for a glossy smile, necessary connections in law enforcement agencies and special resourcefulness in conducting cases. Despite all this, the trial could not be completed in favour of Mazepin – too much had to be pulled over the ears.

It took a long time to dig around in this case and without much success. And one of the lawyers of the Dobrovinsky’s Bureau in the ToAZ case hearings in the Komsomol court, Yevgenia Semchukova, turned out to be a person involved in the investigation of a major scam related to IKEA. An employee of Dobrovinsky was caught on a particularly serious crime - mediation in giving a bribe - but for some reason she was punished with only a fine of 3 million rubles.

It is known that Semchukova was given $600 thousand to initiate a criminal case, but the authorities intercepted the "parcel" in time. One can only imagine what Mr. Mazepin's team of lawyers is like if the lawyers hired from outside are so "negligent".

Dobrovinsky and his "brigade" "with a fuss" quickly turned the ToAZ trial into an obvious farce. Probably, this was their role in the proceedings – in an adequate framework of justice, they could not overcome the Togliatti enterprise. And taking into account what is happening in the process, it is quite possible that in this case, another "parcel" was managed to be delivered.

All this is already in the past - after the decision of the Council of the Moscow Bar Association, a noisy lawyer who enjoys public attention and non-trivial moves is unlikely to be able to help either Mazepin or anyone else. This is a huge blow to the reputation of Dobrovinsky – after all, such an idea can come to many people and not only in the legal community: if such lawyers are deprived of their status, it means that the cases they undertake and conduct are hardly clean. Now he can only smile by habit and write Instagram posts about past victories.

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