"Demyanova ear" about five billion

The owner of the "collapsed" "Novopokrovsky" bank Alexei Demyanov, money from the Ministry of Defense, and what does the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev have to do with it.


The owner of the "collapsed" "Novopokrovsky" bank Alexei Demyanov, money from the Ministry of Defense, and what does the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev have to do with it.

In the case of embezzlement through the Novopokrovsky battery, new details and evidence appear.

The Moscow Post received documents where the nominal director of one of the companies participating in the scheme exposes her. Details - in the material of The Moscow Post.

The "missing" billions were found in the "goblets"

According to citizen Kalinin Vladimir Alekseevich, who is listed as the general director and head of the Tekhgazsnab organization, funds were withdrawn through this organization by issuing it non-refundable loans from Novopokrovsky.

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

Recall, "Novopokrovsky" since 2008 belonged to Muscovite Alexei Demyanov and Samara businessmen Vitaly and Vladimir Knauss. By 2017, the bank collapsed, three years later, Mr. Demyanov was arrested by a court decision - he was suspected of embezzling at least 100 million rubles from a credit institution. Subsequently, he was brought to subsidiary responsibility in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles and sent to a colony, from which in 2022 he seemed to be released on parole.

Vladimir Knaus was generally recognized as a victim - allegedly Demyanov took 200 million from him for investments, but never returned them.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by The Moscow Post, the charges against Demyanov may not be all that he (and, one must think, Knausov) can be convicted of.

After all, according to the source, Demyanov hid the episodes of theft of the criminal group he created by issuing deliberately non-refundable loans, which were "cashed out" on the same day.

The Moscow Post even published a list and detailed calculations on organizations that could be involved in the scheme. Among them is the aforementioned "Tekhgazsnab."

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

Photo: Courtesy of The Moscow Post reader

At that time, Tekhgazsnab was an active organization that also received good state contracts, including from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. Now the company is in the process of liquidation, like many other structures from the list. Interestingly, it is liquidated due to the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the inaccuracy of certain information, the entry of which is made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

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The last note of unreliability was made in 2018 - and this concerned information about the founder - Mr. Kalinin.

Since then, the organization has been constantly - now in the process of liquidation, then again "comes to life." At the same time, she does not pay taxes at all. There are signs of some kind of muddy scheme.

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In total, through organizations that may be "cubes" of Novopokrovsky, they allegedly withdrew almost 5 billion rubles. Among them is "Basizgazpostavka." According to our source from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he even has a record where Demyanov openly confesses that he created the Basizgazpostavka company to steal funds from the bank.

Only now it is unclear why there is not a word about this in the Demyanov case. At the same time, Basizgazpostavka, by the way, also received good contracts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other structures. Maybe the police department had accomplices Demyanov and Knausov? Such questions should be asked to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Kolokoltsev.

From the interrogation protocols provided by our source, it follows that Kalinin was tripled in TekhgazSnab by none other than Demyanov.

Document provided by our reader

The same is confirmed by another witness Dmitry Zhukov.

Document provided by our reader

In addition, there is an almost detective story with the loss of Tekhgazsnab documents. Moreover, the nominal director Kalinin did not even have access to printing and accounting.

Document provided by our reader

Witness Dmitry Zhukov explains that, at the direction of Demyanov, he drew up claims from Tekhgazsnab against various organizations.

Document provided by our reader

And here one of the company's claims against FSUE GVSU No. 6, which is part of the structure of the Ministry of Defense in the amount of over 23 million rubles, is noteworthy.

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Of which the court satisfied 19 million.

Photo: kad.arbitr.ru

It turns out that the money was pulled out of public funds, not only conducting "left" operations, but simply pimping.

And the owl "Lanit"

We all know about the case of Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Tikhonov, which was monstrously delayed. So, as sources previously reported to The Moscow Post, the name of Minister Kolokoltsev could appear in the story of the Lanit company, which appears in the case of a former official.

Recall that Tikhonov is suspected of embezzling hundreds of millions on the creation of GIS TEK, which was engaged in the company "Lanit," now owned by the son of its former late owner Philip Gens. Lanit and its subsidiaries, while still continue to receive contracts - including from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the source, people close to Mr. Kolokoltsev allegedly began to earn money on IT immediately after his appointment, when the latter brought Alexander Makhonov, who was soon promoted to deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Makhonov brought Nechaev, whom he appointed chief designer of the IT structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and acting NPO "STIS." At the end of 2017, Nechaev was arrested because the information system developed by IT consulting and paid for by the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not work. Interestingly, Minister Kolokoltsev himself found a lawyer for Nechaev, allegedly because Mr. Nechaev did not have the funds to pay. And perhaps because he did not want his man to "split"?

Now we see that Kolokoltsev's interests can probably be traced back to the story of Novopokrovsky. Otherwise, how to explain such gaps in the Demyanov case, as well as the fact that Knausov was not involved in the investigation at all as accused?

The Smell of Freedom

Vladimir Knaus is now the owner of a mass of assets that bring him good revenue - these are Morion, Land Development, Pokrov Estate, Sig Invest and others. They are also engaged in issuing loans and real estate.

Sig Invest and Stroyengineering Group, which was also previously managed by Knaus, received government contracts from Russian Railways and Gazprom's structure.

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Gazprom Gaznadzor, by the way, is still waiting for their execution (since 2016), and something prompts - it will not wait.

In fact, a person who may be involved in the "sawing" of Novopokrovsky feels great and can continue to engage in manipulation through other firms.

According to the authors of the Antimafia website, allegedly Demyanov and Knaus gave a bribe in the amount of 1 million euros to the deputy head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow Gorodkov for terminating the criminal case on the fact of embezzlement of funds from the bank in 2018. Larchik was just opening up!

If this is really the case, it is curious how much of this money went into the pocket of people close to Mr. Kolokoltsev?

All assembled

Telling the story of "Novopokrovsky" and its "kubyshek," one cannot ignore the potential participation in these cases of the long-standing heroes of the investigations of The Moscow Post - Yevgeny Bernstam and the Shandalov brothers.

Among the firms that appear in the above "black list" is JSC "Optima." Through Miranta LLC (the former founder of Optima), it is connected with Valery Shandalov.

Optima Group of Companies appears in the case of fraud and tax evasion. And it was she who in 2013 took an investment loan of $35 million from Gazprombank, which she never returned, subsequently going bankrupt. At the same time, Optima was once one of the 20 largest IT companies in Russia!

The name of Andrei Shandalov also "glowed" in the story of an attempt to cash in on the sawing of Russian energy, taking the Energostrim holding in its favor. Here, too, it was not without loans that were allocated to potentially controlled Shandalov family organizations. And, naturally, they were not returned.

As for Bernstam, another organization from the list, Home Money, leads to him. The company has a whole heap of scandals. As Fontanka wrote, Home Money could be involved in not the most ethical ways to collect debts. Among them: extortion, setting fire to strollers, applying grave crosses to doors and pasting leaflets. Evgeny Bernstam, by the way, also owned the Sequoia collection agency, which was distinguished by very tough methods of knocking out money from clients.

Bernstam in 2019 was accused of creating a financial pyramid, Home Money went bankrupt, and investors who did not have time to escape were left "at a broken trough."

But all these, as they would be called among the people - crooks, carried out their activities for a long time and stubbornly. Some of them are still at large or have already been released, according to many, "by lawlessness." Can all this happen without a "roof" and active participation from Mr. Kolokoltsev?