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03 March 2024

Death with nuances: Wolfhound "stumbled" about the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Who could benefit from the death of the main person involved in the cases of embezzlement at the Vostochny cosmodrome and state contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade?

A defendant in a high-profile criminal case on embezzlement of about 1 billion rubles on state contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the former general director of Tsvetlit, Sergei Volkodav, died in the hospital.

The official cause of the incident is hemorrhage, which was the result of a subarachnoid hematoma. The FSIN denies that there could have been a beating. Hematoma is called chronic.

At the same time, the death of the prisoner hardly played into the hands of other possible participants in the machinations attributed to Volkodav. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

Ministry of Industry and Trade "went offshore"?

It was not the first time that Wolfhound was in jail. Previously, he was accused of abuse during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome, for which he never served in the colony, since the time spent in the pre-trial detention center was counted and was omitted in 2022. But soon he was detained in another case - now it was about embezzlement of funds from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The beginning of the implementation of criminal intent dates back to 2013. According to investigators, to fulfill the insidious plan, Volkodav attracted Sergei Tyurin, general director of ErESQ LLC. In 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Trade signed two contracts with ERsQ, for which it transferred about 800 million rubles.

This money disappeared into the accounts of companies controlled by a group of persons, and as a performance, ErSea presented emitters for a tomograph and an angiograph that did not meet the terms of reference. Kommersant wrote about this.

The founders of ERC were the offshore companies KEROLA INC. (Seychelles) and SIIP MEDIA GMBH. In 2022, the firm was covered up. She signed contracts exclusively with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. All on the same date. The total amount exceeds a billion rubles.

Photo: Rusprofile

In the database of "Kontur.Procurement," which publishes information about who else applied for tenders, in general, there is no data on such a state supplier as "EECq." This, coupled with the dates of the conclusion of contracts, suggests that the procedure was specially adapted for a certain supplier. Why, if not to steal on public procurement?

In this case, questions should be asked not only to Mr. Volkodav, but also to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, in which all these acts could be committed. And perhaps Volkodav was ready to shed light on exactly what questions should be formulated for the permanent head of the corporation?

According to the classical scheme

The practice of the Ministry of Industry and Trade "dropping dogs" on suppliers is not new. In the summer of this year, Manturov's department even sined an investigation towards Rostec's daughter, headed by Sergei Chemezov. But it is known how tightly Chemezov and Manturov cooperate. They are credited with close friendships, and some evil tongues even tend to claim that officials together allegedly come up with all kinds of corruption schemes.

And in the situation with Rostec's daughter, Avtomatika, such a background can also be traced - the Ministry of Industry and Trade put forward a suspicion of the company's supply of Chinese units instead of Russian ones. It is not the first time that the eternal issue of import substitution has surfaced in the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Rostec, and it already looks like a tested scheme with well-known "switchmen" - you can read in detail in our investigation "Motorko" scapegoating ": new thefts in Rostec structures could be prepared in advance."

Denis Manturov and Sergey Chemezov. Photo:

Another truly funny one, if it were not about squandering state millions, the story happened in 2022. Then it turned out that the Abtronics company managed to receive a subsidy of almost 160 million rubles for "research and development work on the development and organization of the production of a children's electromechanical toy-designer," namely: a toy train "Russia" on electric traction. To check, this toy turned out to be a fashion designer bought in a children's store worth 15 thousand rubles.

Either the Ministry of Industry and Trade signs pieces of paper with closed eyes, or decided to master several dozen "lemonchiks" together with Timofey Telegin, the beneficiary of a structure that could previously import American counterfeit into Russia and sell to the same government agencies.

Many with whom Telegin worked were associated with defense structures. And now on domestic strategic devices are American microcircuits? The situation in the current realities is not much, not a little can threaten the country's defense security.

Running in a circle

But let's get back to the Wolfhound situation. This is not the first person to die in near-pregnancy after being "fined" in front of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In 2021, businessman Vladimir Zubkov died in jail. It was held in the case of Olga Kolotilova, ex-head of the pharmaceutical industry development department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Kolotilova was then accused of major fraud. Olga Pokidysheva, who worked as the deputy head of the department for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, was also involved in this case. Accomplices stole half a billion rubles on purchases of foreign drugs for certification in Russia. And for this they used an "agreement" with businessmen, in particular Zubkov, to conduct contracts through his companies.

Interestingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, despite the fact that high-ranking employees of the state-owned company were detained, was recognized as a victim in this case.

And the cause of Zubkov's death was never officially announced. It is known that he collaborated with the investigation... was it not because he died?

The case still stretches, as if they are diligently trying to hush it up. Is there any direct interest of the permanent head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade?

It is possible that after the testimony of Volkodav, similar detentions could begin in the structures of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Recall that the businessman also supplied equipment used in medical purposes. Will the investigation come out with a thorough analysis of the same Pokidysheva and Kolotilova? And behind them and to Manturov himself hand to serve...

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