Connections and dirt of Deputy Malyuk: who is the famous "flour mill" driving the business with?

"Hereditary" deputy Alexei Malyuk can make acquaintance with criminal elements, and his companies were previously caught by the hand on "liberties" with taxes.


"Hereditary" deputy Alexei Malyuk can make acquaintance with criminal elements, and his companies were previously caught by the hand on "liberties" with taxes.

On the eve of a major fire occurred in Izhevsk. The network claims that the warehouses of Udmurtmelprom, the oldest flour mill production in Udmurtia, owned by the deputy of the State Council, businessman Alexei Malyuk, fell under fire.

The city is wondering if the deputy could sell this property for development, for which an unexpected fire would be very useful - there is no need to spend money on dismantling capital structures. However, these are just rumors. Meanwhile, it is known that Malyuk can conduct business with extremely dubious personalities, and his enterprises can take "liberties" with taxes.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post in Udmurtia.

At the moment, the fire on Golyansky Village Street has been extinguished, its causes are being established. Fortunately, there were no casualties or casualties. At the same time, if the Udmurtmelprom warehouse really suffered, then this is unlikely to be a fatal blow for Alexei Malyuk's finances.

Earlier, the State Council deputy was on the Forbes list in Udmurtia, and in 2018 he was recognized as the richest deputy in the regional parliament, earning 138 million rubles in 2017. And 130 million - precisely from entrepreneurial activity. He owns a number of flour milling enterprises, and holds the lion's share of the grain processing sector in the Republic. Of course, all this is not only his merit.

After all, Alexei's dad, Mikhail Malyuk, who was directly related to the development of the flour milling business, is also the most famous person in the city. In the past, he was a deputy of the State Council, close to the former head of the Republic, Alexander Volkov. Just in those zero years, the Malyukas managed to firmly gain a foothold in the local political and business establishment.

Yes, so much so that for Malyuk Jr., work in the State Council is felt only as an "additive" to his extensive business activities. Judging by the fact that the shares of his enterprises are not in trust, he works on an exempt basis. Translated into a more understandable language: it seems that he is much more interested in earning money than in executing the orders of voters.

Connections and "dirt" of Deputy Malyuk

Today, Deputy Malyuk is the founder of 13 operating legal entities with turnover of hundreds of million rubles and state contracts. Some of his enterprises have agreements with the authorities that are not bad for a small republic and flour milling business. For example, Rus-Matushka Trading Company LLC, which sells the products of Malyuk flour mills, contracted for 34 million rubles. Among other things, she supplies bread products to correctional institutions in the region - abs with whom they will not work there...


But Malyuk himself, apparently, does not care with whom to make money. He could have a business relationship with Galbi Rzaev and Sakiy Musaev, who are trying to attribute ties with the organized criminal group. Yes, not just an organized criminal group, but a whole structure that could deal with illegal actions against underage girls. Sounds wild.

Galbi Rzaev had already come to the attention of law enforcement agencies and was convicted of violence. However, the court was incredibly kind to him. In 2022, he received only 4.5 years in prison, a significant part of which was in jail, and had to either be released or be released soon.

At the same time, other gang members calmly fled abroad. Meanwhile, they could all be covered by a powerful roof. And who could be this roof, because in order to cover such people you need to have both money and political influence?

Meanwhile, Tsargrad journalists found that Galbi Rzaev and other members of his "team" were involved in tax crimes related to the supply of grain to two large agricultural holdings in Udmurtia. These are Rus-Matushka LLC, which is owned by our hero Alexei Malyuk, and Askor LLC, owned by businessman Igor Cho, Malyuk's former colleague in the State Council of Udmurtia. As a result, the state suffered damage worth tens of million rubles.

Quote: "It turned out that there are results of inspections carried out on the facts of violations by the regional department of the FSB, during the arbitration processes the facts of tax crimes and signs of fraud by the Ministry of Internal Affairs were confirmed. That is, the "roof" was serious?

However, in at least one case, a person was convicted who actually had nothing to do with these crimes. And the real beneficiaries - both among the immigrants from Azerbaijan who provided logistics services and the managers of both agricultural holdings - did not suffer any punishment. " End of quote.

Galbi Rzaev, who could be a partner of Alexei Malyuk, in the courthouse. Photo:

According to the Web, allegedly Malyuki and their partners, including Galbi Rzaev, together in a couple of years "heated" the state by more than 100 million rubles, and this is only what the Federal Tax Service managed to prove. As if hundreds of millions passed through the accounts of gasket firms.

Let's repeat - to Alexei Milyuk, who worked with such "partners" and could get covered up in tax fraud, law enforcement officers had no questions. Meanwhile, his Trading Company Rus-Matushka tried to fiercely challenge the claims of the tax authorities in the courts. They dared to "add additional charges" to the structure of unpaid taxes in the amount of 15 million rubles. And this is only one case. As a result, the court "dominated" the decision of the tax authorities, Malyuk's company refused the requirements.


By the way, the same court decision says in black and white that Rus-Matushka LLC is a monopolist in the market for grain processing and the production of bakery products on the territory of the Udmurt Republic and, due to the established prices for flour, forms the cost of bakery products in the region. That is, he can do whatever he wants. How did the Malyuki build such a wonderful business? Surely no one helped them?

Family with a bias

Malyuki's "bread empire" was collected, as usual, on the basis of former state property. A true classic of the genre. Under the head of Udmurtia, Alexander Volkov, the father of the current Alexei Malyuk, Mikhail (already then a deputy of the State Council), worked as a director in the then state Udmurtkhlebprom.

And then his son, very young Alexei, at the beginning of the 2000s, suddenly becomes the head of the Sarapul bakery. And in 2005, the authorities suddenly decide that the mass of flour milling and bakery enterprises in the region has nothing to be in state ownership. They are privatized, and under the wing of Malyukov there are several large industries at once.

Earlier, the head of Sarapul Bread Products Plant OJSC was Malyuk Sr. The company was incorporated back in 1999. According to the Web, allegedly against the reassignment of Malyuk by the general director of the plant was the then Prime Minister of Udmurtia Nikolai Ganza. But for Malyuk, the first deputy chairman of the State Council of the UR Vladimir Agashin seemed to stand up. Whether he could have had his own corruption interest in this is unknown, but after that Mikhail Malyuk had no problems with the authorities. As well as problems with business.

As we know, his son Alexei, despite a whole series of scandals, also has no problems. But another son, Mikhail Malyuk, brother of Alexei, Vitaly Malyuk, has problems with the Law. In 2019, he was detained and accused of illegal organization and conduct of gambling committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy.

Members of the criminal group held games in two gambling establishments operating in Sarapul under the guise of Internet clubs. By coincidence, it is in Sarapul that Alexey Malyuk lives, and their famous bakery works there. This is his constituency. His constituency is his rules.

Finally, let's express a personal opinion: in any other situation of such a deputy, voters would have to drive with a filthy broom, and for a long time he would have to try to explain and prove that he had nothing to do with these dirty stories. But, apparently, people in Udmurtia appreciate Malyuk. So there is something for.