"Chemical" in the Russian Guard: Andrei Ryabinsky "got" on the plane

The deal to buy MIC "Airplane" is in jeopardy. Could 67 million rubles allocated by the Russian Guard for the purchase of apartments from MIC Andrei Ryabinsky go somewhere?


The deal to buy MIC "Airplane" is in jeopardy. Could 67 million rubles allocated by the Russian Guard for the purchase of apartments from MIC Andrei Ryabinsky go somewhere?

Rumors spread around the market that the largest deal on the market for the sale of the MIC group Andrei Ryabinsky to the developer "Airplane" (it is associated with the interests of the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov) is in jeopardy, and Ryabinsky himself risks being involved in a criminal case.

The Moscow Post correspondent understood the situation.

MIC, Rosgvardia and the case of 67 million rubles

The fact is that one of the companies from the developer's circuit - SZ MIC-MIC, has an "astronomical" contract for almost 850 million rubles with FGKU "4 CZs of the National Guard Troops" (the structure of the Russian Guard), which has not yet fulfilled, although the deadlines have passed already in 2021!

At the same time, according to the State Procurement, the entire amount of MIC-MIC was paid. We go into the company's court cases - literally in June, the FGKU filed a lawsuit against the company demanding 67 million rubles.

A reasonable question arises: why was the FGKU "silent" for two years? The contract was concluded under the board of the institution by a certain Alexander Alexandrovich Alexandrov. In 2021, on the eve of the deadline, he "evaporated" from management and did not glow anywhere else. He was replaced by Ilya Yuryevich Kudinov, who previously headed the 1CZ of the National Guard Troops FGKU. This institution ceased operations, and its agreements, apparently, passed FGKU 4, since the public procurement card from FGKU 1 indicates the same contracts with MIC-MIC as that of PKU 4. And they were on behalf of another head of FGKU 1, who replaced Kudinov - Rinchinov Alexander Dashievich. This whole friendly company could "saw" on state contracts with the MIC structure and therefore dragged on with a lawsuit for so long, hoping that everything would "break down" somehow by itself?

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The background of the case on the court's website is not disclosed while the trial is delayed, but it seems that the Russian Guard wants to demand back funds for the unfinished contract. Only whether the company can pay them is a big question.

There were already comments on the object in 2019. Photo: https://www.mos.ru/upload/documents/files/6299/OOOSZMIC_MIC_20112019.pdf

According to the analysis of its reliability, the company already has 1,678 productions worth 251, while the shares of its founders are encumbered by Sberbank. In just the last two years, the company's revenue has grown from almost zero to 2.4 billion rubles. I think it's just bank money. So, of them, perhaps, the company with the department will pay off, but Sberbank also needs to give a loan out of something.

In any case, the question remains active - where did the millions allocated for the construction of apartments for employees go? It is worth noting here that the company at different times had "foreign wallets" - offshore companies affiliated with MIC. Where public money could be withdrawn.

"The income received from the customer by the general contractor goes to the offshore zone. Taxes that could be withheld in the Russian Federation are not withheld, but remain in the offshore zone. Convenient means for criminal purposes, "- quoted at one time lawyer Pavel Geiko REN TV.

Guarantor of"non-quality"

Under the terms of the contract with the Russian Guard, the Ryabinsky group was supposed to build two buildings at the address: Moscow, Desenovskoye, near the village of Tupikovo, study 51, building No. 5 and building No. 6. These are parts of the Maple Alley residential complex. The residential complex was completed in 2022, but, for some reason, the contract with the FGKU is still in execution. You can only guess about the reasons. We assume that the FGKU could not arrange something, or the decoration of the apartments has not yet been done.

In general, it is clear what questions may have arisen for the developer. Photo: https://www.novostroy-m.ru/baza/jk_klenovye_allei_vatutinki/otzyvy

People complain about poorly made local infrastructure. Photo: https://t.me/MOS_NEWS/41374

Federal media have repeatedly paid attention to the activities of the Ryabinsky MIC group. On REN TV there was a whole issue dedicated to collapsed tiles, cracks in walls, flooded basements, damp entrances and other delights offered by the MIC group.

You can talk about problems in the residential complex from MIC for a long time. Not wise. After all, illegal migrants work at their construction site. Did they go through vocational training? Hardly. This means that it can be dangerous to be in houses from MIC without exaggeration. You never know - who and what did not use technology.

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How boxing, organized crime groups and development are related

Airplane signed an agreement with MIC on its purchase on June 20, 2023. Just 11 days earlier, the FGKU appealed to the court with a demand for 67 million rubles, in which, as they say in certain circles, it can "smell criminal." It is unlikely that Mr. Vorobyov, with whose interests the Airplane is associated, really wants to "get dirty" in this story. Just like repaying the company's numerous debts.

According to unconfirmed information, in England Ryabinsky has a wife and daughter, and allegedly it is there that he withdraws money, preparing for an imminent move. And therefore he wants to sell the group with all its obligations and problems. The personality of the developer deserves special attention.

Ryabinsky is known as the organizer of boxing fights. According to rumors, he ended up there thanks to ties with criminal structures. According to the "Moment of Truth," businessman Anton Bulgakov accused him of extortion.

According to Bulgakov's statement, the object of encroachment was an expensive property belonging to him in Moscow on Volgogradsky Prospekt, 99, p. 1. It seems that a case was opened on this issue, but, according to the authors of the Rosnadzor.com website, allegedly the son of Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev Alexander has common business interests with Ryabinsky, and therefore they decided to hush him up.

Photo: https://rosnadzor.com

Photo: https://rosnadzor.com

By the way, judging by the information on the Web, a fitness club is located on Volgogradsky 99.1, where people are "thrown": they allegedly sell subscriptions, but the club itself is not going to open. Given what we know about Ryabinsky, isn't it his work?

Instead of an afterword

With MIC, despite the fact that the company occupies a significant market share, now even the family of Alisher Usmanov does not want to have business, whose development successes cannot be called breakthrough. Recently, MIC left (or was it expelled?) From a joint project with Rodina, which is owned by the Usmanov family. The speech about the company "SZ Rodina-2" - The Moscow Post understood in detail the background of the story related to the affairs of the oligarch in the investigation "Airplane" flew away from Wiener: did Usmanov's stepson fail to cope with "Motherland"?

"Plane" is also not an angel, but "MIC" and its founder separately are called by some a spot, which is unrealistic to derive from the reputation of cooperating with it. Earlier, even before the deal, the companies had already worked together - MIC and Airplane Two Capitals were on the list of founders of the Association of Construction Industry Participants from July 2019 to December 2021. Perhaps this was the beginning of communication between Ryabinsky and Vorobyov, resulting in an agreement. But now, when the latter learned much more than before, the deal could be on the verge of collapse. Moreover, Ryabinsky himself risks being "on a pencil." And, if the UK takes up the matter, even the alleged ties with Kolokoltsev's son will not help.