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03 March 2024

Chemezov on Muradyan's wire, or the iPhone from Russia

The family behind the BAMO holding Muradyanov was involved in the development of a domestic smartphone, which was actually created from foreign components.

According to the correspondent of The Moscow Post, a smartphone produced by Rostec structures went on sale. According to the developers of "Smartecosystem," the device should protect the user from data collection by the ability to turn off the camera and microphone. True, it seems that not only Rostec is behind the development, but also people close to Gazprom, as well as the famous Muradyanov business family, known for their attempts at a not-so-friendly takeover.

The device "is designed for confidential communication and excludes the collection of personal data," so the creators call it a "trust phone." To protect against leaks, the gadget has a camera and microphone lock. Only exclusively Russian development can be called it only with a stretch - the smartphone works on the Taiwanese processor MediaTek Helio P70 (manufactured at the TSMC factory in Taiwan), but in the future they will deliver domestic components there. Here is such a "half" import substitution.

But behind this project can be not only a state corporation. According to Rusprofail, now the founders of the company are JSC "Research Institute" Scale, "LLC" Defender "and a certain Pushkina Inna Vadimovna. However, until July 15, 2021, Intellectual Systems JSC was among the founders of the company and the figure of Alexei Alekseevich Konovalov, known in certain circles, is discovered in this company.

And he is known for his extensive business: he is listed as the head of 179 organizations and the founder of 240. I wonder how he manages to do all the business? Yes, and so successfully - in particular, he is behind the company "PromEnergo," which previously owned a plot of land, where now there is a three-story residential building with an area of ​ ​ 4115 square meters, located in the village of Leninskoye in the Leningrad region. And literally 150 meters from the site is a villa with a lake of 24-year-old Mikhail Miller, the son of the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller.

Konovalov loves to do business with the energetic Olga Zhuk, which is visible in a half hundred companies, as well as with the same active Sergey Kucheryavenko. Together they can work in the interests of Roman Timokhin from the MR Group.

So, Konovalov and Zhuk are listed as founders of JSC Jonik. The latter has 13 "subsidiary" structures in which offshore companies can be found, and with them, the famous developer Roman Timokhin in the capital. His shares in some companies are pledged to Sber.

Can it be considered that people from Gazprom are related to Rostekhov's development? It is clearly not worth excluding such an opportunity. Moreover, Anatoly and Vadim Kozeruki, Timokhin's longtime partners, are also close to the gas monopolist. Earlier, Vadim Kozeruk was on the board of directors of the MR Group, and Anatoly Kozeruk was the top manager of Gazprom. Earlier, The Moscow Post wrote in detail about this.

Influential Family Trail

Very entertaining and LLC "Defender," behind which is Yakovlev Valery. The businessman also runs the Double Professional AB enterprise in Moscow, where Vitaly Matveev is the owner.

The latter can be found in UF Legal Support Business LLC, where its partners are Murad Muradyan and the late Hovik Muradyan, who was killed in 2013.

The murder occurred in the very center of Moscow, near the prestigious Lotte Plaza Hotel on Novinsky Boulevard. The businessman came there to meet with business partners at his BMW. As soon as he left the car and went on foot to the hotel entrance, a man in camouflage and a mask approached him and stabbed him several times. Muradyan died from his injuries on the spot. The killer ran to the Garden Ring, where he was waiting for a passenger Toyota Camry without numbers, on which he disappeared.

Investigators investigating the murder in Moscow of a former co-owner of a large Bamo construction company, Hovik Muradyan, believed that the crime was ordered and could be related to his business, which he conducted together with his three brothers. And his brothers are by no means simple. One of them - Murad - now holds the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to Iraq.

The brothers are well known for the Bamo group of companies, named after the first letters of their names (Boris, Akop and Murad and Ovik), which they founded in the late 1990s. The holding included several construction and production companies, and the main assets of the Muradyanov family are located in the Solnechnogorsk district of the Moscow region.

The production base of companies covers an area of ​ ​ more than 100 thousand square meters. m The holding built the Northern Domodedovo production and logistics complex, the Dream and Senege elite residential complexes, the Europa logistics industrial center, the infrastructure for IKEA Mos warehouses, and sports complexes in Armenia and the Moscow region.

Another relative of Muradyan, Harutyun, has an entrepreneurial vein. The latter was a member of the shareholders of the Bamo holding from 2000 to 2002, but then founded his own group of construction companies Muradin.

GK "BAMO" was only noticed several times in the scandal and all of them happened after the arrival of Arman Muradyan, the nephew of Hovik Muradyan. As RIA Chernozemye wrote, the company lit up in history with the Voronezh Plant of Building Aluminum Structures, once Europe's largest enterprise for the manufacture of building enclosing structures from aluminum alloys for industrial and civil construction. In 2005, BAMO Group of Companies, having a minority stake, tried to bankrupt the enterprise. And when this failed, Arman achieved the initiation of a criminal case against the plant managers.

In 2005-2007, some companies from BAMO Group of Companies were bankrupt, and all debts to the state were "hanged" on these companies. In other words, such an elegant move could avoid paying taxes.

Arman Muradyan was also associated with the former governor of the Kaliningrad region, George Boos. The Capital Construction Department of the Kaliningrad Region signed a contract with Muradin LLC, headed by Arman Muradyan, a state contract for the development and state examination of design estimates for the construction of a musical theater. True, Kaliningrad residents did not receive either music or theater, and could not get it. And the money was not much - more than a million dollars.

According to unconfirmed information, in a row it was possible to get through personal acquaintance with Boos. And judging by how the budgets were eventually mastered, it becomes a little alarming for the domestic smartphone.

And now people with such an ambiguous reputation have partnered with Rostec. And we are talking not only about Muradyanov, but also about the super-active Konovalov. Could the money for components simply go into the pockets of certain people who successfully turned out to be indirectly involved in the implementation of the state project?


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