Bukato will "refuel" in the United Kingdom

The Lukoil gas station "fell victim" to the Napoleonic plans of Igor Bukato, whose companies were suspected of laundering budget funds and tax evasion.


The Lukoil gas station "fell victim" to the Napoleonic plans of Igor Bukato, whose companies were suspected of laundering budget funds and tax evasion.

Smolny sued the land belonging to the corporation from the Lukoil structure. The fact is that the city wants to build part of the Moscow-Danube interchange on it, and the workarounds do not fit the plan drawn up. Lukoil will receive about 50 million for the controversial facility.

In whose interests city officials tried so hard - The Sankt-Petersburg Post understood.

Rubber budgets

The denouement was conceived back in 2011 - at that time it was estimated at 5.3 billion rubles. By 2022, this amount increased by 2.8 billion rubles, and subsequently reached 10.5. Money is budget. The increase in cost was explained by the rise in the cost of materials. And the contract was concluded with JSC PO Vozrozhdenie, headed by Mikhail Klobertans, who previously worked in the structures of billionaire Igor Bukato, who is called the owner of Vozrozhdenie.

At the same time, it is no secret that the budget of St. Petersburg seriously "sank" during the coronavirus pandemic and after the start of the SVO. At that time, serious monetary adjustments affected the KRTI (Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure). Budget cuts led to the question of reducing spending on the creation of the Moscow-Danube interchange. Then a real scandal arose, Vozrozhdenie sent a letter to the Legislative Assembly about disagreement with the budget cuts. The result was, judging by the increase in the estimate, pushing through the interests of the developer.

The territory planning project was approved in March last year. At the same time, as local residents report in the comments to the corresponding publication of the "Fontanka" publication, at that time the construction of the junction was already underway. From which we can conclude that there may be "behind the scenes" agreements with the contractor. By the way, only "Renaissance" was announced for the competition. So, there is reason to believe that his outcome was really predetermined in advance.

Moscow-Danube Interchange Project. Construction is planned to be completed in 2024, but will they have time? Photo: https://tvspb.ru/news/2022/06/7/stroitelstvo-moskovsko-dunajskoj-razvyazki-planiruyut-zavershit-v-2024-godu/

At the same time, on social networks you can find a lot of comments about the lack of pedestrian infrastructure in the project, which can significantly complicate the movement of people in the area not by car. Why officials did not think about it is an open question. Although, even if "Lukoil" Vagita Alekperova was "on a ticket," what can we say about ordinary mortals.

Eyes wide closed

For some reason, Smolny officials, including those who personally authorized the latest increase in construction costs for Governor Alexander Beglov, do not care at all about the developer's reputation. But he not only periodically does not complete the road on time, but also became the subject of searches by law enforcement agencies.

The contract for the repair of the road in Kaliningrad was supposed to be commissioned in 2022, but Vozrozhdenie failed. Photo: https://zakupki.gov.ru

In August 2013, the Directorate of Transport Construction through the court ordered Vozrozhdenie to carry out warranty repairs after the reconstruction of Pulkovsky and Kievsky highways. After it, the directorate discovered many defects and shortcomings, and twice demanded to eliminate them, but the contractor did not do this.

And in 2020, security officials searched Bukato's company for evidence of embezzlement and laundering of budget funds, as well as tax evasion. The case stalled, but, as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Renaissance has a whole heap of court cases - 250 of those in which the company was a defendant. She was accused, among other things, of non-payment of money to subcontractors. By the way, Vozrozhdenie ordered services to fulfill obligations under the state contract assigned to it: is there an increase in the expenditure part?

Despite all these facts, the office often gets large contracts in the northern capital - including the construction of one of the largest and most expensive projects - the Western high-speed diameter.

In total, Vozrozhdenie has contracts worth 105 billion rubles.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

Of these, only 23 were completed, which is not even a quarter of all agreements concluded with it. A number of companies were registered with Ms. Bukato Evgenia (daughter of Igor Bukato), who until 2021 was considered the beneficiary of the company: some of them are also not deprived of state purchases. For example, UK Vozrozhdenie TD has 1.5 billion rubles worth of them.

For Igor Bukato himself, 78 legal entities were registered during his solid career, most of which are currently liquidated. Moreover, some organizations have signs of fictitious (minimum employees in the staff and zero revenue). Maybe that's why law enforcement officers in 2020 had suspicions about tax deductions?

Moreover, there were offshore companies in the "biography" of firms associated with Bukato, in which, among other things, "saved" (on taxes and contracts?) Funds could go. For example, Granite Renaissance belongs to ZEDA ETSERI GROUP LTD from the United Kingdom, and was previously controlled by a billionaire.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

In addition, the successors of Vozrozhdenie have a company, Razvitie, which until July last year was called absolutely the same - JSC PO Vozrozhdenie. The firm has zero revenue figures. There are two employees on staff. Why it was necessary to create a "clone" of the organization led by Claubertans is an open question. And why with the "living" "Revival" there is its successor - too.

Photo: Rusprofile.ru

By the way, he is not alone. There is also an organization "Dorstroy." Moreover, the situation here is even funnier: the company was liquidated in 2017 - with a minus value of its assets. Has a large structure like Renaissance not been able to keep its successor afloat? Or, after all, didn't even try, and she needed the company for completely different manipulations?

All their own

The roots of Bukato's successful business, which he continues to conduct despite all the "but," are worth looking for in power structures. According to Ruspress, the ex-governor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev was considered the patron saint of Igor Bukato. Bukato, even with him, began to change the asphalt in the city for tiles. It was rumored that every 20th tile could replenish the condition of Igor Bukato and the family of Governor Yakovlev.

Moreover, the businessman then acquired granite quarries in the Vyborg district, considered the estate of Ilya Traber, known in certain circles as "Antiquarian." The businessman still successfully conducts business in the city on the Neva, he is generally called the "night governor" of St. Petersburg. If Antikvar and Bukato are familiar, it becomes clear why the latter manages to "maneuver" between the claims of security officials and counterparties so easily, always leaving the water dry and receiving increasingly large government contracts.

The main question is: how much of the budget money will settle in the United Kingdom?