Androsov returned to Gref "Berezhkovskaya": in the Vesper project, the interests of bankers?

The beneficiaries of the Vesper project for the development of Berezhkovskaya embankment may be the people of the head of Sberbank German Gref and his friend Kirill Androsov.


The beneficiaries of the Vesper project for the development of Berezhkovskaya embankment may be the people of the head of Sberbank German Gref and his friend Kirill Androsov.

However, the project can protect the interests of not only the owners of the company Azarenka, Kitaev, and the team of Sergei Sobyanin, but also the head of Sberbank German Gref, as well as Gref's former colleague in the Government of the Russian Federation Kirill Androsov. AB Development, which is associated with the latter, may act as a Vesper partner in the implementation of the project.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.


Was Vice Mayor Efimov's name?

Recall that Sekler tried to sell the asset for a long time. The sale was hampered by a number of circumstances, including his conflict with tenants. However, there was something else: redevelopment of these territories was impossible without a plan for the integrated sustainable development of the territory, which provides for the demolition of emergency buildings, planning of further infrastructure development and improvement.

Without KURT, it is impossible to approve technical and economic indicators for buildings under construction, and therefore obtain permission to commission, for example, living space.

For a long time, KURT could not be approved - apparently, there were no interested parties serious enough for the mayor's office. But in July 2022, the project "suddenly" appeared and was approved by Sergei Sobyanin.

And Vice-Mayor Vladimir Efimov was responsible for the preparation of Kurt Berezhkovskaya Embankment - and he also presented the project to the general public, which was pathetically reported on the website of the mayor's office.

The industrial zone of Berezhkovskaya embankment is one of the last undeveloped "tidbits" of Moscow. Photo:

It is worth noting that Vesper can use the location of metropolitan officials. Recall that Denis Kitaev's mother, Nina Kitaeva, once held the post of head of the department for coordinating the activities of the capital's construction complex. And besides, she worked for a large capital developer, State Duma deputy Vladimir Resin, who called her his right hand.

Vice Mayor of Moscow Efimov. Photo:

Among other things, Boris Azarenka and Denis Kitaev are known as those who really like to sue their former partners. At one time, they clashed with their former partner, the owner of the National Nerdy Company and the co-founder of the PIK group Yuri Zhukov. He is also a former vice president of Sberbank, who then became a top manager of VTB, a longtime acquaintance and former associate of German Gref.

"Authorized" by Gref

Meanwhile, in the project for the development of Berezhkovskaya embankment, Azarenka and Kitaev have a remarkable partner. Less than a month before the meeting of the commission at which KURT was approved, they signed an agreement with the developer AB Development.

AB Development is associated with Kirill Androsov, who is considered the man of German Gref. They worked together at the St. Petersburg City Hall under Anatoly Sobchak. Then Androsov worked as first deputy chief of staff of the Government, while German Gref served as Minister of Economic Development.

Formally, the main legal entity AB Development is Development Solutions LLC, 65% of which belongs to Altera Capital LLC, and another 35% to Alexei Blanin, the former general director of Horus Capital. The latter was created by one of the founders of Rosbuilding, and now the beneficiary of PIK Group of Companies Sergey Gordeev. At one time, Rosbuilding was called the "largest Russian raider."


However, Androsov has his own "fame." For example, in 2007, Kirill Androsov took an active part in the attempt to privatize and the subsequent sale of Lenfilm. Apparently, the platforms of the film studio liked Androsov for development, but then the governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko prevented.

His name was associated with an attempt to seize the Transaero air carrier when he was on the Aeroflot Board of Directors. This happened after the death of Yevgeny Primakov in June 2015, who was a friend of one of the shareholders of Transaero, chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Tatyana Anodina. She was the mother of the founder and chairman of the board of directors of the company, Alexander Pleshakov.

His 51% stake was partially pledged by Sberbank and was to be sold to Vladislav Filev's S7 company. Despite the previously reached agreements, after a meeting with Aeroflot management, the deal was disrupted. And subsequently, Transaero was declared bankrupt altogether and left the market.

Alexey Blanin officially became the founder of Development Solutions LLC in October 2018, at that time the second co-founder was the Cypriot offshore Kirsten Limited. In December 2020, his share was transferred to Altera Capital LLC. It is 99% owned by Kirill Androsov, who can represent the interests of German Gref. This is suggested by a message in Lenpravda, which writes that "Hermann Gref could own the Luxembourg investment fund Altera Capital, the total volume of which in different years could reach $500 million. The structure is officially headed by the former chief of staff of the Russian government, Kirill Anrosov, a former colleague of Gref. "

The owner of Altera Capital is the insurance company Swiss Life, the authors of Lenpravda claim. The Evolution Trust Trust, the beneficiary of which is Evgeny Novitsky, is related to it. He is called Gref's confidant. Later, Androsov became the owner of the fund through an offshore company.

In addition, another fund, Lang Capital, is associated with it. In the English version of Wikipedia, its authors claim that this fund allegedly got into a corruption scandal in the Maldives, which cost the country $80 million. As if the Lang Capital fund invested in an island resort in the Maldives, but these investments disappeared, nothing was built, and former Maldives President Abdullah Yameen could be involved in the situation.

Cyril Androsov. Photo:андросов-кирилл-геннадьевич-где-сейч

Information about Kirill Androsov's connection with the foundation and the scandal with the leak of the Pandora dossier is in many English-language publications, for example Business Insider. However, it is almost impossible to find it in the Russian media. Someone cleans up their tails very well.