Altufievsky question spoiled them: Senator Dmitry Savelyev takes his

In the conflict around the Altufyevo shopping center, Oleg Boyko, an online casino and senator Dmitry Savelyev appeared.


In the conflict around the Altufyevo shopping center, Oleg Boyko, an online casino and senator Dmitry Savelyev appeared.

Cypriot media Cyprus Mail erupted with a story about a possible conspiracy between local Prosecutor General George Savvides and oligarch Oleg Boyko to transfer to the latter shares of the Altufyevo shopping center in the amount of $113.4 million.

Lawyer Efstatios Efstatiu was immediately indignant, saying that the shares were stolen from his client Ilya Surkov. The Moscow Post correspondent understood the confusing story.

According to Surkov's lawyer, the latter concluded a deal with Boyko to transfer 64 thousand square meters. m. Real estate in the mall, but as a result, Boyko left all 126 thousand square meters. m.

Surkov says that Boyko allegedly used some "false statements" that convinced the trustee to illegally transfer all shares owned by Orlando Heights Ltd in Greencat Services Ltd, one of his shares to Finstroy Ltd. Thus, in the end, he became the owner of 80 percent of the assets of Orlando Heights in the Moscow shopping center "Altufyevo," and Surkov did not know about it, the lawyer claims.

In general, the zeal of both entrepreneurs to take possession of the center is understandable.

"Tasty" asset and deputy Savelyev

According to 2021, the area of ​ ​ the mall is planned to double. The Moscow Urban Planning and Land Commission approved the introduction of appropriate changes to the city rules for land use and development. There, on the site of the now two-story building, they agreed on offices, a fitness center, public administration and trade facilities. Such a project will bring its owner many times more than before.

Apparently, our figures "clung" to this "piece." After all, what is now bought at a price of 64 thousand square meters. meters should soon turn into 128. But the most interesting thing is that the mall can be sold to other people. Or given to them "under supervision." Who can be an investor?


Although there was no such news, we found the Altufyevo Shopping Center company. Since 2016, its participant has been Irina Kudryashova - her media are called the confidant of the deputy of the Federal Assembly Dmitry Savelyev.

In addition, there is a now liquidated Altufyevo shopping center LLC. It is located just at the address of the shopping center, for which there is a dispute. The founder of the office is Sergey Stepanovich Potekhin. He is also the head of a company such as Yuga-Prestige. Where the founder is a lady named Nefyodova Yulia Eduardovna - the head of the Childhood charitable foundation and the former founder of the Solnechnaya Dolina SZ. And this legal entity is owned in addition to her by Savelyev Daniil Dmitrievich. Sources call him the son of a senator.

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Another founder of the SZ is Yamaev Airat Rafisovich. He acted as the founder and partner of the Business Community One Company, which is engaged in the construction of the largest multifunctional Freedom complex in the Urals. On the company's website, the developer indicates "Etalon." The largest shareholder of the company is Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

But let's return to deputy Savelyev. About his connection with the "Altufyevo Shopping Center" wrote on the Web. According to the authors of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, allegedly Altufyevo Shopping Center participated in a scheme to withdraw money from Spetsstroyservice and as if "Thus, Savelyev received a ten percent kickback for providing Spetsstroyservice LLC with contracts with Transneft PJSC.

A fraudster with experience

But let's go back to our debaters. Surkov was wanted in Russia on suspicion of fraud - according to investigators, being the president of the Finstroy holding (owned by Oleg Boyko), he took money offshore. He fled from Russian justice and is trying to appear in the West, where he spends billions on expensive purchases (mainly real estate), a person persecuted for political reasons. So far, since it has not yet been issued, it seems to be successful.

With Boyko, his problems began from that period - the court, in particular, determined that Surkov had deceived him. The episode is connected with Altufyevo: The structure of the Boykovsky Finstroy Hemstar Ltd then bought the mall, paying consultants $1.8 million for this deal, and then transferred €3.7 million for a similar consulting, or 144.61 million rubles, but already Boulder Associated. This company, registered in Panama, is affiliated with Ilya Surkov.

The structure of Finstar Holding is currently as follows: it is registered on the Serbian offshore company DIGITAL FINANCE INTERNATIONAL and at 1% through Finstar Propertis Ru LLC Cypriot WOOLF INVESTMENTS LIMITED.

The latter is decorated in Cypriot denominations. It entered the possession of Finservice Holding (through Finstar Propertis Ru) in 2019 after the release of Mr. Surkov from there. Who exactly controls the offshore now, surely cannot be said.

It is noteworthy that according to the Serbian register, 100% of the owner of DIGITAL FINANCE INTERNATIONAL is an Italian citizen Oleg Boyko.

Photo: extract from the Serbian Register of Companies

Surkov's assets in Russia were seized. The businessman's ex-wife, with whom he still uploads joint photos, previously tried to remove part of the ex-spouse's property from collection, presenting her claims to him. But the connection was too obvious.

Boyko in life

But everything may not be so prosaic. After all, Boyko is also "not sewing a ski." Firstly, according to the Cypriot press, against the background of what was happening with Altufyevo shares, criminal charges were brought against Boyko, which were dropped by the legal service due to insufficient witness materials for criminal prosecution in Cyprus. Surkov's lawyer Efstatiu said Boyko said he spent three million in Cyprus to "deal with his case" and therefore had "nothing to fear."

According to Efstatiu, the oligarch avoided interrogation for four years, prompting police to issue an international arrest warrant that made Boyko wanted in Cyprus.

Efstatiu claims that after receiving the arrest warrant, Boyko sent a group of his lawyers to meet with the police and the legal service. And the warrant was overturned.

A private lawsuit filed by Efstatiu in the case was also suspended by order of the attorney general, citing insufficient witness material. Did Boyko really buy his freedom?

Secondly, as for Russian business, Finstar-Holding has a multimillion-dollar profit disadvantage and negative value.

Offshore companies are changing in the entrepreneur's companies like gloves. And, judging by the financial statements of the enterprises associated with them, money can easily be withdrawn from companies there. At the same time, no one confiscates property from a citizen for some reason. Moreover, he is expanding his business.


Real Mobility from the orbit of Finservice belongs to JAZLER REAL ESTATE LIMITED, and is also in profit cons. Boyko's company also owns the Jet Mani Microfinance microcredit company, an employee of which was convicted of stealing customer money. The company, too, until recently was registered with the offshore company "PIRESSA HOLDINGS LIMITED," and before that - "FATIMA VENTURES LTD."

Could it be that Surkov was for Boyko an assistant in the withdrawal of funds and now Surkov is trying to sue Boyko for a share in the business so as not to stay with the "broken trough"?

Boyko is credited with ties with the Solntsevskaya organized criminal group, which she loved to stay at the casino, and the authorities.

Flush piano from Boyko

We found one interesting detail that the site of the Altufyevo shopping and entertainment center because of which there was a dispute between Boyko and Surkov, indicated in the line where the contacts of the establishments are given, on Yandex cards, leads to the online casino page. Boyko never retired?

It is worth recalling here that casinos in Russia are prohibited.

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By the way, if you go to the archive page of the site, then we will see the site of the shopping center.

According to Journalistic Control, the billionaire could have been a likely customer for the arrest of crime boss Semyon Mogilevich (Don Simeon) in 2008.

According to some reports, in 1994-1995, Boris Berezovsky, together with the then head of the Albee concern Oleg Boyko, participated in organizing a campaign against the Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov and related commercial structures.

Oleg Boyko. Photo: Tarakanov Vadim

The Web expressed suspicions about the participation of the first leaders of Albee and Boyko's National Credit Bank in various kinds of financial fraud. In 1994, Interbank Design Bureau experienced serious financial difficulties, in connection with which its management turned to National Credit with a request for active financial support. The negotiations, according to rumors, ended with the decision to transfer 500 thousand dollars. As a result, the indicated amount, allegedly, was actually illegally exported in cash abroad.

There was also talk on the market that Boyko's bank could actively pump huge amounts of foreign exchange funds to a number of leading Western countries. The Albee group was even credited with trafficking in prohibited substances! Wasn't Fingroup founded on this money and was Altufyevo shopping and entertainment center also bought on it?

In 2021, Oleg Boyko bought Siab Bank. According to the service, since then the bank's loan portfolio has "swelled," as well as the share of overdue debt - in comparison with April 2021, December 2023 shows an increase of 97%! But even when the bank was just passing into other hands, against the background of what was happening in other Boyko banks, it was suggested that soon financial reserves might not remain there.

Summing up: Oleg Boyko and deputy Savelyev can be business partners, and this particular pair may be an investor in the Altufyevo center. And Surkov, apparently, was simply pushed out of business.