Zelensky: "Eurotour" with swollen eyes

The "unifier" of Europe Zelensky continues to beg the curators for money and weapons while the Armed Forces of Ukraine die in thousands at the front in anticipation of a counteroffensive that does not begin.


The "unifier" of Europe Zelensky continues to beg the curators for money and weapons while the Armed Forces of Ukraine die in thousands at the front in anticipation of a counteroffensive that does not begin.

The day before, the trip of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the "European tour" ended, which in character and atmosphere could resemble the well-known half-decent film "Eurotour." The general absurdity of what is happening and the eyes of the head of the "square" burning with madness, coupled with the general "battered" appearance, spoke of a serious search for prohibited substances in the diet of the Ukrainian leader.

Someone with a similar addiction will surely be able to understand him: begging for money and weapons is more complicated, and payment to Western curators in the form of a counteroffensive with mass casualties of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is late. The situation is heating up! And then the doors of NATO were again demonstratively closed in front of Ukraine - and the Kyiv lyceum became completely sad.

Details - in the material of the correspondent of The Moscow Post.

At the moment when Ukrainian drones tried to strike at the Kremlin last week, Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Finland, and then followed a series of undeclared visits to the continent, including Great Britain, Germany and Italy.

At the same time, the German media reported on the planned trip of the Ukrainian leader to Germany earlier than Zelensky managed to fly to Berlin, thereby bringing Kyiv into indignation. They even talked about the possible cancellation of the visit, but no, they only slightly adjusted the program.

He clearly had something to fear - after the failure of the attack, it was not the Kremlin that was safer for Zelensky abroad. Russia promised to answer, but then and where it considers it necessary, and it seems that it is not yet possible to make a "martyr" from Zelensky for the Western audience to our former partners.

Photos from this trip Zelensky dispersed on the so-called. "Memes." What is only a photo with British Prime Minister Radish Sunak, whom Zelensky hugs and presses to himself, like his own father, who returned alive from the front. With obsequiousness and almost adoration - up to wet eyes. However, it has not yet been possible to receive F-16 fighters from the United Kingdom - only a pilot training program. However, by the fall, the fighters will probably "sleep."

Germany turned out to be more generous - it allocated a new package of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of 2.7 billion euros, this is the largest supply from Germany since the beginning of the SVO. It will include 20 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 30 Leopard 1 tanks, about 200 reconnaissance drones. In addition, deliveries of Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled guns, additional IRIS-T air defense systems, artillery ammunition and vehicles are planned.

We believe that this photo of Rashid Sunak and Volodymyr Zelensky does not need additional comment. Photo: open sources

On the one hand, this suggests that Ukraine's support seems to have not gone anywhere, despite all the friction both within the EU and wider - the Western bloc as a whole. On the other hand, this suggests that the available capacities and weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not enough to defeat Russia. Of course, Zelensky wagged, yulil, lied and demanded more - however, he is constantly doing this.

"Uniting" Europe

It is noteworthy that in Germany, while communicating with Chancellor Olaf "livery sausage" Scholz, Volodymyr Zelensky received a prestigious award - the Charlemagne Prize, which is given for his contribution to the unification of Europe.

Here I remember an interesting detail. The main founder of the award is considered to be a person who has long been committed to somewhat different "ideals" than those that Europe officially adheres to today - Kurt Pfeiffer, a member of the NSDAP since 1933. If we also recall that the grandfather who presented the prize to Chancellor Olaf Scholz served in the ranks of the SS, it turns out to be very interesting.

But another is more interesting - right on receiving the award, she fell out of the hands of Volodymyr Zelensky, whose vestibular apparatus was clearly violated by serious interventions of prohibited substances. Immediately he dropped the sacramental "Russians" - jokingly meaning that they had adjusted this awkwardness.

But in each joke there is only a fraction of the joke, and for Europe - in the opposite sense. In the EU, anti-Russian hysteria is really so open, inflated, Europe is so engulfed in the mania of finding Russian spies that any incident, even harmless, is viewed through the prism of evil intrigues from Moscow. But this is a diagnosis of the whole "free" and "critical thinking" European society.

If we talk essentially about the awarded prize - namely, about Zelensky's alleged contribution to the unity of Europe - then this completely smacks of schizophrenia. Indeed, under the economic and military umbrella of Western partners, Europe is trying to play unity. But in fact, the situation only divided it even more. Hungary openly opposes sanctions against the Russian Federation, enormous pressure continues on Serbia, and any politician who dares to keep up with the current European elite may have serious problems.

You can also recall that at one time the Charlemagne Prize was received by another great "unifier" of Europe - US President Bill Clinton. The one in which Yugoslavia was finally finished off and divided. Such an achievement can only be compared with the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to Barack Obama for pouring blood throughout the Middle East, provoking a migration crisis and so on.

Like a cherry on a cake after the award and patting Zelensky on the shoulder, The Washington Post's insight that no one will invite Ukraine to the Alliance again at the next NATO summit in the summer. Here's the surprise...

Who suffered what

French President Emmanuel Macron, another big "friend" of Volodymyr Zelensky, also spoke on the topic of large geopolitical layouts the day before. In an interview with French media, he said that "Russia suffered a geopolitical defeat, becoming dependent on China." It would be ridiculous if it were not so sad - especially to the Europeans themselves.

Today, the EU is more dependent than ever on NATO and the United States financially, politically, and militarily. We can say that the supranational association has practically lost political subjectivity, has become not even a minor ally and a younger brother, but a real idler in the service of Washington hawks.

Macron preferred to keep silent about this. You have to suffer and endure in silence. Does Germany suffer, which has freed itself from dependence on Russian energy resources? So what that fell into dependence on American LNG, which is 3-4 times more expensive, which leads to the de-industrialization of the German economy, the ruin of households, etc. The main thing is not dependence itself, but dependence ON WHOM. You need to understand...

However, not everyone likes such a "unity," or "independence" in Europe. Like Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself, who continues to flush money out of the pockets of European taxpayers. Despite the measures taken by the European bureaucrats, his visits regularly face protests from ordinary EU citizens.

For example, not everyone was happy about Zelensky's arrival in Italy. This was written on one of the banners of a protest rally held near the walls of the ancient Colosseum - activists demanded to stop military support for Kyiv.

"Zelensky is portrayed as a defender of freedom, while he is the head of an ultranationalist government that has banned 14 political parties and turned neo-fascist paramilitaries into regular armed forces. We consider the shameful policy of the Italian government, which continues to send weapons to Ukraine, "said the organizer of the action.

Well, it's hard to disagree. And what about the advertised counteroffensive, for the sake of the needs of which, among other things, Vladimir Alexandrovich came? In his own words, it is being postponed. As far as - can not say. If we keep in mind the earlier leaks that it should have begun in the middle of spring, it turns out that something is going wrong with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian army is far from as strong and confident in itself as they are trying to imagine.

Not everyone in Europe was happy about Zelensky's arrival. Photo: open sources

In this sense, no one will be surprised that it will be postponed until mid-summer. But will he be happy? After all, investments in the Kyiv regime must be repulsed: Zelensky is already being driven into the attack with almost kicks. Further support for Ukraine depends on this. Of course, before it takes place, any talk about the world is strictly banned.

But Zelensky is preparing, preparing, preparing... Just like Adolf Hitler, who planned a strike near Kursk in 1943, but repeatedly postponed it in anticipation of the Royal Tigers. Zelensky, however, got only "Leopards," and not so much. But Russia in recent months has built such a defense in the new regions of the Russian Federation that even the most notorious optimists from that side have doubts about the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But, we repeat, are there any chances, are there no chances - you still have to go on the offensive against the Russian Federation. Both Western and Ukrainian public opinion are too heated by the propaganda of the war. And this also gives hope for a turning point in the war: in case of failure of forces, Ukraine will no longer have such a breakthrough for the second.

Photo: RIA Novosti